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by Covski

Part 25

With military expenditures and losses due to warfare approaching the peak levels during the Insurrection, it seems our alienating ourselves from both the USA and USSR in terms of military aid is hurting us quite a bit.

Not much to say here, we're spending quite a lot of money. At least the expenditures on the food subsidies are getting under control.

We've made a small dent, but it's not much

One odd thing of note here is how the amount of land owned by the richest 5% has actually started to increased since the one year mark.

This is The Best Graph. We really did a good job here

These two graphs show pretty much the same thing. Our policies have favored the middle class coffee growers over the cotton farmers, coinciding nicely with the increase in coffee price.

We're well on the way to doubling our national debt during our two years in office. Welp.

At least our friend in the IMF and USA are willing to give us a helping hand. Nice guys.

Well, that's about it for this LP. Hope you've enjoyed it, and thanks to those of you who have stuck with it despite repeated hiatueses. I've been having a lot of fun at least, this being my first LP and all.

For those of you who haven't tried out the game yourselves yet I highly recommend you do so, it's abandonware and shouldn't be hard to find. As mentioned, the game offers quite a bit of replayability.

Feel free to use this thread for questions, general discussion and such about the game. I'll be posting a few more favorite screens from the game, at the very least the one from which the title is taken and that I'm really suprised we didn't get to see.

Hasta la vittoria siempre, Oberonistas!