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Hitman: Blood Money

by Darth Ronson

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Original Thread: Let's Video Play Hitman: Blood Money



I know there was a Hitman 2 Let's Play, but I don't think it ever got finished. Plus, Hitman: Blood Money has a bunch of new cool features such as being able to push people over railings. I'm making this a video let's play, since a lot of the game's awesomeness doesn't come across in screenshots. I'm also planning on letting people decide how I tackle the next mission. I can think of at least four ways of tackling things..

Silent Assassin: Get in, kill your target, and get out without killing anyone.
Regular Assassin: Kill anyone who is an obstacle but don't just murder people willy nilly.
Gun Crazy Psychopath: Just go batshit crazy and start gunning people down.
Stalk and Slash: Kill as many people as possible without having anyone witness 47's deeds.
Insurance Salesman: Kill as many people as possible by pushing them over rails or down the stairs.

I skipped the 'Death of a Showman' level since it's a fairly boring tutorial level and it doesn't relate to the story at all.


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