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Original Thread: Hiigara or Bust - Let's Play Homeworld



Homeworld. I've heard of this game!

As well you should. Homeworld, published at the end of the 90's, stands as one of the pinnacle games ever created for the PC. We're talking Starcraft or Civilization levels of quality here.

It is a 3D Real Time Strategy Game, set around your Mothership as she makes a journey from Kharak to Hiigara (as you will see in the opening video). You build and maintain your fleet, conduct research into new technologies, and use all of the above to blow stuff up. To say more would be spoilers.

So is it any good?

You see above, where I mentioned being on the same level as Civilization and Star Craft? Yes, it's that good. And the music is better.

The manual in particular is amazing and once I find a copy I can trust, I will link it here.

I hear there's an HD remake!

Yes, there is! Except it's being released on Valvetime (yes, I know Gearbox is the one doing it), so I might as well do this before the new version comes out. Besides, this game is beautiful enough as it is.

So, about the LP?

It's going to be a subtitled VLP. I'm not going to talk over the this game and ruin the music. After the first three missions, I'm going to do serious editing to cut out the slow parts of research and building and resource collecting. Missions 1 and 3 are tight enough to not need editing, and Mission 2 is just long enough to show off what I'm cutting out in future missions without being too long.

Now, there are two alternate fleet designs. One appears on the cover art, and the other doesn't. I'm going with the default fleet and colour scheme, though I may skirmish with the other fleet and different colours. I choose this to demonstrate the 'normal' playthrough fleet.

If I start throwing numbers around, I will be drawing them from The Well of Souls, one of the better Homeworld websites still in existence.

For other information, the Homeworld Manual is available for free download. It's an amazing document with so much information that gives life to everything that has lead up to this game. You should read it before watching the LP, if you can.


Mission 01 – Kharak SystemYouTube
Mission 02 – Outskirts of Kharak SystemYouTube
Mission 03 - Return to KharakYouTube
Mission 04 - The Great Wastelands (1)YouTube
Mission 05 - The Great Wastelands (2)YouTube
Mission 06 - Diamond ShoalsYouTube
Mission 07 - The Garden of KadeshYouTube
Skirmish 01 - Carrier Only, Dumb AI, showing off units not used in Campaign.YouTube
Mission 08 - The Cathedral of KadeshYouTube
Mission 09 - The Sea of Lost SoulsYouTube
Mission 10 - Super Nova Research StationYouTube
Skirmish 02 - Mothership, Average AI, Co-Commentated.YouTube
Mission 11 - Tenhauser GateYouTube
Mission 12 - Galactic CoreYouTube
Mission 13 - The Karos GraveyardYouTube
Mission 13A - Wreckage in the GraveyardYouTube
Mission 14 - The Bridge of SighsYouTube
Mission 14A - Stealing a SighYouTube
Mission 15 - Chapel PerilousYouTube
Mission 16 - HiigaraYouTube

Comments from the Thread

This video is a fan made version of the first cutscene in Mission 2 - Thanks Koorisch!

What you shouldn't do when meeting up with nice people (Mission 04) - Thanks 'my Dad'!

Mission 08 has the conversation at the start interrupted by the need to battle. A full transcript is below, thanks to Cokerpilot:


"Again we offer you a chance to join us and live here in peace" — Kadeshi Ambassador

"We cannot stay - we're on a journey. But let there be peace between us, for we have something in common. The hyperdrive technology left to us by our ancestors is identical to yours. The Homeworld we seek may be yours as well." — Fleet Command

"You will fail. The evil that drove us here will find and destroy you. From you they will know about us and come here. This cannot come to pass." — Kadeshi Ambassador

After Mission 12, this correction was given to me:

John Liver posted:

You say that Elson is named after Harlan Ellison, but I think he's actually named after Peter Elson, the illustrator whose designs inspired a lot of the Homeworld ships:

The Protagonist was very dissappointed that the Junkyard Dog didn't get his day, so here is the model that he extracted from the files!

Many people made comments after Mission 14 about what people in-mission must have been thinking:

Palladium posted:

-Excerpt from a Taiidan Defense Command meeting-

Officer A: "We are to defend the hyperspace inhibitor with a huge ball of ion cannon frigates against the Kushan."
Officer B: "What if the enemy just use attack bombers which will rip them to shreds?"
Officer A: "That won't happen."
Officer B: "Oooook, so what happens if the enemy attacks the ball then? Do we mobilize like half of the ball to crush them with overwhelming firepower, or we just have a few to respond while the rest us just sit there and look like idiots?"
Officer A: "You are asking too many meaningful questions! You are fired!"

Delta Green posted:

-Excerpt from Taiidan Hyperspace Inhibitor Zeta Defence Fleet during Kushan/Hiigaraan breakthrough-

Officer C: "Gentlemen, the Hyperspace Inhibitor is under attack. We're getting intermittent readings of fighter-class signatures in that area, but they vanish almost as soon as they appear."
Officer E: "I drove off one of their resource collectors with my section. The Secret Police can't say we didn't fight with the enemy. No other contact."
Officer C: "On the other hand, they're only attacking the Hyperspace Inhibitor. All in favour of 'mobilizing' in utterly random directions and not getting ourselves killed?"
Officer E through Z: "Aye"
Officer C: "Motion carried. Scrub your communication records thoroughly. No need to get them on our asses."
Officer D: "Work on a Support Frigate, they said. No danger at all, they said. Instead, I'm sitting here, watching cloaked fighters blowing shit up around me and hoping they don't decide to make sport of my ship. I really hate you guys."
Officer F: "Play it cool, D. Act like nothing wrong is happening."
Officer D: "Play it cool. Play it cool. Play it... Oh God. The fighter jockeys are trying to force a fight."
Officer C: "Who the Hell launched the damned fighters?!"
Officer D: "We're going to die. We are so going to die. Oh God, why?... The Fighters are gone. They're attacking the Inhibitor again."
Officer F: "See? Nothing to worry about. Oh, look! A possible enemy contact that isn't totally a glitch in my system! Going to investigate."
Officer D: "Inhibitor is gone. Thank God it was an automated system. The Exile Fighters aren't reappearing... I think they're gone."
Officer C: "Outbound Hyperspace signature detected... They're gone."
Officer D: "... All in favour of joining the Rebels before the Emperor or his Elite Guard decide to visit?"
Officer C through Z: "Aye."
Officer C: "Let's get out of here."
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