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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 1

First, the back story.

You start out in your fairly respectable apartment, with nothing in your inventory but your FBI badge. A quick search around the room finds two things.

A screwdriver, which Hopkins takes.

and a gun, which is also added to the inventory. Still don't have any keys though , and none are visible. Odds are that they fell into the couch.

Victory. Alright, time to leave the house and see what's going on in the world, like at the bank for example.

Better hurry Hopkins.

Use the keys in the car

and off we go.

Arrive on the scene

They don't seem to be very good with them though

Time to take command Hopkins.

Show him your badge first, then take command.

Hopkins: The FBI has ordered me to supervise this investigation
Cop: I'll do my best to help you.

Hopkins: Tell me about the negotiations.
Cop: The negotiations are going nowhere. They have just killed the first hostage.

Hopkins: Give me the Megaphone
Cop: Right

Hopkins: What are their demands?
Cop: They want a helicopter and a pilot.

Hopkins: Are they professionals?
Cop: They claim to have a bomb hidden somewhere in the bank.

Time for Hopkins to do his job

Use the megaphone on the building

Hopkins: What do you want?
Bad Guy(BG): We want a helicopter.

Hopkins: What will you give us in exchange?
BG: When we're in the helicopter, we will release the hostages.

Hopkins: Ok, I'll get you the helicopter, on one condition.
BG: And what is that?

Hopkins: Take me in exchange for the hostages.
BG: Ok, when the helicopter has landed on the roof, and you have surrendered yourself to us, we will let the hostages go.

Hopkins: I accept your proposal.
BG: Ok.

The helicopter lands, with it's single, unarmed, female pilot

Hopkins walks into the building and the hostages are released.

Well, most of them

Through the building

and onto the roof, where Hopkins is promptly knocked out

I know it looks like he's being shoved, but two more frames of animation and you would've seen the gun go up the backside of Hopkins head.

Hopkins wakes up a short time later

to find nothing but a note.

and here is a note of my own. It appears that certain things in this game cannot be captured either on video or snapshot. When Hopkins left his apartment, a small screen came up that said "Meanwhile, at the bank" that came up as a black screen on either video or screencap. The same thing for the paper, but luckily Hopkins described what was important about it. If my guessing is correct, it wont have any impact on the good stuff, and at most, will only affect two or three unimportant scenes.