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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 18

Into this room, luckily no guards followed me.

So what is this room anyway and what do all these machines do?

So if I replaced the oxygen with something else, that's what all those guards would be breathing. Hmm. Maybe if I replaced it with the poison gas canister. Hit the red button to turn off the fan, and insert the bottle.

Turn the fan on.

Yes...oh crap.

Forgot that I had to breath as well.

Maybe there might be something in that blue flask that I took with me.

Maybe...anti-poison gas medicine?

Now push the button.

but it's not killing me. Good bye guards.

Oh WTF. The guards are poison proof?!?! Oh well, no need to get angry over it. They still die after a couple of shots and the love to get in front of the gun. Time to try another room.

Odd little room. There's a slot over on that machine.

Most likely, it doesn't want an empty syringe.

Put the syringe in the slot...and it creates a Hopkins clone

However, clones are free of sin, and therefore, get to go to Heaven.

Sad thing though, is that this part of Heaven doesn't have much to do. Best to really do is hang out in the shower room. That's where the Hopkins clone goes..and look who he finds.

(thumbnailed for being NWS)

Hopkins: Samantha, is that you?
Samantha: Don't you recognize me?

Hopkins: I'm the clone of Hopkins.
Sam: The clone? I don't understand...

Hopkins: Hopkins needs you.
Sam: What can I do?

Hopkins: I'm taking you back to Earth.
Sam: Ok, I'll go.

and she gets teleported back to Earth (it's worth noting that the guard is still at the bar).

Select the original Hopkins and walk across the hall, where we find.

That's where Samantha was teleported to! Now how do we revive her? Maybe one of these switches?

Perfect! Not only does Samantha come back to life, but...

her clothes magically reform as well. She also seems to be unaffected by the poison gas. We now have control of Hopkins, Clone Hopkins, and Samantha. First, as Hopkins, we charge through the bad guys into a far away room.

This room, which has two switches.

Now we select Samantha, and do the same thing.

She even has the same hands as her man.

She makes it into the room and pushes the switch on the left.

Hopkins pushes the switch on the right, and the hole in the middle of the room opens up.

Down there is the bad guy, but let's think about this for a second. Even if Hopkins does kill Bernie, Bernie can just come right back from the dead. Maybe Clone Hopkins can do something.

There is the machine. How do we make it in "not good working order" Look for a weakness. That small cable.

Which of course means it is.

Just need a cutting tool. I saw some victims in the waiting room, time to head that way.

Hopkins: That knife is not real, is it?
Dead Guy: No, I don't think it is?

Hopkins: Can I borrow it?
Dead Guy: Yeah, please take it.

Alright. Head back to the teleporter, cut the cable, and...

If Bernie dies, he stays dead.

Now Hopkins just has to jump down the hole and fight Bernie...and that'll be coming up soon. It's all video, so I have to compress and upload it. Shouldn't take too long...hopefully

Here it is, the finale to Hopkins FBI

I guess I should say a few words now. This has been the easiest LP I've done yet (except for the joke LP I did that was just three images). "I Have No Mouth" and "Harvester" were excellent learning tools and the knowledge I gained from them helped make this as smooth of an experience as it was. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I find that half of the fun of doing an LP is the reaction people have to it. See you all on the forums.