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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 5

So this is Heaven. Or at least, Heaven's waiting room.

Anything in the room to the right?

Heaven has a little lounge. That's certainly considerate of them. What's that weird device on the counter?

Heaven has peanuts? Sweet!

What else does Heaven have?

A dart board! It's just like the stories have said. Heaven truly is a wonderful place. I'm taking these darts, and heading to the room to the right, knowing that Heaven couldn't possibly get any better.

I was wrong

Wow...but no time for love Dr. Jones. Hopkins has more Heaven to explore...however, I'm sure Heaven wouldn't look down if Hopkins stole the wig and dress to the left. Hopkins has a few, um, things he likes to do, and if he's in Heaven now, they can't be all the bad. Time to head back to the waiting room and go north.

Wonder what's behind the door?

That guard seems mean. What would Bugs Bunny do? Got it. He'd dress up as a girl to talk to the guard.


Maybe some peanuts would make the guard thirsty?

Now time to do a little smooth talking.

Now that he's gone, time to go to the next room.

Bunch of switches and levers and monitors..and a weird tube thing.

First, the lever.

Switch it on.

Next, the button.

Whoa. Don't know what happened, but I'd like to be in it. Problem is, my arms don't stretch that long.

Maybe if I throw something and hit the I have anything for throwing? The dart!

Bye bye Heaven!

Now this is a monumental occasion. Hopkins, you have just escaped Heaven, resurrected yourself. You've seen the other side, you've cheated death. Hopkins, what do you have to say!?!?!

Shit Hopkins. I guess nothing fazes you.

and that's about it for now. I'll probably do so more tonight, but for now, it's off to work.

One more thing, I know the spoiler tags block off the spoilers...but could we try to hold off on the spoilering altogether? Thanks.