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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 2: Arriving at Hotel Dusk

Let's begin, shall we?

We start the game with an intro

New Music: Desert Highway

Establishing shots of New York, if you don't believe the first picture

A lot of this game are animated, but I'm just going to GIF notable ones.

New Music: Suspicions

And then Hyde and Bradley meet up and have a laugh about how Hyde dreamed about shooting him.

...what? It WAS just a dream, right? nope

New Music: The Long Night

Establishing shot of Los Angeles, if you don't believe the previous picture

What's that? How many? Got it! All right. We'll send it right out.

Get him on the horn, pronto!

Get him on the horn? Does anyone say that anymore?

I'm not sure where she's calling. Mobile phones at the time are huge and, as we'll see later, Kyle doesn't bring one.

The pager beeps, and Kyle turns it off.

New Music: Secrets

What, no establishing shot this time?

Now listen up! I got a job for ya! It's a place called Hotel Dusk. Package is on the way, and the order sheet's inside.

Just want to show you some more animations.

Oh look! A mysterious girl that will DEFINITELY NOT be important in any way!

Music: The Long Night

It's been three years since I quit the force and left New York. Now I'm a salesman for this outfit called Red Crown. On the surface, Red Crown's a door-to-door sales firm dealing in household goods. But Ed, the boss, has himself a little business on the side. He finds things that don't always want to be found. Keeps it quiet, too. From time to time, I lend a hand. Ain't the greatest gig in town, but... Hell, I got nowhere to be and nothing better to do. You hear me, Bradley? This is it. This is what I'll be doing until I find you...

Finally, some gameplay! The game is made up of many 'minigames'. For this one, all we need to do is tap the handle of the door to open it.

But what's inside will have to wait until next time!