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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 4: Exploring the First Floor

Music: Rainy Night

As stated before, we're going from top to bottom.

I'm waiting for a package.

There's supposed to be a package for me.

A package for ya? Sorry, I don't see nothin'.

It should be here. Maybe you an actually...look around or something?

Ya send a package to a hotel when ya don't even have a reservation? Nice...

Oh yeah?

What problems?

What kind of problems?

Is it anythin' that's gonna inconvenience my hotel?

Depends on what you mean by "inconvenience"

Had a bit'a trouble with a package for another young guy like you. Thing turned into a damn circus.

(??? Really? What Happened? ???)

Buncha lousy... I'll have the bellhop look for yer package. If it shows, we'll bring it to yer room.

What won't you talk about?

So, you had a guest with my name?

Yep. Called himself Kyle Hyde, too.

As I remember it, he was about yer age.

Blond fella, tall and thin. Looked kinda like a stork.

(A tall, thin, blond man? Sounds like Bradley.)

But I wouldn't mistake you for him. He was different.

How so?

Wearin' a nice suit, good shoes, the works. Looked like a somebody.

I'll keep that in mind. So does Mr. Somebody stay here often?

Naw, just the one time. It was 'bout...six months ago. Ain't seen him since.

My room grants wishes?

Fill me in on this whole wish-granting thing.

It's a story I heard from folks that stayed in 215.

Firse, there was a young girl. Then a middle-aged fella...

Both of 'em looked beat down when they arrived. Like they had no future... But by next mornin', they'd been reborn. Their faces were just...peaceful, like. Well, I was surprised as a dog'n a tree, so I asked 'em what happened.

And ya know what? They both told me the same thing. "Room 215 is magic. It granted m'wish. Everything's OK now." So that's why I said...

Gotta love how Kyle looks so smug here.

What's so funny?

Good one, pops. Real nice.

I didn't think an old-timer like ou would tell me fairy tales.

Fairy tales?

That's what ya think this is?

Call it a fairy tale if ya want. It's a free country.

What was the trouble?

Talk about the trouble you mentioned earlier. What happened?

That? Well, it was right 'bout three years ago. One'a the bellhops took a package up to a guest's room, right? And then...BANG! Buncha cops and detectives come stormin' in!


Seems m'guest was a crook! Part'a some big crime ring or somethin'. He was usin' my hotel as a drop-off for stolen goods. Whole thing was a damn mess! Gunshots in the hallway... Screamin' guests runnin' every which'a way...

That's why the Dusk's got a strict policy: No crooks... AND NO COPS!

Translation: do anything suspicious or caught investigating by Dunning and it's game over.

Music: Hangover Blues
That it?


Enjoy yer stay.

And now we're back to the map. Walk a few steps and the door will open

(As I walk away from the front desk, I hear a voice behind me...)

I need a room for the night.

(Just another guest.)

New Music: Slow Steps
Welcome to my own little slice'a heaven...Hotel Dusk!

As luck would have it, we got vacancies. What kinda room ya lookin' for, darlin?

Well now, aren't you just a sweet-talker? But there's a certain room I want.

Which room's that?

The one I saw in the newspaper article! I want that special room. The wishing room. This is the Hotel Dusk, is it not?

Glad somebody bought the story.

'Course it is! And I know the room yer asking for!

Unfortunately, ma'am, that room's...

Oh, dear. Is it taken?

That's right, and I'm damn sorry 'bout it! Uh, I mean... I'm real sorry, ma'am.

Well, isn't that a shame!

Ya want a different room? We got plenty, and they're all top'a-the-line!

Yes, I... I suppose I'll make do with something else.

And now they finish talking

Naturally, we should talk to her!

Excuse me...

Now, now, young man. I'm trying to check in to this nice hotel.

Well that didn't go so well...

Maybe talking to Dunning will go better?

Music: Hangover Blues
Got a sec?

Yer all checked in, ain't ya? I'm helping this other guest right now. Come back later, will ya?

Fine, we'll go somewhere else. But before that...

New Music: So Noted

Let's take a look at the menu! The time is the in-game time, as shown in the beginning of the last update. All of the options are self explanatory. Let's look at items first.

The pager and suitcase key has been there from the beginning of the game. Next up, characters!

The ??? only has the old lady's sprite so not worth looking at. Poor Rachel though, not having a last name.

The brochure Dunning gave us also has an incomplete map. Those greyed out areas are staff-only.
Now that that's done, let's visit the lobby.

Music: Monochrome (Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)

The rest of this update are all flavor text, so if you don't care about that you can skip the rest.
The music changes everytime you went to examination screen and the map so I'll just lump the music together.

Let's check the chairs first. They can't even bother to provide a sofa...

Left chair There are a couple of chairs in the corner of the room.
Right chair Looks like someone picked these up at a garage sale. ...Or from the dump.
Table There's a simple wooden table in front of the chairs.

Let's look at that vending machine with that AMAZING graphics.

Vending machine A vending machine. The bachelor's best friend.
(Needs coins, huh?)
StickerThere's a sticker on the side of the vending machine.

Note "get change at the front desk." -Join the Hunt!- Find the seven lucky numbers hidden in this hotel. Calculate the sum of the numbers, then input it into the machine for a prize! Get lucky for just 25 cents!

So now we know what the stickers mean. We can't actually use the machine yet since we don't have any coins. The numbers are randomly generated every playthrough so you have to actually get all 7 every time. We'll just note it and move on.

Lamp I had a lamp just like this. It's worth about a buck-fifty. New.
Cabinet Looks like the cabinet I owned when I still lived in the city.

Nothing interesting about the doors. You can examine the card, the knob, and knock the door but nothing will happen. I just put it so you guys know what the doors look like.
And that's all in the lobby. We'll move on to the central hallway now.

The door to the restaurant is locked, obviously. We're still being railroaded.

Sign It's a neon sign advertising the hotel restaurant.

Zoomed-in sign Moonlight Grill. Not a half-bad name.
Chalkboard There's a chalkboard near the restaurant entrance.

Zoomed-in chalkboard There's a message on the board. Moonlight Grill In preparation. Open at 6:00
Chalk There's some chalk lying at the bottom of the board.

Zoomed-in chalk It's some chalk.

Leftmost frame It's a framed line of poetry. ...It doesn't even rhyme.
Painting There's a still life painting on the wall.

Zoomed-in painting It's a painting of a couple of apples and a bottle of wine. Cute.
It is not a couple of apples. A couple means only 2, but there are 3 apples in the painting.
Sticker There's a sticker next to the frame.

Plant There's a decorative plant in the corner of the hall. Must be hiding a stain.

Fine. I suck at drawing, OK?
Anyway, as we go north...

How can you not see the stairs? It's literally right there! But I can't help but feel that we're missing something...

There we go. Now let's just go upstairs...

And we'll talk to that kid next time!