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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 6: Getting Into Room 215

Music: Rainy Night

Who's the kid on the stairs?

The kid on the stairs. Where's she staying?


Young girl, about ten. Rude as hell.

Oh, her. You must be talking about Melissa.

(Her name's Melissa?)

She's in Room 219.

I don't know this because I never stayed in a small hotel, but is it normal for the guests to know one another's room like this?

She's staying with her father. Part of the great unwashed, if you ask me.

It's too bad I'm not a cop?

Why is that too bad? You lookin' for the law?

Oh, no reason.



What did you mean by "cool"?

Take a look around. Better yet, take a sniff. This hotel... It's like the set of some cheap TV crime drama, don't you think?

What if a real crime took place? Something sleazy and violent... And then if a real gumshoe was here trying to figure things out... C'mon! That would be cool! Even you must think so.

That's an odd thing to think about.

Yeah, I'm a pretty deep guy.

Hey, take it easy. I'm not a criminal or anything.

Of course you aren't. If you are Dunning would've kicked you out already.

Music: Slow Steps
Anything else?

Not now.

All right.

See you around.

Mr. Jeff Angel goes back to his room.

And that ends the conversation. We can now look around on the second floor hallway.

Music: Monochrome (Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)

Plant It's a potted plant of some kind.
Painting There's a painting on the wall. It's a still life.

Zoomed-in painting It's a painting of a couple of apples and a bottle of wine.
Cabinet It's a small wooden cabinet. My favorite.
Lamp There's a lamp on the cabinet.
Leftmost frame There's a frame on the wall. Looks like the history of the hotel.

Wall lamp It's a small light stuck to the wall.
Frame There's a legal document on the wall. Probably lets them run the place.
Table lamp There's a lamp on the cabinet.
Cabinet It's a small wooden cabinet.
Sticker There's a sticker on the cabinet.

And we already got 4 out of 7 codes! If only we can find some coins...

And now it's time for DOOR MONTAGE! (Some of them actually have interesting comments) we can actually meet a character early

See if you can figure out which door belong to which room.

Knock Guess no one's here. Or they're ignoring me.

Knob Door's locked and won't open. Damn.

Knob Door's locked and won't open. Stupid door...

Knock No one seems to be in. Maybe these doors are soundproof...


Holy shit! Someone actually opens the door!
Kyle Hyde. I'm in 215.

The man says nothing and shuts his door.
(See where the kid gets her manners...)
Hey, at least he still opens his door when we knocked!
Knock again Doesn't appear to be anyone in.

Kyle Hyde.
I don't need anything. Go Away.

Kyle: Screw you too, Jeff.

Knock Knock, knock... Anyone home? Guess not...

And that's all the doors! Let's look at the menu for a second.

Music: So Noted

And we'll go into the room next time!

Just kidding! We'll enter now...

(The door's locked. Guess that figures.)

(The key I got at the front desk should open it. Unless the owner is an idiot...)

Yeah... I guess we SHOULD use the key first. You can tap the bag icon to access the item menu.

And after selecting the item, you can tap the area you want to use it on. In this case we use the Room 215 Key on the doorknob.

I use my key and unlock the door to Room 215.

And THEN we can tap the knob to enter the room.

So this is where wishes are granted, huh? My ass.

(Just finish Ed's job and get the hell out of here.)

Yeah, I got the sprite-transition frame again. Sorry about that. ALL of the sprites have 2 seconds of animation.

The phone rings.

Technically we can examine our room now, but we probably should take care of the phone first.

Phone The phone's ringing.

New Music: Serenity

Heavy breathing, eh? Well, it must be you. Glad you made it in one piece, handsome.

Hey, Rachel.

You could have called when you got in! Some of us worry, you know.

Yeah, yeah. Look, I just got here. Get off my case. And listen, do me a favor and give Ed a massage. Tell him he doesn't need to have you checking up on me with every little thing. I got my instructions. I'm on top of it.

I'm not calling for Ed, Kyle.

That so?

Yes, it's so! I'm calling because I was worried. I've been thinking about it ever since we had dinner on Christmas Eve. Something's bugging you.

Why would you think that?

Oh, please! I may not be a hard-boiled gumshoe like you and Ed, but I have eyes! You get that stare sometimes, you know? The one that says you're a million miles away.

It's nothing, Rachel.

Fine. Be that way. But, Kyle, you're not exactly an open book. And people are saying all kinds of things, sweetie, and most of them aren't very nice. Like that you're an ex-cop from New York who was on the take and split town? Or a mystery man on the run from some shadowy organization?

Hey! That's Kyle's dream!

They talk and you listen. Is that it?

Listen, Kyle... Your past is yours, OK? Nothing to do with me. I get it. I just want to know you better, handsome. That's all.

Whatever you say.

So, um, has the package arrived yet?

Not yet. Maybe some shadowy organization killed the deliveryman.

You can be a real jackass sometimes, sweetie. You know that? Listen, when it arrives, check the order sheet and give me a call. OK?

All right. Is that all that's in the package? An order sheet?

No, there are some new products in there, too.

New products? What am I supposed to do with them?

You're a salesman, Kyle. Try selling something. Oh, and those are Ed's orders. Not mine.

Door-to-door sales in a hotel? That'll be fun.

Oh, and one more thing. I put the client list in the package too.

Oh, that.

"Oh, that"? Listen, mister, "that" is a salesman's best friend! Be nice! When the package arrives, don't just leave the client list in the box, all right? Put it in your suitcase!

Yeah, yeah. I know.

Bye, sweetie. Don't forget to call.


Ed usually contacts me through his secretary, Rachel. She doesn't know anything about Bradley, though. That's my business, not hers.

Phone rings again.

Phone again.

Yes, we have to select the phone EVERY SINGLE TIME we want to answer/make a call. It gets annoying really quick.

Music: Hangover Blues

That you, Dunning?

Yep. So how's the room?

It'll do.

Good to hear, good to hear. Oh, by the way... I forgot t'mention this when ya checked in, but...


I need ya t'pay yer tab up front.

Up front?

Now don't get me wrong! It ain't that I don't trust ya or nothin'. It's just...yer a first-time guest, and I don't know ya or nothin'.

Translation: Pay me now so I don't lose any money when/if I kick you out.

Hold on. You want me to pay you right now?

Naw, ain't like that. Ya don't hafta take care of it right away. Ya just got here after all! Go ahead and sit a spell. But if ya swing by and take care of it before six o'clock, I'd be much obliged. I'll be in m'office or at the front desk.


Thanks a bunch, Hyde. Sure do appreciate it.

Sure. Whatever.

Kyle hangs up

Cash... Where's my cash... Oh, right. I tossed my roll in my suitcase when I got out of the car.

We'll explore the room and get our cash next time!