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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 7: Receiving the Package

Music: Monochrome (Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)

Last time, Dunning asked us to relax in our room. So that's what we're going to do now.

Wall lamp There's a light above the painting.
Painting There's a painting on the wall. It's a still life.

Zoomed-in painting Those are some tasty-looking apples. I must be getting hungry.
Bed So this is where I'll be sleeping? Bed's a bed, I guess.
Phone There's a phone next to the bed.
Music: Serenity
Hello, Red Crown.
Hey, Rachel. It's me.
Well, hi there, sweetie. Did you get the package?
Not yet.
So you just called to talk to me? How sweet! But just call back when you have it.
All right.
Kyle hangs up.
Music: Monochrome (Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)
I didn't even know that scene exist. Same with that scene with Melissa's father.
Phone again There's a phone next to the bed, which means I can call Rachel.
Dresser Hey, a dresser! I've just got an old box in my place.
Brochure Hotel brochure's next to the phone.

Paperclip There's a paper clip on the brochure.
A paper clip, huh?
Table lamp It's a lamp with a dingy shade. Bet it used to be white.

Window Can't see anything out the window.
Bed So this is where I'll be sleeping? Bed's a bed, I guess. (Same comment as before.)
Lamp I've got a small lamp next to my lamp. Beats candles.
Lamp stand There's a shoddy-looking wooden stand here.

Lamp There's a lamp on the wall.
Mirror There's a mirror above the sink.
Towels Got some towels on the shelf. Nice to see things in order.
Toiletries There's some shampoo and stuff in front of the mirror.
Sink That's your basic sink. Just like the one I got at home.
Toilet paper It's toilet paper. This hotel's looking better and better all the time.
Toilet It's a toilet. Big surprise, this being the bathroom and all.
Curtain There's a shower curtain around the bathtub.
Bathtub Bathtub's clean. That gets a gold star in my book.

This game really tries to capture the old-school feeling. Unfortunately, old-school doesn't always mean good. Case in point: that wall.

Rack There's a wooden hanger rack attached to the wall.
Hanger The hanger's attached to the rack. Do people really try to steal these?

Zoomed-in hanger That's a wire hanger.

TV Now THAT'S and old TV. Bet it's black-and-white.
Fridge Hey, there's a minifridge under the TV. How's that for class?
Pitcher There's a pitcher and a cup on the bureau. Last thing I want is water.
Cabinet Got myself a small bureau. It's empty, and it's going to stay that way.
A quick google search shows that 'bureau' in this case is a British word while this game is set in USA.
Lamp There's a floor lamp in the corner of the room.
Chair That's a wooden chair.
Table There's a round table in the corner of the room.
Suitcase My suitcase is sitting on the table.

(All the scuffs and tears... It sure is showing its age. Still, it was my father's suitcase, and it's been with me a long time. Hell, I was lugging the old girl around when I started working for Ed. My constant traveling companion.)

OK, that's enough relaxing. Let's finally open our suitcase and get our money.

Use suitcase key on suitcase

Another easy minigame. All we need to do is put the key in the keyhole.

And then we just have to turn it. It's no big d...


Dammit! This is not what I need right now.

(Now what am I goint to do? Maybe I can use some wire to pick the lock.)

Why would you know how to pick a lock? Anyway, someone then knocks the door.

Hullo? Hey, got a package from the front desk.

And we're finished with the first part of the first chapter! Each chapter is divided into 3 parts.

So now we should open the door. Everytime we want to do so we have to get near the door and press the 'door' icon. Annoying but not as bad as the phone.

Music stops


Put it down anywhere.

Great service and grammar.

No problem.

We just have to tap the top box. No, we can't take the bottom box.

I take one of the boxes from the bellhop.

New Music: Easy Feeling

...I gotta blow? Wait a second...

This guy is really bad at lying.

Wait a second...

Well, we don't know him, but Kyle seems to. So we probably should 'greet' him.

You sound familiar!

Don't move!

That voice. I know your voice.

Can't be? Why?

Look at me!

(What's up with this guy? What's he hiding?)

(Time to get a look at his face.)

I said look at me!

We now need to tap the bellhop.

I grab the bellhop's chin and yank his head up.


Aw, man!

I know you!

Dammit, man! Aw, dammit...


'Course, I guess there isn't nothin' I can do about it now, eh?

Long time, no see, Officer Hyde.

(Last time I saw him was the winter of '76, three years ago. He was roaming the subways of Manhattan picking pockets for a living.)

Why are you here, Louie? Run out of wallets to lift in the Big Apple?

What's it look like, man?

I'm workin' here!

Working? You? Bull. I don't buy it.

That's the God's honest, man! I got my act together!

(??? You got your act together? ???)

Been three years since I moved out here and scored this gig!

(Three years... That's about the same time I quit the force.)

How did you know I was here?

Aw, man, I knew it soon as I saw your name on the package, yeah?

Package shows up for the cop what busted me... What're the odds, man?

I been here for THREE YEARS! Just started to put all that New York stuff behind me, ya dig?

Hold on a second...

Bad memories of me, eh?

You wanted to forget my name, Louie?

You bet I did, man! 'Course, I wanna forget all the crap what happened back then.

Is that so?

When I first got this gig? Used to check the guest list every day. I was a total freak show. Always afraid someone I knew would show... It was a trip, man! You woulda laughed at what a dork I was. But I got lucky, and never saw a name I recognize. ...And now you show.

(??? No guests with my name? ???)

So what's the deal, Officer Hyde? What you doing all the way out here in a crappy hotel like this? Must be a major bust you got lined up, right? Why else would a Manhattan cop be so far from home?

It's kind of complicated...

That's not it.

So...what? You're, like, on vacation? Checkin' out the tar pits and crap like that?


Huh? Man, you're a TRIP! I don't get you! Everything you say's like a riddle or a mystery or somethin'.

Whatever. Not my business what you're doin' here. You keep your secrets, and I'll keep mine.



What's the problem? Why're you staring at me?

Mellow out, man. No big. Just're different now, ya dig?

I was gonna say somethin' earlier, but I didn't want you to freak.

What're you talking about?

What's different about me?

I dunno...

Spit it out.


You got a different vibe about you.

(??? A different vibe? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What're you looking at, man?
Write note
What're you writing, man?
Show pager
What ya showing me a pager for, man? I got no need for fancy electronics.
Show room 215 key
Don't lose your room key, brother, or old man Dunning'll skin ya alive.
Show hotel brochure
Ya think these brochures really do anything for business?
Show others
I got a job, Hyde. I don't need your handouts.

And as always, we're going to ask those questions next time!

Audience participation: figure out how to open the suitcase.