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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 8: Unpacking the Package

Music: Rainy Night

You're doing better?

You got your act together?

Yeah, man, I got tired of picking pockets. Big risk, small reward, yeah?

Hold on.

So what happened?

Something happened, didn't it?

Yeah, maybe... But I ain't talking about it. Not somethin' I'm gonna get into with a cop.

(??? What won't you talk about? ???)

(Oh, right...)

(He doesn't know I quit the force.)

What's up, man? Cat got your tongue?

It's nothing.

I have a different vibe?

Different vibe? What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Well, it's, you know...

C'mon, man, you gotta know what I'm sayin'!

You got that crappy leather jacket and that totally whacked-out tie. And your hair? Man, you got serious issues there.

This look... It ain't like you, man.

Not like me?


The Officer Hyde I remember always wore a fly black suit.

And the way you used to strut around the city? You had it goin' on, man!

(He's right. That's how it used to be. That's who I was. We ruled the streets, Bradley. You and me, playing the heroes.)

Yeah? What else?

Well, that's it, man. I mean, you were...

Spit it out, Louie.

You were cool, man. Even when you were hasslin' me, you were cool.

My cool ran out.

I changed jobs and changed clothes. That's it.



No guests has my name?

You telling me you never heard of other guests with my name?

Yeah, man. That's what I'm tellin' ya. Not likely I'd forget somethin' like that.

Why you bustin' me about it, anyways?

Seems there was a guest with my name about six months back.

Six months...?

No, man, I got nothin'. 'Sides, you think I wouldn't remember a guest what had your name?

I guess...

What won't you talk about?

What don't you want to talk about? What happened?

Forget it.

I split that scene for my own reasons, man. Got nothin' to do with you.

Music: Easy Feeling
This gig's been goin' on too long. I gotta blow, man.

All right.

But, uh, listen. Before I go, lemme ask you something?

What is it?

You, uh... You said you changed gigs, yeah?

What's the story?

Oh, that.

I hung it up.

Truth, Louie?

I hung it up.

Hung what up?

My badge.

What? No way! You quit the beat?!

Yeah. Actually, I got canned.

You were FIRED?!

Oh man, Officer Hyde! What'd you do?!


New Music: Midnight

Hyde, I've got bad news. It's Bradley. He...

Music: Easy Feeling
You really wanna know?

...No thanks, man. I'll pass. Sounds too heavy for me. Maybe some other time, yeah?

All right.

Can't believe you're not a cop anymore, man. What a trip.

So, what's your deal now?

I sell household goods door-to-door.

C'mon! Get outta here! You're a door-to-door salesman?




So that package what I delivered is full'a sales stuff? Detergent and floor wax and hairnets? Old lady crap like that?

Could be.

Louie REALLY enjoys this.

Knock it off. What's so damn funny?

Everything, man! C'mon, the famous Officer Hyde? A SALESMAN? That's even more of a gas than me being a bellhop!

Whaaaaa ha ha ha haaaaa!

Like i said, REALLY enjoys this.

That so?


All right, man, I gotta bail. ...Yo, Officer Hyde?


My past...

You know all the crap that happened in New York? All the stuff I did? Well, ain't nobody out there who knows about it, man. I'd appreciate it if you'd... like...keep it to yourself. Ya know?

All right.

Louie leaves the room.

Now we can check around the room. Let's check our package.

Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)

Package The package Louie delivered is on the bed.

A single brown notebook is inside the box.


Huh? What's this supposed to be?

There's no order sheet. This isn't Ed's package. The moron Louie brought me the wrong package!

(??? I gotta tell the front desk. ???)<--White Question

The title written on the cover of the notebook is "The Secret Word."

I guess we SHOULD try to open the suitcase and get our money. Seriously, I have no idea why didn't he just keep some money in his wallet.

But how will we open the suitcase?

Thesaya posted:

Well, the hanger for sure but I haven't seen any wirecutters lying around.

This is a good idea but we can't cut it so we can't try it out right now. Examining the hanger gives the same response as before.

DariusLikewise posted:

Paperclip that bitch

So this is what we're going to try now.

Paperclip There's a paper clip on the brochure.

A paper clip, huh?

Better hang on to this. It may come in handy.

(If I straightened this out...)

And we got our paperclip! Honestly, I have NO IDEA how this become a meme. Seriously, there's a speedrun category that ends when you get this item.

Using the paper clip will bring us into a minigame. In this one, we have to straighten out the paperclip. It's not too hard. Just don't move it too quickly or it won't work.

Like I said, easy. (What's not easy is making sure the GIF size is below 2 MB.)

There we go...nice and straight.

(Let's see if I can pick the lock on my suitcase.)

Use thin wire on suitcase

Like before, we just need to push the object into the keyhole.

What comes next is different, though. Our goal now is to push all the "locks".

But of course it's not that easy. (This GIF is just barely below 2 MB.)

(This ain't working. I'm not gonna get my suitcase open with this thin wire.)

(I'm going to need a bigger piece of wire.)

Well that didn't work. Maybe we should use the hanger after all. Also, finding an object in the hotel to do something will be a common puzzle in this game.

We should let out some steam by complaining to the front desk. But before that, we'll look at the descriptions.

Music: So Noted

Music: Monochrome
Okay, let's go to the front desk. Maybe we'll find a wirecutter there. We won't be opening the suitcase this chapter.

But just as we approach the stairs...

Someone's coming out of Room 219.


We'll talk to her and complain about the hotel service next time!