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Part 9: Meeting the Girls Again

Let's talk to Melissa now. We should chew her out for last time.

Music: Pink Rabbit


What's the score?

Hey! Kid!

I'm talking to you.

My name's not "kid"!

Yeah, I know. Your name's Melissa.

Hey! You know my name!

'Course I do. Don't underestimate adults, kid. We know things.

Yeah, right. Whatever.

I don't know about you guys, but I'd be surprised if someone suddenly knows my name.

Seriously, kid. Stop playing on the stairs. It's a hassle.

I'm not gonna play on the stairs anymore. But I lost something really important.

Tell me something, will you?

Why can't you see mom?

You won't be able to see your mom?

Uh-huh. I had to promise my dad. I gotta do what he says... with no "back talk." If I don't, we won't see my mom. We'll just go home.

(??? You're going to see Mom? ???)

That's why I'm not gonna be a brat anymore.

Music: Rainy Night

All of the new items (except puzzle piece) give the 'others' responses from last time. Let's just start with the questions.

Going to see your mom, huh?

What do you mean, you're gonna go see your mom?

Hey, kid.

Where'd your mom go?

Where'd your mom go?

I dunno.

But I was crying 'cause I wanted to see my mom for Christmas, right? And so Dad said we could go and see her.

So where are you going?

I dunno.

That's quite the plan.

Where are you going, mister?


I'm here on business, so I go where the boss says. Just gotta wait and see.

Oh business?

That's just like my dad. My dad always has to do whatever his boss says. That's why he's so busy.

(??? What's your dad's job? ???)

What's your old man do?

What's your old man do?

Old man? Who's that?

Your dad. What kind of work does your dad do?

He's a surgeon and stuff.

He works at some hospital somewhere.

A sawbones, huh?

Yeah, I guess.

And my mom works at an art museum. Her name's Grace. My mom's...

Wow, Kyle is REALLY GOOD with kids!

...Fine, go ahead. What's your mom like?

What's she like? She's nice, and pretty, and she bakes really good birthday cakes.

What else?

Well, she always said nice stuff about my drawings. I used to draw pictures of my mom all the time.

Pictures of your mom?


Sounds like a class act...

Why don't you draw a picture of her in this?

I open my notebook and give it to Melissa.

Sure, I guess.

Melissa drew a picture in my notebook.



Music: Pink Rabbit
(Oh, right... Guess I'll give her back that puzzle piece I found on the stairs.)

And then we get kicked into the map screen. We talk to Melissa again.



Music: Rainy Night
And that brings us to the question screen without any question. For other times when this happens I'll cut to the question screen.

We can actually see the picture Melissa drew.

I can point out the various strange things with this picture, but I won't. It is a kid's drawing anyway.

Also, notice that there's 4 pages for the notebook now. Not that we can draw on the fourth page. Also, she actually have different reactions for notes this time.

Read note
Whatcha looking at?
Write note
Whatcha writing?

There's no new reactions for any previous items. So let's just give her the puzzle piece.

Show puzzle piece
This is yours, isn't it?



T-thank you.

This puzzle was a present from my mom. It's my treasure.

And we're brought back to the question screen. With nothing to do, when we exit the screen...

Music: Pink Rabbit

Dad, I was-


The two of them go into Room 219.

(What's up with that guy? I can see why his wife split.)

Music: Monochrome
I don't think the dialogue changes if you haven't met him before. Actually that last line of dialogue changes very slightly. Now let's go to the front desk to complain about the hotel's wonderful service.

Right, let's talk to this mysterious girl that will definitely not be important in any way!

Music: Secrets

You got a second?


There's dramatic music when her face is revealed, even though we've seen her before.

(That's her. That's the girl I saw on the drive out here.)

It's you! I saw you standing alone by the side of the road. You were on the side of the highway, about an hour from here.

Wait, we've been here only for 10-ish minutes! Assuming he went here after Ed called, meeting the girl. on the way, there's no way he met her about an hour from here!

You know, unless she's actually the Flash.

What? What's wrong? Not you?

(What's going on? Why won't she say anything?)

Huh? Wait a minute... Sorry, are you deaf? I didn't mean to...

Yeah, the typical 'asking the deaf person if he/she is deaf'

She can hear just fine! Mmm-hmm!

There's a voice behind me.

Music: Hangover Blues
But she hasn't said boo since she arrived. Don't ask me why not! I don't know.

Who are you?


So you're Rosa?

Why are you asking? Has someone been talking about me again?

Yeah, I ran into Dunning at the front desk. He came out screaming 'cause he thought I was you.

Oh, did he now? Yeah, that sounds like Mr. Smith. Sorry about that.

I bet the boss was lost in one of his hockey games. As usual.

He's supposed to be watching the front desk. 'Course he never does. The man is useless. Totally useless.

Right... So who's the girl?

Her? Miss Talkie over there? That's Mila. Why? Why you asking? There something you need from her?

(??? Her name's Mila?! ???)

And we're kicked back to the map screen. Talking to the girl again gives us...

Music: Secrets

Can't answer me, huh?

Right. Let's talk to Rosa now. (Ignore the flashing notebook. I haven't read the note when I took the screenshot)

Music: Hangover Blues
Who are you, anyway? I haven't seen you around here.

That doesn't surprise me. I'm a guest. Probably don't see too many in this place.

Wow, that's rude.

Well, don't I feel silly! I didn't realize!

Wait a second...

A salesman, huh?

Why'd you think I was a salesman?

Red Crown.


The jacket. On your back. You're wearing one of their jackets, aren't you?

Guess I am.

So then I was right, wasn't I? Yeah, I knew it. Mmm-hmm!

I bought some things from one of your salesman before.

He gave me a song and dance about how great your stuff is. Of course, he lied.

Do me a favor. Get your company to sell things that are worth a darn.

So tell me, what's your name? Wait! Let me guess! I have no idea.

Kyle Hyde.


So YOU'RE the man staying in Room 215. Shoulda known, shoulda known.

Look at that. You do know me.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What're you reading?
Write note
What're you writing?
Show pager
Yes, yes. That's a very nice... one of those things.
Show room 215 key
That's your room key. You know, for opening the door? Don't lose it.
Show hotel brochure
That's a pamphlet for this hotel. I clean those off the floor all the time!
Show others
Huh? What? What's that? Put that away, will you?

And we'll ask those question next time!