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Part 10: Complaining about The Service

Music: Rainy Night

Let's get straight to complaining.

I got the wrong package.

Your bellhop delivered a package a few minutes ago.

But it wasn't mine.

Huh? What? He brought you the wrong package? What a dolt!

Yeah, looks like he got his wires crossed somewhere.

Sorry about that. I'll make him look into it. Don't worry about a thing.

Her name's Mila?

So the girl's name is Mila?

Oh yeah. Sure. Well, that would be my guess.

I mean, that's what the bracelet on her left arm says.


Music stops

Dramatic music! Unfortunately I don't know how to get the jingles. There are plenty. There's one for this dramatic thing, getting item, starting minigame, finishing minigame, failing minigame, etc.

Music: Suspicions

Music stops
That's impossible.

(The bracelet Bradley was wearing... It couldn't be...)

Music: Rainy Night
What is it? Something wrong? What's wrong?'s nothing.

Oh...OK. Fine by me.

So...the girl. Is she staying here tonight?

Yeah, I think so. I'll probably drop her in my room.

(??? Drop her? What's that mean? ???)

It means she's going to drop her off the window in her room, obviously.

You're going to drop her?

What do you mean?

It means I'll let her stay in my room. As a favor?

You have a room?

Yeah, that's right. A room. I work here and live here, too. Lousy deal, I know.

But tht poor young girl's obviously lost, so what can I do? Nothing, that's what!

You're giving her a room to stay. That's not 'nothing'.

I thought only little kids got lost.

Well, she might be a simple old to be called lost, but she sure looks out of place. I heard she was just standing on the side of the road. Poor thing! She doesn't have any luggage or anything.

Did she make it here all on her own?

No, she got a ride. Hitchhiked. That young man who checked in earlier brought her.

(??? Young man? ???)

But then he found out she doesn't talk, so he left her here. You believe it? Pretty cold if you ask me! Leaving here here all alone like that! Just ain't right.

What guy brought her?

Who brought her in?

Fellow's name is Jeff Angel. He's in 213.

Why? Why'd you ask? Do you know him?

Yeah, we met.

I met him. Briefly.

That so?

Then you understand what I'm talking about! He looks harmless enough, right?

But it's the ones who look sweet that you have to fear, and for a fact!

I'm sure he just picked her up because she's cute. Then he abandons her!

What a creep!

I have some problems with the timeline here. Did Jeff check in before or after Kyle? If it's before, then he wouldn't be able to get into the room while we're messing with Melissa. But if it's before, it still doesn't make sense how Mila is found 1 hour away but still managed to get here and tell Rosa somehow about him.

You know, unless she's actually The Flash.

Music: Hangover Blues

Rosa runs to the front desk and answers the phone.

Note how Kyle's expressions changes.

Rosa finishes talking and hangs up the phone.

That sounded promising.

Seems we found your missing package. Good thing, eh?

That was another guest. Sounds like he got it by mistake. He said he'll just take it on over to your room. Pretty nice of him.

So we could've called the front desk instead of going there directly? Wow, what a waste of time.

Works for me.

Now you just go on up and wait in your room. Go on, now! Move it!

Of course, Mila. Just go with Rosa. Who WOULDN'T trust that smile?

Rosa and Mila walk off to the far end of the lobby.

(Mila, huh? That was the name of Bradley's kid sister.)

Music: Monochrome
We're now back in the map screen. With nothing else we need to do, we get back to the second floor.

(Maybe I should have a chat with Jeff Angel about Mila.)


Music: Slow Steps

Yes? What is it?

I met a girl in the lobby named Mila.

Mila? Who's that?

You should know. You brought her here.

Oh. Her.

(??? You didn't know her name? ???)

What about her?

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
What are you writing down?

Yeah, I think the reactions for note in every conversation is different. I'll try to get them all.

You didn't know her name?

She never told you her name?

Maybe. I don't remember.


Why'd you bring her here?

Wait, wait.


She ASKED you to bring her here?

Of course! Well, kind of... Actually, she never said a word to me.

She didn't talk?

I thought you already know this!

So how'd you know she wanted to come here?

She had a brochure. Of the hotel, you know?

(??? She had a brochure? ???)

You know, paper? Little pictures? Anyway, I figured it was her stop.

Showing him the hotel brochure gives the same response as before.

She knew about this hotel?

So she knew about this hotel, did she?

Are you practicing to be an echo chamber or something? Yeah, she knew. She was carrying a brochure from this hotel. I don't get why this is so hard for you. I asked her where she was headed. She showed me the brochure. I needed a place to stay, too, and figured one place was as good as another. So here I am. Believe me, I wouldn't have stopped if I knew what a dump it really was.

Music: Slow Steps
You need anything else?


All right.

Good-bye, then.

Jeff finishes talking and shuts the door.

We move some steps to our room.

A door opens on the right side of the hallway, and a woman steps out.

Music: Easy Feeling
You must be the man from Room 215.


Who are you?

I'm staying in 216.

That's a funny name.

I'm Iris.

...You're not much of a conversationalist, are you?

No, but I can carry a tune.

I'm sure you can carry all manner of things, Mr...

Hyde. Kyle Hyde.

Mr. Hyde, hmm?

I'll make a note of it.

(Make a note of it? What the hell's that supposed to mean?)

You need something?

No, not really. I was just confirming a hunch.

(??? Confirming a hunch? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
What are you writing?
Show room 215 key
Your room is called Wish? They stuck me in Success. Fitting, I suppose...
Show hotel brochure
Do you feel the need to carry around a brochure for this place?
Show others
I can't imagine why you're showing me this, but I'm sure I can't care less.

We'll ask the questions next time!