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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 100: 11:20 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)


Louie, it's me.

Door's open! C'mon in!

As you may have guessed, this conversation is optional. We can just go in.

Louie has a bunch of responses here. They trigger if:
1. Kyle hits <5 pins
2. Kyle hits >=5 pins
3. Louie hits <5 pins
4. Louie hits >=5 pins
5. Kyle wins 1st round
6. Louie wins 1st round
7. 1st round tie
8. Kyle wins 2nd round
9. Louie wins 2nd round
10. 2nd round tie
11. End of the 3rd round

I already showed most of them. The ones I haven't shown are 3 (RNG hates me), 7, 10.

I already showed this response, but look! I got a strike!

That's number 7.

That's number 10. It took a lot less time that I thought it would since Louie's roll is decided on your turn, so you can just view what his roll will be that round and reset if you didn't roll the same amount.

Unfortunately, that means I have to lose various times to see number 3.

At least if you get a tie you get a nice "T" on your scoreboard.

It doesn't took that many games, at least. I get it immediately in the next game.

For number 11 you have to lose twice. As in you just need to tie/win once to progress the game.

And if you think I'm just padding this update, you're absolutely correct!

The rest of the update can be summed up in this picture.

You know, these middle-of-chapter alternate updates seems to be extremely short every time, so let's take a look at our notebook!

Music: So Noted

This is the numbers we got from the seven stars sidequest for the Pinkie Rabbit doll. And the name of the bar is Seven Stars. I see what you did there, Dunning.

Still, it's strange that you can only access the final star if you're old enough to go to the bar but the prize is a doll from a cartoon. An old one, but still... At least the lipstick make more sense.

Just imagine the children eagerly trying out the competition only to realize they can't go to the location of the final star...

The 2nd and 3rd page are empty since I haven't written anything on them. Remember back when Melissa just name drops Grace and Kyle shuts her up, then 2 chapters later confront her about it? Wow, how time flies.

We actually know this since Chapter 5. Again, if Rosa had just thought of using a notebook there wouldn't have been a misunderstanding and the confrontation with her wouldn't be necessary. At least we learned that Dunning has a daughter.

Speaking of daughter, remember when Dunning said he wanted to "win" the lipstick? Even though he was the one who organized the whole event? It's probably for her.

This is the note that causes Kyle to go after Kevin and Iris. And about the angel... We heard it somewhere, right?

DariusLikewise posted:

I'm guessing the pieces are starting to come together somehow, Jeff "Angel", Osterzone's painting "Angel opening a door", the angel doll Melissa had, what other Angel references am I missing?

tomanton posted:

Louie called Mila an angel, Melissa called her mom an angel. A bit superficial next to someone being killed over a painting, but references all the same!

And the Angel room Helen got. You can probably guess which one Grace is actually referring to.

The last page is the one from earlier so I'm just going to reuse the image. All I have to say about it is that Rosa shouldn't have been to cryptic to Mila. It's not as if it's a Kingdom Hearts game where Nomura hasn't actually thought about what those cryptic words mean!