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Part 103: Looking at Apples

Music: Monochrome

Like most chapters, there's a phone call at the beginning. Of course there's no phone call this time. We just finished the phone call!

(Rosa said there were five apple paintings.)

So...what? Are we supposed to examine them?

Music: Straight Chaser

Painting There's a painting on the wall. It's a still life.

Zoomed-in painting It's a painting of apples.

O...kay? What am I supposed to do here?

We can move it, but what are we supposed to find here? (It's actually in that GIF).

Yeah... I'll just skip to the part where we found it. This is one of the most obscure part of the game.

(There are other apple paintings besides this one...)

So apparently we're apple hunting right now. Okay.

Hotel Dusk is a great game, but it's not without its low points. Like this one. Kyle just examined apple paintings because...Rosa said there's many of them.

To be fair, the apples are easy to find. This is the most hidden one and you HAVE to see this one to even get to this point of the game.

Painting There's a painting on the floor. ...That's weird. Why is it there?

The old photo is found behind this painting way back in Chapter 4. If you're wondering, there's no danger of someone seeing us going in and causing a Game Over this time.

Zoomed-in painting It's a painting of apples.

(There's still another apple painting.)

The other two is seen when going up/down the stairs.

Searching for the apples isn't hard. It's just knowing what to do that's hard.

Painting There's a painting on the wall. It's a still life.

The first apple painting you'd find is most likely the one in Room 215. And that's the one where the letter is hardest to find.

Zoomed-in painting It's a painting of apples.

This one might look hard to find, but it's actually the easiest. The corner is kind of the first place you'd most likely to look.

(There's still another apple painting.)

Mila was staring at this painting back in Chapter 3. Kyle mentioned the one in Room 215, so the one you aren't likely to see (if you didn't look at the top screen of the map) is the one in the 2nd floor hallway.

Painting There's a still-life painting on the wall.

Zoomed-in painting It's a painting of apples.

This one is still easier than the first one even if it's exactly the same spot as that. The first one has a letter that can look like an actual stroke in the painting.

(This is the fourth apple painting I've seen.)
(I need to find one more...)

(??? Where's the last apple painting? ???)<-- White Question

You know, there's only a few places left we haven't entered:
1. Room 111
2. The room in the pantry
3. The back part of Dunning's room
4. Room 220
?. Wine cellar (Why must you spoil things, Chapter 8 Summary?)

So let's ask Rosa which one it is.

Music: Easy Feeling
Where you been, man? I been all over this place tryin' to track ya down! I finally found Mila down in Rosa's room. Looks like someone found her and led her there, yeah?
Man, you shoulda said something! Made me waste all my time like that! I was looking for her too, ya know?!

You were nowhere to be found. But still, Kyle didn't even think about Louie during that.

Naw, I get it. Just forgot all about ol'Louis again, yeah? No, I see what it is...
Knock it off, Louie. I got some new info.
'Bout Mila?
It's about her father. Seems her old man went missing seven years ago.
Trip, man. That's a long time to be off the map. So, what Mila's been lookin' for her pops this whole time?
Something rough happened to her, but I don't know the full story. I have to poke around some more.
Yeah, well check this. I got me some info, too! It's about that old key.

(??? What's that key for? ???)

Oh, and I also did that B&E that you wanted. To find out 'bout Melissa's ma. Looked up the guest book from two years back.

(??? Was Grace here two years ago? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What're you lookin' at?
Write note
What're you writing?

Where's the apple painting?

Just point me to the apple painting.
Wha-?! Those crappy things? Man, what you want to know about those for?
Just a hunch I need to check. Rosa said there were five paintings. But I can only find four.
Apples, huh? You sure you ain't been hittin' the bourbon again, Hyde? OK, lemme think... Ya got the second-floor hallway...
Yeah, and your room, too! You remember that one?
I saw those. There's also one in 217 and one at the end of the central hallway.
Oh, right! Right... Yeah, lemme see... Naw, man, sorry. I dunno about the last one.

What's the old key for?

So what's that key for?
It's the key for the booze cellar! And are you thinkin' what Louie's thinkin'?!
Probably not.
Guess I had to try, yeah?

That's already spoiled by the summary for Chapter 8. It doesn't really matter though since it's actually told pretty soon and you're pretty unlikely to read it between that and the end of Chapter 8.

Anyways, this is the one key old man Dunning never let me touch. Don't even keep a copy with those other keys what he keeps in the office. But, man... Hidin' it inside a PLANT? Never woulda guessed. What a trip.
Yeah, it's odd.

What's the story with Grace?

So was Grace here two years ago?
See, that's the thing, man... I dunno.
Guest logs in the office only go back one year. I got no idea if he tossed the old ones or what.

You said "Oh, and I also did that B&E that you wanted. To find out 'bout Melissa's ma. Looked up the guest book from two years back." Way to tease, Louie.

Music: Easy Feeling
So hey, Hyde? You gonna go scope out that booze cellar?
Well, just hurry up before Dunning finds out you have that key, dig? Listen, I gotta swing over to Seven Stars and close up shop. But come down to the cellar after one, dig?
Got it.

Why not now?

After that, you wanna take a look at this? I picked it up a little while ago.

What's this, Louie?
I dunno, man. Like I told you, I just found it when we were looking for Mila. It was lyin' on the stairs.
What's on it?
I ain't had a chance to listen to it, man.
Guess I'd better.
You can use the box in my room. If it's disco, just burn that crap, yeah?
All right.
Well, I'd better get my hump back to the bar.

That bit only shows up on New Game +. In NG Louie never found the second tape. It's part of a sidequest only available for NG+.