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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 105: Listening to Another Tape

Music: Monochrome

Welp. That happened. Let's not go through the lobby directly and instead go around the second floor.

While we're here, let's see what this tape is about.

Music: Straight Chaser

Use mysterious cassette tape on cassette deck

It goes the same as last chapter except you don't have to fix the tape. The A side is the same as before, just with a different song. And that song?

Music: Countdown

That's actually a nice continuation of the previous joke. What about side B?

(The code)
What the hell? That must mean something...

The code is randomized. Oh, and if we try to fast-forward here the same scene as before will play, but nothing else will happen. You can still play the tape and you don't get a Game Over.

Music: Monochrome

If we go to the right hallway from here, we'll get that same Game Over with Dunning, so let's not.


I'm sneaky when I need to be.
I don't doubt it!
The apple painting is in the back. Go on, now!
I'm on it.
I'm just going to wait here with Mila, if that's all right by you.

Music: Hangover Blues
Now hurry up and go look at that painting!

Music: Secrets
Hey, you got a minute?

Music: Monochrome

Knock No one's here. Or else they don't want to talk to some stranger.

Who do you think would be here, Kyle? I'm curious. Anyway, we can go in there.

Music: Straight Chaser

Closet Now that is a big closet. Maybe this is the room where fat guys stay.

Mirror Mirror's so clean I can see myself. ...'Course, it IS a mirror.
Bottles It's a bottle of shampoo.
Light There's a light above the mirror. Smart thinking, that.
Sink Sink's clean.
Towel Towels have been freshly changed.
Bathtub Looks like the bathtub's spic-and-span.
Curtain Got a shower curtain around the tub.
Tissue It's toilet paper. Good thing, too, this being a bathroom and all.
Toilet Another toilet. I'm gonna assume it's clean.

Lamp There's even a desk lamp.
Desk There's a small desk in the corner of the room.
Chair Now that looks like a cozy chair.

Bed Bed's nice and neat. Looks comfy, too.
Curtain Curtains are pulled shut.
Table Side tables on both sides. That's a bed built for two.
Phone And next to the bed is a telephone. Great for wake-up calls.
Lamp There's a small lamp on the table.
AC It's an air conditioner. Not that it's needed in December, but...
Painting What do you know, it's a still-life painting.

Zoomed-in painting It's an apple painting.

The same letter-searching minigame ensues.

(That's all of the hidden letters.)
(I wonder what they mean?)

If we quit Kyle will remind us of where we found each letter. What we have to do is to tap the letter in order of the number of apples in the respective paintings. But tapping the wrong letter gives no response and there's only very few combination that make sense.

(If I arrange them in order of the number of apples in each painting, it spells... JENNY.)
(Wait, I've seen that name before... It was on the birthday card I found in Dunning's office.)

So that's all of the apple paintings. There's actually new notes added last update.

Music: So Noted

I waited for this update to see if there's going to be one for the single apple, but apparently not. So let's go back and tell Rosa what we found.