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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 107: Calling the Boss, Episode 5

I've...I've felt better. But I think the worst is over. At least, I hope...
Yeah, me too.
Did something happen? You seem tired.
I am tired. But I'll live.
...In that case, can I... Can I trouble you for a moment? I need to ask you something.
I'm not loaning you money.

Ha ha. Very funny, Kyle. That's more suited to a character in the sequel (very minor spoiler but whatever).

Music: Easy Feeling
You just came out of Room 111, right?
Yeah. What of it?
Well... Um... Were you with her?
With who?
The woman. The young woman in white? She just came out of that room with the maid.
You mean Mila?

What's your story?

You knew about Mila?

You know something? Spill it.
Yes, I just...
I just remembered something when I heard her name. Her name is Mila Evans.

(??? How do you know Mila? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note

How do you know Mila?

How do you know Mila?
She was a patient at the hospital where I worked.
Yes... Robbins Memorial in Santa Monica.

You would've known if you paid attention, Kyle. Mila did mention the hospital name, after all.

But I never expected to see her here. Not at all...

(??? Why was Mila in the hospital? ???)

Why was she in the hospital?

What was she doing in the hospital?
It's an odd case. She was brought to us unconscious, with no visible injuries. She spent almost the next ten years in a coma...
Ten years? That's a long time to be in the dark.

So Mila is 19 years old but is mentally 9. That makes all of Kyle's comments about her being a little girl creepy... And Louie's crush on her too. Thankfully Louie will drop it after learning about this later, so he's not bad.

It sure is.
We didn't see any sign of hope, but then half a year ago she just...came around. The attending physician was astonished. He called her recovery a miracle... Not that I take stock in such things...

Then let me ask you something.

Did you know her family?

You know anything about her family?
Yes. Her father used to come in once a month and check on her progress. His visits were like clockwork.
He came once a month for ten years?
Without fail, but... But for some reason, he never appeared after she woke up.
Sounds like he picked a bad time to hang it up.
Yes, perhaps... We tried several times to contact him, but... He never returned our calls. Oh, and the bills. The bills had all been paid in advance. No one ever came to see her beside her father.
He may have no idea what has happened.
You ever meet her old man?
No, I just... I heard about it from the nurses and such.

Music: Easy Feeling
Oh, and Mr. Hyde?
I just remembered something else. If you can spare a moment...
Go ahead.
Do you remember the first time we met this evening? When I thought I had heard your name before?

That was way back in Chapter 3.

I just remembered why. I don't know how I missed it, but... Well, anyway... Right before Mila woke up, she had a new visitor.
Keep talking, doc.
His name...

Oh, you're kidding me.
When we couldn't reach Mila's father, we thought... I mean, the hospital, they tried to notify this Hyde fellow, but to no avail.
Mr. Hyde, did you visit Mila before she woke up?
Wasn't me.
...I see.
Well, please keep an eye on her.
And try to keep her from overdoing it. I can't imagine she has fully recovered her strength yet.
Excuse me.

Kevin leaves the lobby.

(So Kevin knew about Mila.)
(And Mila came out of a coma six months ago...)

*beeping sound*

...Pager, huh?

Music: Monochrome

Phone Guess I should give Ed a ring.

Music: Serenity

Wait, no Rachel?
Everybody's gotta go home sometime. Listen, I just heard a little chestnut about Evans. You sitting down? Ten years ago. Robert Evans bought himself a little place called... Hotel Dusk.
Robert Evans bought this hotel?
Yeah. Seems Evans bought the thing in 1969. He owned it for three years, then sold it to some mope for a song.
So he sold it seven years ago?
You must be tired, Hyde. You're repeating everything.

No, that's just how Kyle has been since the beginning of the game. Jeff even called him a parrot.

Anyway, he sold it to Dunning Smith. You probably met him by now. I don't know what you found here, Hyde, but that place has a troubled history.
Tell me.
Dusk used to be a real party joint, but in 1969 it just shut down. You follow me? Means Evans shut the place down the moment he bought it! Now why the hell would a guy do a thing like that? Who buys a business just to shut it down? And why'd he sell it to Dunning Smith? My thinking is that Evans played Smith and dumped the place, but I don't know. Lotsa questions here, Hyde. You might not like where this night of sleuthing ends up. I'd get ready for a bad surprise.

*knocking sound*

You got visitors at this hour? You're busier than I thought.

Well, I'll leave you to it. Watch your back.

Ed hangs up.


Music: Resolution (Yes, it uses the confrontation music)
Oh. Rosa. Now what?
Oh, Mr. Hyde, it's just terrible!
Rosa! Pull yourself together! What's going on?
It's Mila...
What about her?
She hasn't come back! He came and took her, and she hasn't come back! Mr. Smith came and took her away!
Yes! I was trying to take Mila back to my room, you know? And then Mr. Smith just came out of nowhere! He told me to take Mila to the police first thing in the morning. But then I... I told him. Oh, what a fool thing I did! I told him she could speak and that we knew why she had come here! Then he said there was no need to call the police at all! And then he said that he was going to have a little chat, and he took her away!
Wait, he took her?
Yes! Oh, what is going on?
Where are they?
I figured they went back to his room. But no one answers when I knock, and...
What should I do, Mr. Hyde?
Go back to your room and sit still. I'll go find them.
All right... If you say so.

Rosa turns and scurries off down the hall.

(Dunning and Mila are having a chat, huh?)
(I guess I should try his room first.)

Music: Monochrome

Yo, Hyde!

For some reason that line appears for a split second before automatically advancing. I mean, the others are the characters being rushed but this one is just a normal greeting.