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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 108: Searching the Home

I just got done talking to Mama Sass, my man! Heard the boss man came and took your new friend away, yeah? That's cold!
I was about to check his room.
Better you than me, my brother, but I got your back if you need it! Otherwise, I'll swing 'round the hotel and see what I can find.
Wait, Louie. What about the wine cellar?
No, man, I ain't been there yet.
Check it out. I'll swing by once I take a buzz through Dunning's room.
Whatever you say, Officer!

Louie runs off.

(No one here.)

Music: Monochrome

Remember this door? Where I said it lead to the office? I was wrong. Turns out it leads to the second part of the room. Oops.

Music: Straight Chaser

Light He's got a light above the mirror.
Mirror Hey, now there's a handsome devil.
Bottles It's a bottle of shampoo.
Sink Sink's nice and shiny, Dunning sure is a neat freak.
Towels Clean towels. Nice.
Tissue It's toilet paper. Bet the old boy's got some nice two-ply stuff in here.
Toilet That's the cleanest toilet I've ever seen. Rosa must scrub in here, too.
Curtain There's a shower curtain around the tub.
Bathtub Tub's clean enough to eat off of. ...That's gross, Hyde.

Lamp Got a little lamp here, too. All the comforts of home.
Shelf There's a shelf next to the bed.
Phone There's a phone on the shelf. I wonder if he ever calls anyone.
Bed Dunning's bed. Bet it's not as lumpy as the one in my room.
Curtains Curtains are closed. Guess he doesn't want anyone peeking in the window.

Bookshelf It's a big bookshelf.
Right clippings There are a lot of newspaper clippings on the wall in front of the desk.
Left clippings There are magazine and newspaper clippings on the wall next to the desk.
Lamp It's a desk lamp.
Chair There's an upholstered chair in front of the desk.
Top drawer There's something in the drawer here.

Cards There's a bunch of birthday cards in the drawer.
I've seen this card before.
(There was one just like it in the office.)
Happy Birthday, Jenny!
(The cards are all addressed to Jenny. What does this mean?)
Bottom drawer There's nothing in the drawer.
Picture It's a picture of Dunning and a young girl.
Tools Looks like some kind of wood carving.
Table It's a small work desk.
Books There are some books stacked up on the desk.
Newspaper/brochure There's a newspaper article/brochure on the table.

Zoomed-in newspaper The date on the paper is 1972. ...That's seven years ago.
(The article reads...) "Osterzone's works, while smaller pieces, feature a distinctive expression. Light and shadow are used in a way beyond that of any other contemporary artists. Overflowing with a sensibility that is subtle yet bold, these canvases charm easily. They can also capture the purest essence of a thing in a single fleeting moment. They can also capture the purest essence of a thing in a single fleeting moment. Must notably, the work Angel Opening a Door is a masterpiece. It so opens ambiguities in the viewer's powers of imagination that even a layman can..."
(Nice fifty-cent words, pal. I wonder if Summer wrote this. But why would Dunning keep a newspaper article on Osterzone?)

Zoomed-in brochure There's a hotel brochure on top of the desk.
This brochure...
(This is the same brochure Mila was carrying. The one from ten years ago. Why would Dunning have one of these, too?)
What's this? There's something written here...

We actually saw the old brochure back in Rosa's room. She probably got it from Mila, which is where her deduction come from. Let's take a moment to look at our items.

Music: So Noted

Music: Monochrome
I'm just showing this since this chapter is almost over. Once we get out...

(Where are Dunning and Mila?)

(Could Mila and Dunning be here?)