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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 11: Receiving the Package (Again)

Music: Rainy Night

What are you confirming?

What'd you want to confirm?

I merely wanted to see what manner of man was staying in this room. That's all.


Well, it would be awful if some lowlife were staying here, hmm?

I gave specific instructions upon check-in, but it seems that no one listened. I demanded that no one stay in the room next to me or across the hall.

And yet, the owner gave you 215 and never said a word to me!

Appaling, isn't it?

(What? What's she rambling about?)

What is your line of work, Mr. Hyde?

I'm a salesman.

Traveling salesman.

Well, that's a relief!

(You feel relieved?)

Why's that?

Because it means you won't try to take my picture, Mr. Hyde.

Your picture? You're cute and all, but why would I do that? I got better things to do.

Music: Slow Steps
Good day, Mr. Hyde.

I'll be-

Yo, Hyde!


It has to be shown.

Oh, please...

Don't mind him. He's just the bellhop.

I know who he is. He carried my bags when I checked in.

I believe his name is Louis DeNonno. Do I have that right?

No problem, nno problem. Of course you did. (I'm sorry)

Hey, she remembered! Now I can die happy.

I couldn't very well forget. You introduced yourself about a thousand times.

You need me for something, Louie?

Yeah, actually...

I'll take that as a cue to excuse myself. Gentlemen?

Iris returns to her room.

(What are the chances a dame like that would be across the hall? Of all the lousy luck.)

(??? Why's the princess here? ???)

Sorry, man. Didn't mean to interrupt ya.

Don't worry.

It was perfect timing.

Whatever you say, man.

What do you want?

Nothing really, man. I just saw you chatting up the fox, ya know?

Thought maybe I could sneak in a couple of lines myself? Steal her heart?

You're an idiot. And here's more proof that I'm right. You brought me the wrong package. Two packages to deliver and you got 'em both wrong. Nice work, Louie.


Luckily when I went down to the front desk, the guy who got my package called. He's going to drop it by my room later.

So we're all cool the, right, man?

No. We're not cool. You're an idiot and I'm ticked off!

Chill, brother! No need to blow a fuse yeah?

Louie: Especially since you didn't give me any tip.

Anyway, gotta blow.

Louie leaves.

(Same old Louie.)

Music: Monochrome
Notice how we didn't get to ask that last question. We can actually knock on Iris' door to ask it.


Who is it?

Kyle Hyde, from 215.

Music: Slow Steps

I got questions.

Music: Rainy Night

Why is the princess here?

Why are you staying here?


I can understand why you'd want to speak to me, but...

I'm sorry. I don't have time to... chat with you right now.

And I think you should mind your own business!

Now please leave.

Music: Slow Steps
Is that everything?

Then may I suggest that you buy an outdated map and get lost?

Iris goes inside and slams the door.

Music: Monochrome
Fine. We don't care anyway. Let's just get inside our room and wait for the package.

Music: Easy Feeling
Begging your pardon, but are you Kyle Hyde?

That's right.

And did you perhaps receive a call from the front desk? About the parcels?


You the guy who called down earlier?

The very same!

My name is Martin Summer, and I'm currently lodged in Room 211.

(??? I've heard his name before. ???)

At any rate, about the parcels?


The footboy delivered a parcel to my room some time ago. Unfortunately, it appears he somehow brought me the wrong one.



Please forgive me, but I failed to notice until after I opened it. The contents were not what I was expecting, you see.


Well, we did also open the box first, so we shouldn't be mad at him for this.

You like my name?

Good name, isn't it?

Indeed. Quite a nice name, actually.

Skip the explanation. I got a short attention span.

Wow. Rude. He just complimented your name after you brag about it! that so?

Our packages got swapped.

And the one I got here is probably yours.

That about cover it?

Yes, I do believe that summarizes the situation.

So where's my package?

Oh, yes, I brought it with me. It's right here.


Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you reading?
Write note
What is it?
Show pager
Is that a pager? Some say the pager marks the death of personal privacy.
Don't let him get into any social media ever.
Show room 215 key
That is the key to your room, is it not? I am in 211, or "Honor," as it is known.
Show hotel brochure
The writing in this brochure has no spark to it, sir. I find it uninspiring at best!
Show old notebook
Eureka! That's my notebook.
Show others
What might that be, Mr. Hyde? Let me assure you, I know nothing of it.

I've heard of you.

Martin Summer?

I've heard that name before.

Yes, that's not surprising.

Perhaps you've run across my name in a magazine? Or a newspaper?

Does that strike a familiar tone, Mr. Hyde?


I suppose it's possible that you've actually read one of my books...

(??? Books? This guy's a writer? ???)



You're a writer?

You a writer?

Yes, that is correct, although I prefer to think of myself as an author.

I pen novels mostly, although I have dabbled in other, more obscure, mediums.

Novels? What kind?


They sell?

Yes, they do all right.

You can find my work in most bookstores of note.

I have quite a large female fan base, actually.

You don't say.

Have you perhaps read any of my novels?



I see. Well, not wholly unexpected, but a shame nonetheless.

If you get the chance, I hope you will read one.

Sure. Why not?

Well, actually I recorded 2 version of this update, so I can show you what happens if you pick the other option.

Uh...yeah... Sure...

Yeah, I read one.

Truly? Tell me, which one?

The Angel Whispers refers to... I don't know. However, there is a book and movie called "Angel Whispers" made in 2013 and 2015 respectively. This game is made in 2007.

The Tale of Two Gangster to the book "Old Gansters & Young Guns: The True Tales of Two Worlds" made in 2015 or the movie "Fate-A Tale of Two Gangsters" made in 2008. This game is psychic!

Fine, the second option references the book "A Tale of Two Cities" made in 1859. I don't know what the first option refers to, and the ones I mentioned are found by a quick google search so it probably actually exist.

A Tale of Two Gangsters.

Oh, it was... "A Tale of" Or something.


Unfortunately, that is not one of my novels, Mr. Hyde. I don't think it even exists.


Martin is not impressed.

Music: Easy Feeling
This is where the choices converge. However, it immediately branches again according to wether you showed him the notebook. This is what happens if you don't show the notebook

Now then, Mr. Hyde...

Shall we discuss my parcel, which was inadvertently delivered to you?

Sure. I'm game.

All that was in the package was this notebook.

I show Summer the old notebook.

And if we showed the notebook

My notebook, Mr. Hyde...

Please return it.


This is the notebook that was in the package I received.

I give the old notebook back to Summer.

Both choice now converge.

This is the notebook! This is what I have been waiting for!

Great. Then I'll take my package from you and we'll call it a day.

Yes, please do.

(Doesn't look like he can take his eyes off that notebook.)

Guess he was really looking forward to getting it. ...Must be a writer thing.)

We just have to tap the package.

I pick up the box that Summer brought with him.


Oh, yes... My apologies. Let me just...


...Hmm? Oh! Oh, yes. Yes, I suppose I should depart.

It's fortunate for both of us that we discovered this mistake when we did. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Summer finishes talking and leaves the room. ...Stupid writers.

I have a feeling Kyle has a grudge against writers. Now we can check OUR package.

Music: Straight Chaser

The right package is Martin's, as you can see from the comparison.

Notice that the map also shows the packages. I forgot to show the one with only one package.

Left package The package Summer brought is on the bed. There's an order sheet, new products, and a client list in the box.

Left paper And there's the client list. Just like Rachel promised.

(Better remember to put this in my suitcase. Don't want Rachel to bite my head off.)
Cylinder Adhesive remover? ...No one's going to buy this crap.
Stapler thing What the... A portable mini sewing machine? Great.
That looks nothing like a sewing machine. Also, Hyde would make is a great salesman.
Right paper
It's the order sheet.

The items I'm supposed to find are listed on here.
(1} A small red box. 2} The December issue of a magazine with Cecily Lee on the cover.)
(Guess it's time to call Rachel.)

The order sheet and client list disappear from the box when you take them.

Music: So Noted

Music: Straight Chaser

Phone Guess I'll give Rachel a call.

It's Hyde. I got the package.

I knew you would, sweetie.

A red box and a girlie mag? I'm thrilled. Who's the client on this one?

Somebody new. Seems to be in a hurry, too.

You figure it's some sort of business deal gone wrong?

That's what it sounds like. But who knows what's in the box? Could be trouble.

My old friend.

So Bradley's head will be in the box?

Any idea where to start?

Yeah, I'll head down to the front desk and poke around the lost and found. If that doesn't work, guess I just gotta canvas the hotel.

Nice plan, handsome. Let us know if you come up with anything.

Ed around?

He just stepped out. Some old client called and asked to see him. Said he'd be right back, though. Why, you need something?

No rush. I'll call back.

I'll let Ed know.


Um, Kyle?


Remember what I said earlier? About not knowing anything about you? And wanting to know you better? Listen, forget I said any of that, OK?

Don't worry. My life's a train wreck. People want to stop and stare. But I'll tell you one thing. Anybody else pestered me about this? I'd shoot 'em.

Wow, Kyle. You can actually be kind of sweet when you set your mind to it. Bye, sweetie. Be safe.

(Ed Vincent's the president of Red Crown. He's an ex-L.A. cop who worked like a dog until they forced him to retire. My old man died when I was ten, but he and Ed were good friends.)

(As for me, well... Ed's the only one who knows I'm still searching for Bradley. The only one who knows I won't let it go.)

(But now I run into Louie, another voice from the past. What're the chances of him being here? Slim to none, and slim left town. Throw this girl Mila into the mix, and things get nine kinds of odd. It's better think all this through and make sure it's straight in my head.)

Next time: Pop quiz!