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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 115: Breaking

(This thing's some sort of code breaker. And this is the secret that was never to be revealed.)

*Knocking sound*

Who's there?

Yo, Hyde! You in here?

So basically the game hopes the plot twist is enough to make you forget about the bad game design (black light) and obvious event flag (Louie arriving). It definitely hasn't been one hour yet.

Music: The Last Sleep

Yeah, I dig! I'm gonna open the door, man!

*The door opens*

Yo, Hyde!

...Think so.
I was gettin' worried, so I came to check up on ya. Good thing, too!
[img][/igm]Looks like you needed my help after all, yeah?
So, how'd you get locked in?
The door was open when I came down here. I was poking around when somebody shut the door from the outside.
Oh, TRIP! So where'd this mystery door-closer go, huh? Ain't come through the hall, man.

Maybe whoever attacked you is in the room with the door barely concealed in front of you? Spoilers: Dunning isn't the one who locked Kyle. Nor did Mila. Nor did Louie or Rosa. It's never exactly stated, but it's implied to be just an accident. So Kyle almost died in that room because of an accident.

Speaking of the room, let's go back to it!

We actually have another code, so let's put it.

The number is still the same as the previous one.

("There's something nostalgic in the Love Room.")
("Something nostalgic?")

Not exactly what it says, but close enough.

Did someone come through here?
No. Why? Did something happen?

This just reinforces the accident theory. You can technically go out and explore the hotel now,'s kinda late for that. The black light should've already been used, so it's no use picking them up now. The matchstick puzzle also doesn't change. I suppose if you want to listen to the jukebox, you can do it now.

To progress, though, we just have to go to the corner of the underpass.

You hear that? What...
Hey, check it out! The bricks from the wall...
Yeah, some of them have fallen. But why are they...

Wall I can see where the bricks have fallen off the wall.
I can see the wall through gaps in the bricks. These bricks look like they've been put up recently.
Maybe we can...
Yeah, somethin's there.

We can't quit this minigame. Just tapping the wall results in nothing, but we still have to do it anyway to exit.
No, that's not it.
This isn't working. I need a tool with some heft.
Bricks There are bricks scattered across the floor.

Use hammer on wall

This is why we have to grab the hammer in the basement.

Just tapping the wall until it reveals a door.

There's a door back there!

Hey! Why does the bricks around the door change?


Music: Rainy Night
Yo, what's that smell, man? Somebody been paintin' in here?
Yeah... Dunning.
Huh? You tryin' to tell me ol' man Dunning paints? You're trippin', Hyde!
Dunning's the one who painted all the apples, Louie.
I think the fumes is gettin' to me. I thought you said Dunning painted apples.
You heard right. Now keep listening. Dunning's got a daughter he hasn't seen in years. Her name's Jenny.
That's the name of the girl who was kidnapped from Room 111 ten years ago.
Yeah, and it's the name what them apple painting letters spell out, too.
Yeah. But here's something I learned in the basement. Dunning knew Evans before he took over this hotel.
Wait... Evans? That's Mila's pops, yeah? You sure 'bout all this? Hard to believe Dunning and Mila's pops were pals.

I thought it was pretty obvious. I mean, why else would you leave your 9 year old daughter with another kid without anyone else's supervision? And specifically told to both wait together?

I'm sure. They knew each other, and they shared a secret they'd die before revealing.
That's a heavy secret, man. But you know it, yeah? C'mon, brother, lemme hear it.
You know the angel painting Bradley stole from Nile's warehouse? Dunning painted it.
WHAT?! You're crazy! That didn't make no damn sense!
Listen, Louie. The proof is in this room. I'm sure of it. Help me find it.

Music: The Last Sleep

Right canvas There are all kinds of colors painted on the canvas.
Second-right canvas It's a long piece of canvas.
Middle canvas There's a landscape painted on the other side.
Right bucket There's paint in the bottom of the bucket.
Green/blue/yellow can There's green/blue/yellow paint in the can.
Red can There's not much red paint left.
Second-left canvas There's a date on the back of the painting.
Left canvas There's a painting leaning against the wall.
Left bucket The bucket's pretty dusty. Guess no one used it for a while.
Painting There's a painting of flowers on the wall.
Front canvas It's a huge sheet of canvas. One side of the canvas is covered in white paint.
This painting is...
Painting? Ya callin' this a painting? What is it, white cat in a snowstorm? I tell ya, man, I don't get this whole art thing.
(This paint is real thick... What's going on here?)

Even in the final chapter we're still finding new paintings.

Bottles in shelf An old bottle filled with paint. I didn't know paint came in bottles...
Box in shelf It's a cardboard box filled with paint.
Chair The wooden chair has paint on it.
Spray A spray bottle of turpentine. Better keep this out of my eyes.
Table This wooden table is all nicked up.
Palette This palette's been used a lot.
Palette knife There's a palette knife on the table.

Zoomed-in palette knife
Hey, look. It's a...whatever these things are called. Palette knife? Is that it?
You just mentioned it earlier.

Wood There's some wood on the table.
Bottles on table About half of the paint's been used.
Box on table It's a dirty box. Go figure.

Chair The chair's ripped and full of holes.
Back canvas There's a sketch of a woman on the back of the canvas.
Front canvas There's a charcoal drawing of a building on the back of the canvas.
Box The box holding the canvas is worn out.
Canvases in box It's a blank canvas.

It's not that hard figuring out what to do. The only canvas of interest is the one with its own stand that Kyle comments on. The painting of a white cat in a snowstorm.

Use palette knife on front canvas

Here goes nothing...
Yo, man, whatcha gonna do with that?

We're going to scrub it, of course! Please ignore the blue part that suddenly appear in the top right.

We just have to rub to get rid of the white paint. Sorry, kitty!

We're rich!