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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 119: 02:00 AM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

It's time for the final alternate update.

There's not much difference, to be honest.

The scene will happen when examining anything in the Basement except the machine, cable, note, or the trivia book. The "timer" won't start until we trigger this scene.

I found it amusing that Kyle has time to read a trivia book in a life-or-death situation. And that it ends up saving his life (through the power of event flags).

Kyle won't "sharpen" his pencil until we examine the trivia book and the cable.

We can just brute force the code, actually. Or we can just put 518 since this one isn't randomized.

The note also says 18 in this timeline. Huh.

We don't actually have to get the letter or read the note to progress the game. The game will continue as if Kyle has read the letter.

After Louie came, we don't have to read the guest register, but we still need to pick up the hammer to break the wall.

In the next room, we just have to pick up the palette knife and scrape the snowstorm and the cat in it.

After we exit the Basement, we can explore outside. After we scrape the painting is the last time we can go outside. As soon as we meet Dunning, we won't be able to go outside anymore. So if you want to play the jukebox, now's the time. Between Chapter 6 and now, you'll probably have unlocked only Bright Crystal and The Last Sleep.

You killed him here!

The last place... Hold on...
Did you kill him? Here?

I'm not a killer! Don't matter what he did! No way in hell I'm gonna kill a man...
I'm going to ask you once more, and then I'm going to get mad.

Loop and skip.

It was Robert Evans.

It was Robert Evans.

I ain't seen Evans in a dog's age.
Keep going.

Loop and skip. But I'm going to point out this bit:

Pictured: Dunning's reaction to being told that Kyle was a cop. Also pictured: player's reactions when hearing Drunken Waltz.

Remember Martin's special reactions during his confrontation? Well, Dunning is the only other one with them. And there's plenty of it.

Read note
Whatcha lookin' at?
Write note
Knock it off! Whatcha writin'?
Show pager
Ya got yerself some fancy doohickey. Congrats. Put it away and pipe down!
Show room 215 key
Keep it till yer ready to check out.
Show hotel brochure
I don't need t'see that! I own the damn place!
Show men's magazine
Put that away, will ya? Mila's stanidn' right there!
Mila doesn't show any reaction to it, so I don't see what's the problem here.
Show cash
Put yer cash away, Mr. Hyde. I don't need charity.
Show old photo

Show potato chips
If I wanted yer chips, I woulda taken' em while ya was knocked out.
Put 'em away and pay attention!
Show chocolate bar
This ain't the time for chocolate, Mr. Hyde.
Ya gonna stop screwin' around and listen t'what I have to say, or what?
Show NougaChew!
Look, pal, I ain't hungry, OK?
Ya wanna hear what I have to say or not?
Show candy
No thanks. Ain't got much of an appetite right now.
Now put that away and listen, will ya?
Show crowbar
Why ya carryin' that around?
Ya threatenin' me, pal?
Show room 217 key
What the hell ya doin' with that?
Show lipstick
Listen good, Mr. Hyde, I don't wear makeup. Never have, never will.
I thought you want to be
Show article on Osterzone
More popular Osterzone got, more depressed I got. Them were MY paintings!
Show book on Osterzone
Evans wrote that book. That's where it all started.
Show photo of Dunning
Aw, damn... That's her. That's Jenny. ...That's m'little girl!
Show letter from Evans
That's the last letter Evans sent me. Haven't heard from him since.

Wow, that's a lot. Shame that Martin and Dunning are the only two to have the special responses.

What did you and Evans discuss?

Read: Who organized the kidnapping?

It was Evans himself.

It was Evans, wasn't it?

Evans wouldn't do something like that. Didn't have it in him.

What did Bradley say?

Read: What did Dunning say?

Like I would've loved if "kicked him out" is an option. I guess kicking someone out just apply to Kyle since Dunning really wants to get rid of him. Why didn't he just do that the first time Kyle went into his room?

You told him the truth.

I bet you told him the truth.

Told him I ain't never heard'a any Robert Evans!

Is Evans going to contact you?

Read: Did Evans tell you about Mila?

He told you about her.

Did Evans tell you what happened to her?

Evans never brought it up.

Music: Countdown
Mr. Hyde? I can't.
Thought I could tell ya everythin', but...
Wait a minute! Just...wait, I'm so close! Don't do this! Not now, dammit!
Sorry, I don't think it's gonna work out. Something just ain't right.
I got nothin' else t'say.
No! Dunning, wait! Wait...

Music: Sunset Men
I went back to Room 215.

Dammit! I was so damn close!

I spent the rest of the night sitting in my room...listening to the world slip away.

Dunning: 8
Rosa: 7
Jeff: 7
Louie: 6
Martin: 4
Iris: 3
Melissa: 2
Helen: 2
Kevin: 1

And there's our final Game Over. Congratulations to Dunning for managing to be the biggest cause of Game Over! And congratulations Jeff for matching your score with the hotel staffs even with your much smaller screen time!

Music: Sapu

Then Bradley must've tried to play a trick on you by asking you to get a men's magazine. I mean, if you want to disguise the importance of the box by adding another item, men's magazine is a strange choice.

Let's assume worst case scenario: Only Dunning, Rosa and Louie are here. This is probably what's going to happen:
1. Confront Louie. Nothing changes since Kyle got all his information from Ed.
2. Investigate Dunning's Office to get the small red box, find out about Room 217 and Jenny in there.
3. Investigate Room 217 and Dunning's Room with Louie's help.
4. Play bowling, obtain the key to the Wine Cellar. Or find a way to go to the wine cellar because of the clue about the hidden passage in it from Dunning's Room.
5. Go to the basement. Do everything in Chapter 10.
6. Confront Dunning and eventually go "Who the fuck is Osterzone and Robert Evans?"

And number 6 could lead to the earlier Game Over. If Bradley actually conspired with Grace to bring Iris here, both would be solved (assuming Kyle would bother learning what "the man who painted the angel" means). And it would actually make Bradley telling Kyle to get the magazine make sense since Iris is (most likely) the one on the cover.

Anyway, that's it for the alternate timeline updates. Next time: The final update.