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Part 12: Chapter 1 Quiz

New Music: Play It Again

That's why I'm in this side of nowhere in some hole called Hotel Dusk. The reason I'm here is...

Every end of chapter has a quiz. Giving the wrong answer only gives a comment of Kyle clarifying the wrong statement and looping back to the question.

To get some rest
No, that ain't it. I'm not tired. I'm just pissed of with this whole situation.
To meet my dad
No, that ain't it. My dad died when I was ten. Couldn't meet up with him even if I wanted to.

To find certain items

Music: Midnight
That's right. I sell household goods for Red Crown, which is run by my old man's pal, Ed. I also lend a hand with a hobby of his. Ed's got a side business finding things that get themselves lost.

Music: Play It Again

First, six months ago some guy with my name stayed here. Second, the room I'm in, Room 215, has a history. The story he told me about the room was...

That it's a suite
No, that ain't it. Room 215's the cheapest room in the place. It sure ain't a suite.
That cops were there
No, that ain't right. That's another story ol' Dunning felt the need to share. Three years back, this hotel was used as a place to exchange stolen goods. That's why it got raided by the cops. Dunning didn't say it had anything to do with Room 215.

That it grants wishes

Music: Midnight
That's right. He said the room grants wishes. Said if I stayed there, my wish would come true. Kept a straight face, too.

If I met him in New York, I bet he'd try to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge. Here's what gets me... Why'd he tell me such a crazy fairy tale in the first place?

Music: Play It Again

Then I waited in my room for the package Ed sent. Imagine my surprise when the bellhop turned out to be Louie DeNonno. I knew Louie from my days back east. He knows I used to be a New York cop. But he didn't know my partner, whose name was...

No, that ain't it. Summer's the novelist staying down the hall in 211.
No, that ain't it. Dunning owns this dump.


Music: Midnight
That's right. My partner on the force three years ago was Brian Bradley. We were investigating that crime ring responsible for all those art thefts.

I don't remember any art theft mentioned during the chapter or the intro.

Music: Play It Again

I went to the lobby to straighten things out. That's where I met the young girl named Mila. Mila hitched a ride to the hotel with a kid named Jeff. She didn't have any luggage or money, so Rosa took her under her wing. But the weird thing when I talked to Mila was...

No choice that she didn't talk at all?

Her name was Mila
No, that ain't it. Bradley's sister was named Mila, but that's not the oddest thing.
She wore a white dress
No, that ain't it. She was a looker in that little white number and all, but... That wasn't what surprised me.

She wore a bracelet

Music: Midnight
That's right. It was the silver bracelet she had on her left wrist. Looked like the one Bradley was wearing the last time I saw him.

Music: Play It Again

After a bit of jawing and other nonsende, I finally got the damn thing. Inside the box was an order sheet, some new products, and my client list. The order sheet listed the things Ed wants me to find. It's a short list...only two things on it. One's a pinup mag with a dame named Cecily Lee on the cover. And the other's...

An old notebook
No, that ain't right. The old notebook was in Summer's package.
A pager
No, that ain't right. I got the pager from Ed. It wasn't in the package.

A small red box

Music: Midnight
That's right. The other thing I'm supposed to find is a small red box. I gave Ed's secretary Rachel a call as soon as I got the order sheet.

Music: Play It Again

But this job feels... different somehow. Off. Maybe it's 'cause I ran into Louie. Haven't seen him for three years... Or maybe it's because there was another guest named Kyle Hyde... Guess that girl I met by the front desk could be behind it, too...

New Music: Silent Moon
Whatever it is, Bradley, I can't get you out of my head. I feel like I'm gonna find something big here. Something that's gonna lead me to wherever it is you disappeared to. Tell ya what, Bradley... I think it's gonna be a long night.

And that's it for Chapter 1! Next time we'll see the alternate choices for this chapter.