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Part 121: Extra

Complete Jukebox

The jukebox as it would be when used on NG+. It has all the songs, even the ones that are unused. Fun fact: If you never got any Game Over, there's no way to hear Dream's End or Sunset Men, but they're added anyway when the jukebox is used (first opportunity is when the bar opens in Chapter 6).

Matchstick Puzzles

Compilation of the 6 matchstick puzzles we saw in the game. Congratulations to Dark Flame Master for completing the Chapter 6 triangle puzzle and the coins puzzle and to Mraagvpeine for completing the rest of the matchstick puzzles.


Pyre of Word Salsa envisions Kyle's christmas:

Pyre of Word Salsa posted:

Hey, nice to see someone finally LPing this game!

Have some Photoshop I've had lying around for a week or so.

More pictures by Pyre of Word Salsa:

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So I'm running Hotel Dusk with a couple of buddies myself, and I ended up making this:

And then this, which was made after everyone decided to dunk on Melissa during her confrontation scene:

Edit: This also featured after we realized Hotel Dusk takes place in 1979 and Umineko: When They Cry takes place in 1986:

Hobgoblin2099 shows how Rosa is a complex person:

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