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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 14: 05:10 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

As before, we won't try to press at all. Not pressing this one will skip the whole conversation with Louie. When we went to the lobby (no Melissa)...

Who is it?

Music: Drunken Waltz
That's the guy, boss.

I hear ya.

What is it?

What? You don't remember me, do you, man? ...Well, I sure remember YOU!


Louis told me all about you. Says you're a dirty cop! Ya didn't tell me you were fuzz when ya checked in, pal! If ya wanna investigate my place, go get yerself a damn warrant! Ya hear?!

Now get the hell outta here!


Music: Dream's End
(Oh, I get it. He knows what happened when the bellhop delivered my package...)


Melissa: 1
Louie: 1
Everyone Else: 0

Music: Sapu

Let's press it now to avoid the game over.

Obviously the second option will let him go which will cause the same game over.

You sound familiar!

Just work.

I'm working.

HA! I knew it! What's the score, man? Got a major bust goin' down, yeah?

No, that's not it, I...

It's all right, man.

You wouldn't be tellin' a punk like me your secret cop stuff, right?

It's cool, man. I don't need to know why you're here or what you're doing. Ain't my business.

Continuing as normal, except we don't get the question about Louie not knowing about the other Kyle.

We can't actually leave the room since Louie will be blocking the door until we asked all the question.

We do want to press this one.

You're up to no good!

Bull. You're a liar.

You got a plan, I know it. You're not fooling me, you low-rent lowlife.

W-why you sayin' that?

Why? You're a loser, that's why! You're not working in this dump without an angle.

Man, I ain't seen you for years and that's how you wanna think?

Cold, brother. Real cold.

Aw... Damn it! Now I'm gonna get to crying...



Still trying to play me for a sap, eh, Louie? Nothing changes. Your little act didn't fly in the past, and it's not gonna fly here, either.

Ain't no act, ya bum! This here's the real deal...

The real deal?

Yeah, ya jerk! That hurts!

What kinda cop says that to a guy what's trying to get his act together?

You're a dirtbag, Officer Hyde.

The other question continues as normal. Louie didn't ask Kyle what he meant by 'changed gigs' this time. As we went to the lobby (again, no Melissa)...

Music: Drunken Waltz
Hey, you! Louis spilled the beans about you, my friend!

Yer a cop, ain't ya?


Too late to hide now!

Ya didn't tell me you were fuzz when ya checked in, pal! If ya wanna investigate my place, go get yerself a damn warrant! Ya hear?!

Now get the hell outta here!


Music: Dream's End
(Oh, I get it now. It's because of that chat with Louie up in my room.)


Louie: 2
Melissa: 1
Everyone Else: 0

Music: Sapu

So what happened?

I just transferred.

Truth, Louie?



Hey, you said you changed gigs, but you ain't saying...

You didn't QUIT, did ya?

Not like that.

I'm just in a different department now. Missing persons.

Missing persons? Oh, that makes sense. Came all the way from Manhattan to the West Coast on a lead, huh?

Something like that.

Continuing as normal now.

We don't actually need to use the paperclip at all. That part was completely optional and useless.

Mila and Rosa won't appear until we opened the package, talked to Melissa, and returned the puzzle piece. Pressing the bell will only make Kyle give a comment about how no one's coming.

If you didn't ask who she is to Jeff or Dunning, she will tell Kyle her name here. The puzzle piece can be found on the stairs if Kyle didn't solve the puzzle.

This is the dialogue when we don't know her name.

Hey, kid.


What's the score?

Hey! Kid!

I'm talking to you.

My name's not "kid."

Yeah? Well, I got nothing else to call you.

I'm Melissa.

Come to think of it, we never got this in the original timeline.

Don't play on the stairs anymore, kid. It's a hassle.

The rest proceeds as before.

If we try to go to lobby after talking to her...

Music: Insomnia
(Wait a minute...)
(What did that girl say again?)
I won't be able so see my mom...
She won't be able to see her mom? Wonder what she meant by that.

Yes, we also have to ask her that question. It goes the same as last time, so we'll just skip it.

Trying to go down again...

(Wait a minute...)
(What did that girl say again?)
My mom's not home.
She can't come home.
Her mom's not home? Wonder what that means.

Again, we have to ask the question. Again, I'm not going to show the asking.

Music: Sapu

Kyle makes a very slightly different comment about him since we didn't meet him before in this timeline.

Also, there's a previous question still available if we didn't ask it earlier (we did ask it in both timelines).

That is the question that forces us to solve the puzzle. Let's ask it now.

A puzzle, huh?

What's up with your puzzle now?

I was gonna ask you to finish it for me. But whatever. I did it myself.

The rest still proceeds like before.

The plot will not progress if we didn't ask the question.

Nope. Don't know him.

Never heard of him.

That so? No sense in talking about him to you then!

And we'll continue this alternate timeline next time!