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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 15: 05:20 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

All right, let's continue. We don't actually have to talk to Jeff now, but Martin won't deliver the package until we talk to Jeff and we can't get into our room without talking to Iris.

I'm not answering that.

Why should I answer that?

Excuse me?

You and me, we're strangers. I don't owe you squat.

You're a charming man, Mr. Hyde. I must introduce you to all my friends.

Technically, it continues as normal, but because we pick 'I just transferred' to Louie earlier, the end of the conversation is different.
This is direcly continuing from the previous dialogue.

Music: Slow Steps
Good day, Mr. Hyde.

I'll be...

Yo, Officer Hyde!


See you've made nice with your foxy neighbor. You're smooth, man! Smoooooth.

This one is less funny.

Oh, please...

Don't mind him. He's just the bellhop.

Officer Hyde, travelin' the land! Lockin' up punks and... investigatin'...stuff.

You got it goin' on, man!

You know it! You're looking at one'a New York's finest. My man, Detective Kyle Hyde.

Overreacting much?

Yeah, straight from the 89th Precinct to your heart! Ka-pow!

Is that so?

Louie? There a reason you're telling her this?

Easy, man! It ain't like a secret or anything, right?

If you'll excuse me?

Iris returned to her room.

(What're the chances a woman like that would be staying across the hall?)

(Of all the lousy luck.)

(??? Why's the princess here? ???)

Sorry, man. Didn't mean to mess up your game!

That's sweet.

What do you want, Louie?

Nothing, man. I was just killin' time. Then I saw you chatting up the fox, ya know?

And then it continues as normal. But as we try to go into our room...

Music: Insomnia
(Wait a minute...)
(What did Jeff say?)
She asked me to. Said she had to get to Hotel Dusk.
Mila can speak?

To make Martin arrive, Kyle has to ask all the questions to Jeff and Iris except the one that you got after talking to Louie.

After we asked the question and went to our room...

Music: Drunken Waltz
Hyde! I need to talk to ya!

Oh, it's you.

I got me a complaint about ya from the guest in Room 216! Said there's somethin' fishy 'bout ya!

Room 216? That woman? Iris?

What in the hell does she have to complain about? that lady's clueless. What did she say?

Oh hi there, Iris.

We'll press this one.

Hold it.

Cut the crap!

Cut the crap! You don't want to get on my bad side!

Lying jerk? What's your problem, lady?

So you think I'm clueless, do you? Well, try this on for size! When that bellhop said you were a cop, I got curious.

I thought I'd check to see if it was true, so you know what I did?

I made a call to the NYPD, that's what!

I called the 89th Precinct and asked to speak to Detective Kyle Hyde.

...You did what?

Oh yes I did! And you know what? They said there was NO SUCH PERSON!

What now, pal?! You wanna show us yer cereal-box badge?

Come on! Show me! Show me your license to be a jerk!

I'd rather not.

You don't have a badge, do you?

It's just like I told you earlier, Mr. Smith.

Listen, you! I dunno who the hell ya are, but I don't need no troublemakers in my place!

There's two ways ya can leave... On yer feet, or on yer ass! You decide!


Music: Dream's End
(Great, Hyde... Why'd you have to go and lie to Louie earlier?)


Louie: 2
Melissa: 1
Iris: 1
Everyone Else: 0

Music: Drunken Waltz

Calm down.

Calm down. You're going to have a stroke.

Cad (noun):
1. an ill-bred man, especially one who behaves in a dishonorable or irresponsible way toward women.
2. computer-aided design

I know she meant the first definition, but the second definition is true in the meta sense.

Don't get so worked up. You're prettier when you're not screaming and carrying on.

What? I... I am? I'm pretty?

Yeah, sure. Why not?


Oh... T-thanks.

So what's the problem? Why don't you trust me?

It's what that bellhop man... you know, Louis? It's what he said. He said you were a detective.

Kyle has evolved from to

What's so funny?

It was a joke.

A joke?

Do I look like a detective? I'm not cut out for the badge. Too dangerous, and the pay stinks. So I guess I'm a man you can feel safe around.

Oh, I see.

As long as the air's been cleared.

Hey! What in the Sam Hill is goin' on here?!

I'm sorry, Mr. Smith. It was a misunderstanding on my part.

A misunderstandin'?



Well, strike up the band drop the ticker tape! Sheeeee-eesh!

Guess there was no need to haul my butt up here.

Sorry for the trouble, Mr. Hyde.

Bye now.

The two of them leave the room.

Oh dear...

At least we don't have to open the door again. The dialogue then proceed as usual.

Music: Sapu

Pressing this.

Don't read my stuff!

You read it?!

That's private property, buddy! What's your problem?

Please, Mr. Hyde! You've no cause to take that tone with me.

Also pressing this.


I'll show you behavior!

Don't like my behavior? Give me a second and then you REALLY won't like it!

It's true that I did look at the contents of your parcel. However, let me assure you I intended no harm. These things happen and-

These things happen? Oh, is that right? Well screw you, buddy! You think I'll let you off because things happen? I oughta cuff you around!

Very well, Mr. Hyde. Have it your way. I sought merely to be courteous and deliver to you your parcel. I can see now that was a mistake. I'll deliver it to the front desk instead.

Summer finishes speaking and leaves the room.

Phone The phone's ringing.

Music: Serenity
Rachel: Hello?


It's me, sweetie. Did you receive the package?

Yeah, well... Look, here's the deal. The idiot bellhop got his wires crossed. Delivered my package to another guy.

Are you serious?

Yeah. I oughta sock him one.

You have to get it back, Kyle! It's important!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll get it back, don't worry.

Don't screw this up, Kyle! I'm serious!

Got it. Thanks.

I think we all know what this means.

Huh? Someone's in the hallway.

Music: Drunken Waltz (I think you all can guess what it means when this song plays)
There ya are, Mr. Hyde! Hold it right there! I was just comin' to see ya!

You need something?

Just got a call from Mr. Summer 'bout a package.

The one was s'posed to go to you, but got sent t'him by accident? He said ya chewed his ass out just 'casue he opened the damned thing! Must be somethin' in that package ya don't want nobody else to see, huh?

I dunno if it's drugs or guns or what, but I told ya I don't want no trouble!

I ain't takin' no chances! Pack yer stuff and hit the road!


Music: Dream's End
(That's not what... I didn't mean to give Summer a hard time.)


Louie: 2
Melissa: 1
Iris: 1
Martin: 1
Everyone Else: 0

Wow, 5 game overs in the first chapter alone.

Music: Sapu

Sorry. Got carried away.

Sorry, buddy. I got a little carried away there. It's an important package. I... I let my mouth get ahead of me.

As long as we understand each other, I shall forgive. It reminds me of-

Continue as normal

Uh...yeah... Sure...

The Angel Whispers.

I think it was called "The Angel Whispers."

You read it? Oh, how exciting!

Well, it fills me with pure happiness!

I guess that one wasn't a reference to anything, then. Anyway, we continue as normal.

However, at the end, Rachel didn't ask Kyle to forget about her asking his past since she didn't ask about it in the fresh game. Instead, she just says she has a weird feeling about this and tells him to be careful.

The quiz is exactly the same, so next time we'll move on to Chapter 2.