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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 19: Finding the First Item

Music: Monochrome (Map)
Music: Rainy Night (Examination)

We can investigate this room now that Louie's gone.

Mop There's a mop leaning against the wall.
Locker There's a locker on the wall. It's unlocked.

Bottles Bottles of floor cleaner are next to the toolbox.
Mops There are some mops in the bottom of the locker.
Cloth Looks like a dust rag to me.
Toolbox There's a toolbox on a shelf in the locker.

Zoomed-in toolbox It's a toolbox.
Crowbar What's that? A crowbar?

(Never know when you might need one of these.)
Screwdriver Lucky me. It's a screwdriver.

(I bet I'll be happy I found this before all's said and done.)
Pliers There's a pair of pliers in here.

(This should come in here somewhere.)

Cart It's a linen cart. Empty as can be. Louie must be slacking again.
Trash can It's a plastic garbage can.
Iron That iron looks heavy.
Table There's an old, worn ironing board next to the wall.
Spray bottle That's a spray bottle.

Top-left cloth These look like towels for the guest rooms.
Other clothes These must be sheets for the guest rooms.

Left bottle There's a bottle of cleanser on the shelf.
Right bottle It's a bottle of bleach. Keep out of reach of children.
Top-left cloths These look like towels for the guest rooms.
Other clothes These must be sheets for the guest rooms.
Bottom-middle 'cloth' Whoa, that's not a sheet. It's a nudie mag.

Magazine I've seen that dame on the cover before. Says her name's Cecily Lee...
I'm impressed Kyle knows that.

(The actress Cecily Lee is the cover girl for this issue.)
(December issue of a mag with Cecily Lee on the cover... This must be the magazine on Ed's list.)

That's all we can do in this room. When we get out...

Guess I'll go check out the office.

Moving a few steps...

A door near the stairs opens and someone peeks out.

Music: Slow Steps
Yoo-hoo? Pardon me, young man!

What? Me?

Yes, that's right! I was wondering if you could be a dear and help me? Do you know what time the restaurant opens?

(It's that old lady from downstairs.)

Yeah. Six o'clock. So it's still closed. You might want to stay in your room.

Don't want you to climb stairs if you don't have to.

...Is that so?

Oh! Thank you so much for your kindness, young man. My name is Helen Parker.

Forgive me for asking, but what is your name?

Kyle Hyde.

And what room are you staying in, Mr. Hyde?


Ah! So you're the rascal who's staying in Wish!


That's right. It's such a nice name for a room, don't you think?

I'm in Room 212. It's called Angel.

(I guess old ladies like the names. Least that's something...)

Sure. It's a good name, I guess.

It is at that, isn't it?! Well, Kyle Hyde, thank you for taking the time to speak with this old woman.

Please excuse me, dear.

The old woman with the eye patch turns and shuffles back to her room.

(??? Why's she staying here? ???)

We can now knock the door and ask the question.


Kyle Hyde. From Room 215. Wish?

Yes, yes, I remember now. What can I do for you?

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
May I ask what it is you're reading?
Write note
May I ask what it is you're writing?
Show room 215 key
Oh, how I wanted your room, you rascal! But they put me in 212. It's called Angel!
Show hotel brochure
Your brochure doesn't do this beautiful hotel justice!
Show men's magazine
Well, I never! Mr. Hyde! Put that smut away this instant!
Show others
No thank you, young man. I don't need that.

1. a small flake of soot or other dirt or a mark left by one.
2. a fungal disease of cereals in which parts of the ear change to black powder.
3. obscene or lascivious talk, writing or pictures.

This game is educational!

Why stay here?

I'm curious why you're staying in a dump like this.

Oh, I see. Well, if you must know, I've some dear memories of this hotel.

(??? Dear memories? ???)

What kind of memories?

What kind of memories?

Eh heh heh! That's a secret, young man!

The best memories are the ones you keep locked up in your private heart. That's what makes them special.

They're not the sort of things you share easily.

Music: Slow Steps
So polite! Are you sure there's nothing else?

No, I'm afraid not.

...I see. Well, please excuse me then.

Helen closes her door.

Music: So Noted

The map has been updated. The two rightmost rooms were blacked out before.

Music: Monochrome
As Kyle said, we should check out the office.


Music: Hangover Blues


Ya come to pay yer bill?

(...Damn. My money's still in my suitcase.)

Oh yeah. Cash in advance. Can't be too careful and all that, right?

I'd 'preciate it if ya settle up soon as ya can.

Dunning says nothing more and shuts the door.

Oh... Right... We still haven't opened the suitcase. If I remember correctly...

Thesaya posted:

Well, the hanger for sure but I haven't seen any wirecutters lying around.

We can try this now.

Music: Straight Chaser

We do have something to cut the hanger now.

Use pliers on hanger

We got into a minigame. We have to pick the spot we want to use the pliers on. Once we picked a spot the pliers will cut it.

Like this.

You can faintly see the spots where it's been cut. Ignore the fact that the cut part is different from the pliers shot from the previous picture.

If we didn't cut the hanger correctly, it won't lead to game over, instead this happens

Nope, that isn't the way I need to cut it.

And we can try again. So, it's time for AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION.

How should we cut this hanger?