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Part 20: Finding the Second Item

There's actually a hint about the shape we need.

Remember that we got this from straightening out the paperclip. We need the wire to be straight.
Or you can just randomly pick 2 spots. That's what I did when I played this the first time.

If you can't tell from the pictures, we have to cut it in the right and left part of the horizontal line in the bottom.
The difficulty of the minigames is mostly in figuring out what to do in them (and how to trigger them in the first place.)

Music: Straight Chaser
I cut it to the right length.

(Let's see if I can get the suitcase unlocked with this.)

Yeah. Let's.

Use thick wire on suitcase.

The first part goes exactly like the key and the thin wire.

Again, we need to push all the 'locks' inside. However, this is much easier than last time.


(Here we go... That got the lock open.)

We can examine the top and the bottom part separately. Let's start with the top.

We can move the items around.

Notably the receipts and the photograph were hidden before we moved the newspaper and map.
Map It's a map of L.A.
Brochure It's one of Red Crown's brochures.
Newspaper That's yesterday's paper.
Receipts This is a stack of receipts. Gotta turn these in to Ed and get paid...
Photograph That's a photograph.
If you look closely you can see that it's a photo of 2 people. I think it may be Kyle and Bradley.

Let's move on to the bottom part.

Nothing is hidden this time.
Socks Those are my socks. Gotta wash 'em...
Bottle It's a bottle of whiskey. The good stuff, too.

Pencil That's a pencil. I don't need this right now.
Razor It's an electric razor. I hair up fast, so this is nice.
Tie This is a necktie. Got it on sale.
Shirt It's a clean shirt. My only one, actually.

If we try to go out...
(Oh, and I better not forget what Rachel told me.)
Do you guys remember what Rachel said? One of the 'difficulties' in this game is that it's very easy to forget things that the game won't remind you about, such as this. This game doesn't have a to-do list.
In this case, Rachel told us to put the client list in the suitcase.

Use client list on the suitcase.

(I hid the client list in my suitcase.)

Music: Monochrome
With that done, let's pay up Dunning.


Music: Hangover Blues


Ya come to pay yer bill?


How much?

Forty clams.


Forty on the nose.

Oh, and I heard all about yer hassle!


You should be sorry!

Hassle ain't the word for it, pal. You need to get a handle on things. Figure out some way to get things from here to my room without losing 'em, all right?

Hey now! Said I was sorry! No need to jump down m'throat!

That damn Louis is just one screwup after another.

Next time he does somethin' like that, he's gone!

But right now I'm busier'n a one-legged man in an ass-kickin' contest.

So firin' him will hafta wait for a bit.

Too bad.

Lemme make it up to ya... Dinner's on the house tonight! And just listen to what the Moonlight Grill's got on the menu... Rib eye steak with fresh garlic butter! And that's a class steak, too!

Rosa may run her mouth, but she's a helluva cook! I'll even have her throw in dessert for ya.

Oh, and by the way...

I'm gonna close up the office and head back to my own room for a spell. Ya need anything, it'll have t'wait till later.

Dunning finishes, then turns and walks down the hall.

We didn't even get to ask anything about the box. It's probably in the office, but surely Dunning isn't dumb enough to leave it unlocked, right?


(Guess I should nose around the office while Dunning's out.)

(Might as well check the guest register, too. See if I can find any info on the other me who stayed here.)

...You've got to be kidding me. Is locking the door just too for Dunning?
Let's just check the office. Starting with the door to the front desk and the door to the mystery room in the map.

Music: Monochrome (Map)
Music: Rainy Night (Examination)

Knock All this knocking is making me a little crazy.
Knob Door won't budge. ...Stupid door.

Knock I keep knocking on these doors, but nobody answers. Maybe it's my breath.

The numbers of the cabinet are barely visible.
Cabinet 3 This looks like Cabinet 3.

Zoomed-in cabinet 3 Yeah, this is Cabinet 3 all right.
Lock There's a combination lock on the cabinet.
Cabinet 9 This cabinet looks like it weighs a ton.
Other cabinets The cabinet drawer won't open.
Paper There's something stuck under the corner of the cabinet.

Zoomed-in cabinet 9 This cabinet must weigh a ton.
Zoomed-in paper There's some kind of memo stuck under the cabinet.
What's this?

Crap! The thing ripped!

There's a bunch of dots and numbers on the memo.

(What in the...?)


It looks like a 'V'! We'll get to this later.


Right frame There's some sort of certificate in the frame.
Board There are a bunch of receipts and memos on the corkboard.
Right book There's a book on the desk. It's about hockey.
Card There's a card on the desk.
Left book There's a notebook and a card on the desk.

Zoomed-in book The cover of the notebook says Supervisory Log.

December 26 Tidied up the cabinets. Put things left by guests into Drawer "3." Put guest registration cards into Drawer "A."
Zoomed-in card There's a card on the desk.
It's a birthday card.
There's a message written on the card. "Happy Birthday to my dearest Jenny!"
(??? Wonder who Jenny is... ???)<-- White Question
Penholder There's only one pen in the penholder.
Paper Look at this... The sports page. What a surprise.
Newspaper There's a newspaper on the desk.
Table Dunning's desk is against the wall.
Calendar/Phone There's a calendar on the left side of the desk.

Zoomed-in phone There's a phone on the desk. I should make some free long-distance calls.
Zoomed-in calendar

It's circled...
(??? What's special about 12/5? ???)<-- White Question
Small board Nothing on the board has any real importance to what I'm after.
Left frame The wall's decorated with contracts. Doesn't really do much for me.
Key hanger Dunning's got all the room keys hanging on the wall.

Keys Dunning's got all the room keys hanging on the wall.

Wow, that's a lot. If your eyes just glazed over them, we got two white questions:
(??? Wonder who Jenny is... ???)
(??? What's special about 12/5? ???)
Moving on.

Right frame There's a shot of a brick-lined streets tacked on the wall.
Left frame Dunning's got a framed diploma or something on the wall.
Sofa Nice sofa. I spent a month sleeping on one of these once...
Newspaper There's a newspaper on the table. Looks like today's.
Table There are some papers on the table.

TV Another TV? Dunning must be a real couch potato.
Files Nothing unusual here. Just some files and books.
Cabinet A The drawer is unlocked.

Books Looks like a tourist brochure and a map.
Folders The file case in the drawer is full of registration cards.
Might not be a bad idea to take a peek at these cards.

Everything except the name about this is different with ours, even the handwriting.
The name Kyle Hyde is written on one of the registration cards.
Stayed in Room 217 on June 30th, 1979.
(Dunning wasn't screwing with me after all. There really was a guest with my name.)
Other cabinets The cabinet drawer is locked.

Now all that's left is to get the rest of the memo. We have just the right tool for the job.

Use crowbar on cabinet

If you forgot to grab the crowbar you can actually go back and grab it. It's not like Dunning cares about us using the properties of his hotel to get inside his private office and steal his memo.
Anyway, what to do here is obvious. There's even a helpful white circle.

This is...

There's a bunch of dots and numbers on the memo.

(Well, this is useless...)

(What's this supposed to mean?)

Really, Dunning? You make the 'puzzle' like that? Even Melissa could've solved it!

Maybe if I connect the dots...

Yes, we get it Kyle! Anyway, if I remember correctly this code is randomized every playthrough. You can't even try to open the cabinet until you get the full memo.

Lock There's a combination lock on the cabinet.

That's it!

Cabinet 3 The cabinet's open.

Box There's a small red box in one of the cabinet drawers.

(This must be the box that was on the order sheet.)

(Nice. That's everything I was supposed to find.)

That was quick. We found both items already . Now let's get out of here.

Busted. We'll talk to him next time.