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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 21: Talking Our Way Out

Music: Easy Feeling
What do you want?

Did you just pop outta the office, man?

What were ya doin' in there?



Business? What're ya talkin' about?

What're you worried about?

No, seriously, man. What were you doin' in the office? You and ol' man Dunning... You weren't... Ya know... You weren't talkin' about me, were you?

About you?

Yeah, man. You know, chattin' 'bout my history in the city... You weren't filling Dunning's head with a buncha garbage 'bout ol' Louis, were ya?

Nah, it wasn't about you.

Relax, Louie. We weren't talking about you.

In fact, we weren't talking to Dunning at all!

Whew! Thank goodness for that, my man!

I was gonna have a total freak-out! Officer Hyde?


You told me you quit the force and started sellin' junk, right? Were you serious?

I guess I can trust him...

...Yeah. I'm serious.

Really? Officer Hyde? Gotta tell you, my man, you don't act like any salesman I ever seen.


So why'd you quit being the Man in the first place?

I know you said you were canned, but...

What'd ya do to lose your badge?


Music: Midnight

Hey, what gives?

Music: Rainy Night
I screwed up a case.

Oh, trip, man!

It was three years back. My partner and I were working a case.

We were investigating a series of art thefts.

...Art thefts? You talking 'bout that crime ring?

Ever heard of Nile?

Hold it.

Knew about that, huh?

That something you knew about?

Is the pope Catholic? Yeah, I knew.

So you were undercover?

No. I was in the office, pushing paper and drinking bad coffee.

Wait... So it was that other detective what was runnin' with Nile?


Oh, wow, man. Trip...

What're you mumbling about now, Louie?

I never thought meeting up with you again would clear up that...

Wait a second.

What makes sense now?

You just have a revelation there, Louie?

It''s nothing, man.

Spill it.

...Got nothin' to say, man!


Music: Hangover Blues

...Aw, man, she found me.

Rosa is FURIOUS.

You haven't finished setting the tables, you lazy bum!

It's almost time to open!

I...I was just on my way!

Don't trip out! You're gonna pull something.

You're so worried about me? Get your behind in gear and finish the job!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right! All right! Just shut up already!

Move it! And don't you tell me to shut up!

OK. I'm going! Man...

Louie leaves.

Rosa's still hanging around here. Let's see what she has to say. I honestly don't know why they decided to separate the conversation.

...Hasn't changed a bit.

...Eh? Hasn't changed?



What's wrong?

Something eating you?

Huh? What? Me? No! No, just... thinking about you and Louis is all.

C'mon. What're you thinking about?

Say, you wouldn't happen to...

Happen to what?

Happen to know Louis from somewhere else? You do! Don't you?

Louie did ask us to keep his past a secret...

Nope! Never met him!


Don't try and fool Rosa, mister. You can't do it! I know things! I heard you and Louis talking, you know?


...but yeah. They're terrible at hiding it.

I'm right, aren't I? Don't start lying to me now!

I couldn't hear WHAT you were talking about, but... I did hear Louis call you "Officer Hyde." What's that, huh? Officer?

There's no mistaking that, and for a fact!

That so?

Well, I guess the gig's up, isn't it?

Yeah, Louie and I know each other.

What now?

It's nothing. Really! I just thought if you and Louis knew each other...

I thought I could ask you something.

Go ahead.

Well, see... Oh, this is so awkward... Well, I really want to ask about...

Louis's past.

His past?

That's right! His past! You know, what he was like before?

You knew him, right?

So you could tell me what he did before he started working here. C'mon, talk to me!

Why Lisa why Lisa please talk to me please.

...Sorry. For some reason that line just came into my head.

Don't tell her anything.

His past? Why?

Well, it's obvious, isn't it?!

He's hiding something, I just know it!

Hiding something? What do you mean?

It's been almost three years since Louis started working here. And in all that time, he's never once talked about his past. Not ONCE.

He's hiding something. I can smell it! Always can!

Oh yeah? So what's he hiding?

Something terrible! I'd stake my mop on it!

Define "terrible."

You know! A criminal record, or an ex-wife, or running from the law or something.

Got a second?

You're crazy, Rosa!

Glad to see Kyle also exist in the original timeline.


What are you laughing at? This is serious!

Sorry! Sorry... It's just... I can't believe you just said that.

And why not?

You're wrong. In fact, you're so wrong it's funny.

Oh, I'm wrong, am I?

Yeah. I know, first time for everything, right?

Listen, you're right about one thing, I did know Louie.

But let me tell you about our pal Louie...

Guy worked in a back alley jewelry shop in the East Village.

Tiny store, sold nothing but crap. Nobody ever shopped there.

He worked in a jewelry shop?

Yeah. Look, there's no way Louie was ever a criminal. He's a professional slacker. He doesn't have the stones to be a crook.

Truly? That's his story? Well, I'll be...

Music: Rainy Night

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What're you looking at?
Write note
What're you writing?
Show crowbar
Don't go breaking any of our windows with that thing, now!
Show men's magazine
Mr. Hyde! You have no cause to show me that, and for a fact!
Show cash
Looks like both of us could use more money, am I right?

We'll ask these questions next time!