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Part 23: Exploring the Left Hallway

Music: Monochrome (Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)

Let's explore this hallway.

We can knock this door, but let's explore everywhere else first. If you don't care about exploring just scroll until you see Louie's face.
There's 2 doors on the left and 3 doors on the right.

Knock I bet everyone here made an agreement not to answer the door.

The bottom left door leads to the pantry.

I'll number the top left cabinet '1' and continuing to the right. Yes, all of them have their own description.
Boxes on top There are more cardboard boxes on the shelves.
Cabinet 1 Canned fish? Guess that's all they can afford.
Cabinet 2 A can of thyme. Now that's just silly. No one needs that much thyme.
Cabinet 3 There are boxes full of supplies here. Not very interesting, actually...
Cabinet 4 Boxes filled with canned foods. ...Reminds me of my place.
Cabinet 5 Boxes of foodstuffs? Guess this is where they belong.
Cabinet 6 Cans of whole tomatoes? If I shook 'em up, could I make ketchup?
Boxes in front of cabinet 7 & 10 There are some big, big cardboard boxes stacked here.
Cabinet 8 I should raid this place later tonight. I could eat for a year.
Cabinet 9 I see canned vegetables. Never was much into those.
Cabinet 11 Hey, some dusty boxes. Detective work is so exciting.
Cabinet 12 Some big cans of food. For the man with a hearty appetite.
Bags on right Looks like some bags of grain. Never can have enough fiber, huh?
Boxes on right It's a bunch of dirth cardboard boxes. I bet they belong to Louie.

There's still more things to examine in this room.

Stuffs on left That's a big pile of all kinds of stuff. Or so my detective senses tell me.
Cabinet 1 Looks like a small bag of food. I can't identify it.
Cabinet 2 I see two blue cans. ...That's a nice color for a can.
Cabinet 3 It's a blue can. Maybe it's full of blueberries.
Cabinet 4 Looks like canned fish. A tuna sandwich sounds pretty good right now.
Cabinet 5 Cardboard boxes full of canned goods are sitting here.
Cabinet 6 It's a small bag of some kind of food.
Cabinet 8 Boxes of beer... I'll have to remember where these are.
Cabinet 9 There are two small bags of food stacked here.
Cabinet 12 A box full of beer... Lucky box.
Boxes in front of cabinet 7, 10, & 11 There are some white cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other.
The boxes in front of cabinet 11 aren't white!

See the door up there? It's locked and it doesn't have anything interesting comment.

Left freezer It's a commercial-sized refrigerator. Bet you could hide a body in there...
Right freezer It's a commercial-sized refrigerator full of meat and vegetables.

We go down through the path slightly visible on the second pantry picture.

We'll talk to Rosa later.

Freezer That's a big refrigerator. ...Wonder if they got any bodies in there.

Fryer They've even got a deep fryer. I'll have to get some onion rings later.
Stove Guess you need a big range to cook for a restaurant.
Ovens Those are a couple of huge microwave ovens.
Bottle There's a wine bottle next to the microwaves.
Upper box This is where they keep their supplies.
Lower box It's jam-packed with all kind of foodstuffs.

Table Kitchen's clean. That's a load off my mind...
Shelf It's a shelf for spices.
Left can It's some kind of seasoning. Don't ask me... I can't cook worth a damn.
Middle can It's a can of sauce. I bet it tastes like sawdust.
Right can It's a can of ketchup. ...Who puts ketchup in a can, anyway?
Case There's a case full of forks and knives.
Bottle There's a bottle of wine on the counter.
Left plate It's an empty dish.
Right plate There are a bunch of dishes on the counter. Looks like Louie's running behind.

Get ready for plenty of flavor text.
Boxes left of cabinet It's a bunch of cardboard boxes stacked neatly in a corner of the room.
Cabinet 1 There's a box of foodstuffs on the shelf.
Cabinet 2 I see lots of canned food. Guess we're ready if the Soviets drop the big one.
Cabinet 3 Looks like a bunch of canned food.
Cabinet 4 Canned vegetables? I was hoping for fresh picked.
Cabinet 5 Looks like lots of canned foods.
Cabinet 6 There's some canned fish here. I haven't had that in forever.
Cabinet 7 Cans of whole tomatoes. How appetizing...
Cabinet 8 More canned foods. Hope I don't have to eat all of this.
Cabinet 9 That's a big can. Must have a whole side of beef stuffed in there.
Cabinet 10 Boxes of canned foods. Wonder if Louie has to lug these around.
Cabinet 11 More boxes of foodstuffs. Guess I should have expected that.
Boxes right of cabinet There are more boxes in the corner of the room.
Boxes in front of cabinet There are some cardboard boxes stacked here.
Bags in front of cabinet It's a small bag of flour.

Flour The bag's torn, and some flour spilled out.
Bag near wall It's a large cloth sack. Wow, that's fascinating.
Boxes in front of fridge It's a bunch of cardboard boxes tossed into the corner.
Boxes left of fridge There are some white cardboard boxes stacked here.
Fridge There's a big refrigerator in the corner of the room.

That's all to examine in the pantry and kitchen. Let's finally talk to Rosa.

Music: Hangover Blues
Got a minute?

What do you think you're doing? Stop! You can't come in here! This is the kitchen! It's off-limits to guests! That means you!

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What're you looking at?
Write note
What're you writing?

Where's Louie?

Where's Louie?

You mean Louis? HA! He's not here! Lazy slacker!

Probably in his room wasting time or hiding under the bed or something.

Where's his room?

Go out of here and take a left. Can't miss it. Smells like cheese.

Music: Hangover Blues
Are you done? You're done, right? Please go. My kitchen's a busy place, and I'm a busy lady. Always working, working, working...

And if we try to leave through the bottom...

Where do you think you're going? Stay out! Out! I mean it! The restaurant's not ready yet!

Music: Monochrome (Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)
Now let's check the other rooms from the left hallway.

Knock All I'm doing is bruising my knuckles.

The bottom right door leads to the laundry.

Bottle I'm no scientist, but I think that's a bottle of bleach.
Shelf There's a shelf above the vending machine.
Left machine Now that's a big washing machine. Guess hotels do a lot of laundry.
Right machine The washing machine's empty.
Drawer There's a wooden cabinet next to the washing machine.
Cart The linen cart's full of dirty sheets and whatnot.

Trash can Garbage can's empty. At least Louie did something.
Table There's nothing on the ironing board.
Iron Looks like a heavy iron. Rosa's arm must be huge.
Drawer It's a wooden cabinet.
Rack It's a hanger rack.
Hanger It's a hanger.

The 4 machines and bottles will be numbered from left to right.
1st machine It's a big washing machine. Maybe I'll clean my socks later.
2nd machine Nothing inside the washing machine.
3rd machine It's an industrial washing machine.
4th machine There are some sheets in the washer. Hope they're mine.
1st bottle There's not a lot of detergent in here.
2nd bottle I bet this is bleach or some kind of stain remover.
3rd bottle It looks like a cleanser of some sort.
4th bottle It's a jar of cleanser. It looks homemade. That's a scary thought.

Knock Nobody's responding to my repeated pounding on this door.

The middle right door leads to the electrical room.

Locker There's a locker in the corner of the room.

Right switchboard There's a cover on the switchboard.
Left switchboard This switchboard is covered in dials and knobs and crap.

Right switchboard This switchboard is covered in dials and knobs and crap.
Switchboard cover It's a switchboard cover.
Left switchboard The cover of the switchboard has been taken off.

Knock Knocking is proving to be an exercise in futility.

The top right door leads to the boiler room.

Barrels It's some kind of storage tank, and it's creeping me out.
Box It's a wooden box. Yippee.

Boiler It's a small boiler. This must be why there's no hot water in this place.
Wheel It's equipped with a big handle.

Boiler It's a boiler.
Wheel It's equipped with a big handle.

That's every other room we can examine. Let's take a look at the new descriptions.

Music: So Noted

The left part of the first floor has been updated except for that door from the pantry.

Let's FINALLY talk to Louie. Louie's room is in the upper left.

This must be Louie's room.


Music: Straight Chaser

Got a second?

What d'ya want, man?

We need to talk, and I don't want any extra ears. Especially not Rosa or Dunning.

...Like I got a choice. C'mon in, man.

I enter Louie's room.