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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 26: 05:30 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

We go out and talk to Rosa.

Pressing this.

What stories?

Pressing again.

You can't talk?

Third time's the charm.

Spill it! Now!

But there really is something going on. Right? You don't have to hide stuff from me. C'mon, spill the beans.

You sure?;

You're a pest, you know that?! A darn pest!

Why are you so interested in this hotel, anyway?

Say, you aren't... Mmm, never mind.

The other question is significantly different now that we pissed Rosa off.

How's Mila doing?

How's Mila?

She's resting in my room, if that's what you mean!

I got a few things I need to talk to her about. Can I see her?

Absolutely not! I'm not letting a man like you anywhere NEAR Mila! No, sir!

The scene after asking all the question is also different.

Music: Hangover Blues
I'd love to stand here and run my mouth, but I've got to clean. More.

Oh, and before I forget... Dunning said he wanted to talk with you about some deal. Don't ask me. Do me a favor. Go by the front desk when you get a minute. OK? Thanks.


Poor Kyle, not suspecting a thing.

Rosa finishes talking, turns, and walks away.

Going to the front desk...

Music: Drunken Waltz
Hey, you! Yeah, you! Get over here! I been talkin' to Rosa!

Says ya been sniffin' all over my hotel!


Don't play soft with me!

You some kinda reporter? One'a them TV guys who tries to ruin people's lives? I don't need no bad press drivin' away business!

Hit the road, ya jerk!


But Dunning, don't you know that there's no such thing as a bad publicity? You don't have to kick Kyle out!

Music: Dream's End
(Oh, crap... When I was talking with Rosa earlier...)


Louie: 2
Melissa: 1
Iris: 1
Martin: 1
Dunning: 1
Rosa: 1
Everyone Else: 0

Music: Sapu

OK. I won't push you.

Blablabla we've seen this.

A missing man.

It's about a man I'm looking for. I think Mila may know something about him.

Looking for someone, are you? And who might that be?

Just a guy I used to work with.

An old coworker, mmm?

Sounds like there's a story there somewhere...

Everything goes as normal. We make an appointment with Mila, end the conversation with Rosa,

and busted Louie looking at a skin magazine,

Wrong package, moron!

I got my package. Guy in 211 by the name of Summer brought it down.

We'll press, since this leads to some new choices.

Oh yeah?


Apologize for screwing up, Louie.

OK? We cool now? You want I should get on my knees or what?

No. We're not cool. Try again. Show a little sincerity.

Cripes, man, you're killin' me here!

Feel like I'm stuck under the light with Sergeant Hard-Ass!

Total drag, man.

All the choices converge here. Louie says he's working three times as hard and that's the best he can do, but since we chose 'I just transferred' earlier in this timeline his dialogue changes.

Just 'cause you're the Man don't mean you can lecture me. Out there you're a big, bad detective...but here you're just another loser! You're gettin' on my last nerve, man!

(Oh, right... Louie still thinks I'm on the force.)

You cool, man? You look like somebody died.

Listen, Louie...

I hung it up.

Then Kyle told him about his job change. We saw this before in the original timeline chapter 1. After that there's some more new dialogue.

But hey, now you understand where I'm comin' from, right? It's hard startin' over, yeah? New places, new faces, but the same ol' hassles. It's like ya just gotta take a break and catch your breath, man. What a TRIP!

And then it goes as normal.

If you're wondering, we can't actually progress without asking all the questions to both Rosa and Louie. The door to the linens room will be locked before we hear the whistle which only shows up after we finish talking to Rosa. Louie won't leave and we won't be able to pick up the magazine until we asked all the question to him.

Back to not pressing. Oh, and if you're going to play this, do yourself a favor and if you press this just pick the question I chose in the main timeline ('nothing changes?'). Mila is 20, still underage for Americans Mila is of age, but this dialogue is still creepy.

For some reason, not pressing this will elicit a pretty strong reaction from Kyle.

I mean, I think I know how ya feel.

You don't know a thing, Louie.

Whoa! Bite my damn head off, will ya?

Bradley's alive. He's alive. Got it?

Whoa, man! Chill! You're freakin', Hyde.

...You don't know anything. Not a damn thing.

...Yeah, OK. I gotcha.


The rest of the conversation is the same. After it ends we grab the skin mag, crowbar, and pliers. There's no use for the screwdriver yet, so we don't pick it up. Kyle won't leave without picking up the magazine.