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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 28: 05:50 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

This update will be a lot shorter than last time.

We've already seen what happens when we try to ask the first two questions.

Show crowbar, screwdriver, pliers, memo, or small red box

Hey! That's...

Where'd ya get that?

Music: Drunken Waltz
Oh, now I get it. Yer the one!


Things have gone missin' 'round the hotel lately, and now I know why!

You been stealin' 'em! Knew there was somethin' fishy about ya!

Pack yer things and get out before I toss ya out!


Music: Dream's End
(That's not what I intended. He wasn't supposed to react this way...)


Louie: 4
Rosa: 3
Dunning: 3
Melissa: 1
Iris: 1
Martin: 1
Everyone Else: 0

Dunning is blocking the door to the left hallway. We have to ask the third question ONLY.

In the first part of the interrogations, there will be some press chances which have 3 results:
1. Don't press. It will give some dialogue not worth showing and then loop back to the chance.
2. Press and pick the right choice. It will give some dialogue and advance the interrogation. I showed it off in the original timeline.
3. Press and pick the wrong choice. It will give some dialogue and a red aura before looping back. This is what I'm going to show in the alternate timeline updates (like this one.)

C'mon, Louie. Why not?

Why not?

Yes, that aura is more red than usual. There's going to be many this update.

What, you're my shrink now? I told ya to get out, capeesh?

Not gonna happen. We gotta chat, Louie. You hear me?

Talk away, man. I ain't gotta listen.

I'm going to keep asking until you start talking.

Loop. I'll just skip to the next press chance for now and the all the next.

You surprised?

That shouldn't be a surprise.

I ain't that surprised.

N-no, man, I... I don't know. I don't know anything.

Clamming up won't help.

Loop and skip.

What's impossible?

What's impossible?

Don't worry about it.

I'm gonna ask once more.

Loop and skip.

In the second part of the interrogation, there will be questions with choices with 2 results:
1. Pick the correct choice. The questioning continues.
2. Pick the incorrect choice. This will immediately end that particular line of questioning.

Who killed Danny?

It was you! Confess!

It was you, wasn't it?

You think I did it? You suspect me? Accuse me like that? No way, man! No way I'd do somethin' like that!

Who stole the money?

It was you! Confess!

Was it you?

If I had that kinda bread, you think I'd be workin' here?

I'm a dope, but not stupid. That's the kinda thing gets a man killed.

Little did they know that Louie had taken the money and is going to kill Denny shortly after the end of the movie.

I'm sorry. It's just too easy to make jokes about that movie...

Why'd you leave the city?

You stole the cash!

It's 'cause you stole all that money, right?

You're way wrong.

New Music: Countdown
Officer Hyde.


You ain't built for this, man.


You got no idea what's goin' on. No way I'm talkin' to you 'bout any of this.

Matter of fact, I never want to see your face again! Get out.


New Music: Sunset Men
I went back to Room 215.

How'd I screw this up? You're an idiot, Hyde. You've lost it.

Things going the way they are? You'll never catch Bradley. Better to just give up.

Spend the rest of your life as a half-assed salesman...

Hyde gave up and spent the rest of the night brooding in his room...

Louie: 5
Rosa: 3
Dunning: 3
Melissa: 1
Iris: 1
Martin: 1
Everyone Else: 0

As for how all those red auras cause the game over, I don't exactly know how. I experimented in 2 scenarios: all wrong in the first part and all right in the first part. Both give the same result:
1. Answering the 'Who stole the money?' question incorrectly won't give a game over.
2. Answering the other two questions incorrectly will cause a game over no matter what.

I don't know what the first part affects. Probably it reduces the leeway for answering incorrectly? The result in this particular one is exactly the same, so I don't really know.

Anyway, the rest of the chapter is exactly the same as before.

Next time: Chapter 3.