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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 30: Visiting the Restaurant

Music: Monochrome

We have literally nothing to do, so...

*insert phone ringing sound here

Phone The phone's ringing.

Music: Serenity

What now?

Hey, sweetie. Who's Bradley?


After you got off the phone with Ed, I heard him talking to himself. Well, muttering is more like it. He said something about giving up the search for Bradley. C'mon, Kyle. Who's Bradley?

You're curious, huh?

Really curious, aren't you?

Yes, I'm curious! You should have heard the crap Ed said about this guy! Look, I won't push you. But when you feel like talking, I'm ready to listen.


Hey, is Ed there? Put him on, will you?

Sorry sweetie, but he just stepped out.


Will do. Take care.

Music: Monochrome
Well, there's nothing to do in this room. So let's just get out first.

(Ah, screw it. I'm hungry. Guess I'll head down to that five-star restaurant and see what they've got.)

After we go down the stairs...

Two people who's not a hotel staff! Do you notice that beside that brief talk with Helen, all of chapter 2 is with the 3 hotel staffs?

Music: Slow Steps

Look at me when I'm speaking to you, young lady! Why would you do that while we're eating?


But nothing!


Don't "Dad" me! I've had it up to HERE with your back talk! For once, could you just do as you're told and be quiet?

I'm so tired of this, and I don't want to hear any more excuses! Go back to the room. I'll be up in a few minutes.

...Dad. Dad... I...


Everything OK?

What's going on?


You got quite a set of pipes there.

Yeah, I'm loud. So? You gonna yell at me, too?

Melissa turns and runs up the stairs.


Music: Easy Feeling


Looks like a rough job. Raising kids, I mean.

Hold it...

Nothing to apologize for.

Don't be sorry. Kids need to be kept in line, right?

Well, yes, but... I'd rather not be seen scolding my daughter in public.

It happens. What's your name?

Oh, that's right. We haven't... This is a bit after the fact, but let me introduce myself. I'm Kevin Woodward. I'm a surgeon at Robbins Memorial Hospital in Santa Monica.

Kyle Hyde. I'm a salesman for Red Crown.

Kyle Hyde?


Kyle Hyde...

Now what?

What is it?

You got a problem?

No, no! It's nothing. I just thought I'd heard your name before. That's all.

(??? He knows my name? ???)

Have we perhaps met before?

Nope. First time.

Of course it is. Of course...

I'm sure my memory's just playing tricks on me. Please forgive me.

By the way, Mr. Hyde...

It seems you've spoken with my daughter Melissa on previous occasions. Would you mind telling me what sort of conversations you had?

I don't follow.

What do you mean?

I was just hoping she hadn't bored you or...told you

Just spit it out, will you, pal?

Well...specifically, I was wondering if you talked about her mother.

(??? About her mother? ???)

If you didn't talk about anything in particular, that's fine, too.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
May I ask what you're looking at?
Write note
May I ask what you're writing?
Show pager
Wearing pager means you never really leave work. I can relate...
Show room 215 key
I'm glad you know where your key is. I'm in 219, which they've named "Bravery."
Show hotel brochure
I got one of those as well. Not much to look at, is it?
Show crowbar
I don't know why you pulled that crowbar out, but you should put it away.
Show men's magazine
I'd appreciate it if you kept that kind of trash away from my daughter.
Show cash
I don't really need money, but thanks.
Show others
Do I need to see that? I... I don't think so. No...

Why are you asking about her mom?

Why are you asking about her mother?

Well, if Melissa didn't mention anything, then it's nothing to worry about.

She told me her mom can't come home. Is that what this is about?

So she brought it up after all...


She also said that you're taking her to see her mom.

This supposed to be a secret?

...Oh, no, nothing like that.


It's just what?

You going to finish a sentence for once?

Please, every family has its own situation, its own... difficulties. Melissa's just a child. Don't put too much stock in what she says.

Someone has my name?

You know somebody with my name?

No, I think one of my patients may have had a similar name, but...

I'm sure my memory's just playing tricks on me. Yes, that must be it... After all, we just met for the first time, yes?

Music: Easy Feeling
I'm sorry for rambling. If you'll excuse me?

Kevin leaves.

Music: Monochrome

We can enter the restaurant now, but...

the contents of this blackboard completely changed! It used to say that it's closed. For comparison:

Also, the closed sign on the door is gone now. We can't examine the door itself anymore. OK, let's get in now.

New Music: Over Easy

Just one step into the restaurant...

Music: Easy Feeling

Welcome to the Moonlight Grill.

I like the "sir." That's a nice touch.

C'mon, brother, don't hassle me! I'm just doin' my job.

You the host for this restaurant, too?

I told ya! Dunning's a total slave driver. Sun goes down and I gotta run this place and the bar, too.

(??? Where's the bar? ???)

Anyway, we got a table ready. Tonight's special is a big steak with some kinda weird garlic butter.

I could go for a steak.

The grub any good here?

Better'n ya'd think? Rosa's an old windbag, but she knows which end of the spoon to use.

All right, I'll take the steak. And some spuds and eggs, too. Hash brown potatoes, eggs sunny-side up.

Damn! Sounds good, man!

I'm hungry.

Oh, wait! I gotta ask before I forget again. Anything wrong with your room?


Ya know? Lights don't work or the water's messed up or rats or whatever?

Nope. Everything's aces.

Kyle, you haven't even tried the water yet. And the rats may be hiding under your bed right now.

Cool. Good to hear.

Some of the rooms on the second floor are messed up, ya know?


Six months?

You've had rooms out of commission for the past six months?

Yeah, they're all messed up. Total holes. 'Course, Dunning won't fix 'em. Says it's a waste'a dough. Guy's like Scrooge, only fatter and meaner.

Which rooms?

Let's see...217, 220, and 218.

(Three rooms that aren't being used, huh? Better write that down in the ol' notebook. I can't remember crap.)

Again, we don't actually have to memorize/write it down. Kyle will remind us when it's relevant.

Music: Rainy Night

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What're ya lookin' at?
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What're ya writin'?