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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 31: Eating Some Food

Music: Rainy Night

Where's the bar?

So where's the bar?

Straight down the hall, my man. Look for the Seven Stars sign. Bar opens at nine.

Wanna grab a drink with me later?

Depends. You got any decent bourbon?

Yeah, booze is one thing Dunning don't skimp on. That bar, my man, is well stocked.

Got a whole buncha Kentucky gentlemen to introduce ya to!

Sounds good.

Hell yeah it does! I ain't had a decent drinkin' buddy in forever, man!

Room 217 isn't being used?

So room 217's on the fritz?

Yeah. Ain't been touched in six months or so.

Really? (Six months, huh?)

(Seems like a long time to let a room sit there...)

What's goin' down?

I know that room. That's where the guy with my name stayed.

No way, man! How'd ya find that out?

I looked at the guest register.

Ya did? How?

I broke into Dunning's office.

...Aw, man. Ya gotta be pullin' my chain. Ya broke into the office?!

Why'd you go and do a thing like that?

I think the guy with my name was Bradley.

Get outta here!

It's a hunch, but I think I'm right.

Look, man... Even if you're right? Ya can't just go runnin' around the hotel like your ass is on fire! Chasin' clues is one thing, but this is crazy! You ain't a cop no more! Ya can't be pickin' locks and breakin' doors and all that! If Dunning finds out, he's gonna totally trip out.

Yeah, about that...

C'mon, man! You need to know anything 'bout what happens here, just ask me. You hear me, brother?

I hear you.

All right, I got something for you. Get me into Room 217.


I want to poke around in there.

Poke around? That special cop lingo?

Yeah, all right, man. I'll see what I can do.

Dunning keeps all the room keys locked up, so I gotta wait for the right time. But don't worry! There's one thing I know, it's boostin' stuff from old people.

Do it.

Music: Easy Feeling
Restaurant's in the back, around the corner. One of the center tables is open. Go ahead and sit there.


Music: Over Easy
We can now explore the restaurant hallway.

And we can enter the kitchen from this side.

Music: Monochrome

You'll have to leave. Come on, get out! Go on now!

All right.

Music: Over Easy
Let's see where else we can go...

The door to the bar is locked.

So let's talk to Iris, who's blocking the restaurant.

Music: Slow Steps
(What's the princess want now?)


What is it?

What's wrong?

Oh, Mr. Hyde! You... you scared me.

What're you daydreaming about? You never heard me coming, did you?

Oh, I'm sorry.


You seem upset.

What's wrong?

Tell me, Mr. Hyde... Have you ever been hated by someone?

Once or twice. Why?

I can't BELIEVE what she said to me!

(??? Who said she hated you? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
What are you writing?
Show crowbar
Is that a crowbar? I should have expected that from you.
Show men's magazine
Are you implying something, Mr. Hyde?

Who said she hated you?

Someone tell you they didn't like you?

It was such a shock... It's that awful child's fault. I doubt I'll ever recover.

(??? Awful child? ???)

An awful child, huh?

What are you talking about?

Just what I said! It's all that girl's fault!

Did you see a young girl on your way here?

You mean Melissa?

A young girl? You mean Melissa?

Is that her name? Melissa?


What'd this young girl do to you?

I merely spoke to her! That's all I did, you must believe me! And do you know what she did? She threw her rag doll at me and ran off!

(??? She threw her rag doll? Why? ???)

At least it's not a puzzle piece you literally just finished for her.

She threw her doll?

So why'd he throw a doll at you?

I'm sure I have no idea! Probably raised by wolves or hippies or the like... But I swear to you, I did NOTHING to provoke the little hellion. She had an adorable handmade doll, and I just asked her who made it.

That's it?

Yes, that's it!

I didn't say anything that could be construed as rude or mean.

Never, huh?

Yeah... neither choice will get us on her good side.

You're nuts.

What're you talking about?


Stop lying to yourself, lady.

...Lying to myself?

Never been an adult that some kid didn't hate.

Music: Slow Steps
Mr. Hyde?

I find you to be an ill-tempered brute!

Iris finishes yapping and storms off. ...Maybe now I can finally get some grub.

Music: Over Easy
We enter the restaurant.

We'll examine the restaurant later. Food comes first!

I sit down at a table in the middle of the restaurant.

(I haven't had dinner this early in a long while.)

Sorry to keep you waiting. Busy busy, you know?

Music: Hangover Blues

And you also ordered hash browns and eggs sunny-side up, right?

This steak was seared with salt, pepper, and my own homemade garlic butter. Smells delicious, doesn't it? It sure does!



Rosa places my dinner on the table and walks away.

Music: Over Easy
There's a huge plate on the table. It's filled with chow. It all looks delicious.

Are you finished?


Music: Hangover Blues
I'll take your plate now if that's all right. Is it? I'm sure it is!

Well look at that! You joined the Clean Plate Club! Not a crumb left!

Thanks, Rosa. That was delicious.

Well, isn't that nice to hear?! It does my heart good to see a man eat!

Oh, and this dessert is from Mr. Smith. It's his way of apologizing for the mix-up with your package.

It's another house specialty. Tea chiffon cake!

We can actually see the rib-eye garlic steak and tea chiffon cake on the blackboard from the last update.

Sounds great.

Take your time, no need to rush! Enjoy your food!

Rosa leaves the cake on the table and walks away.

Music: Over Easy
That's quite the cake...

Mr. Hyde?


Music: Easy Feeling