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Part 32: Talking about The Secret Word

Music: Easy Feeling

He should've had one since he also got the wrong package. Even if he wanted the cake, it's kinda late for that.

I'm sorry to interrupt your meal, but may I have a moment of your time?

...Sure, why not. I'm too full to run away.

Er...yes, quite. Actually, it's about the package mix-up we had earlier.

I was curious as to whether or not there was something else inside the box. Something other than the notebook, that is.

Something else?

Yes, something that you may have overlooked. Something small?

(??? Like what? ???)

It's possible it fell into the box during transport. It was supposed to have been placed within the pages of the notebook.

(??? What was written in there? ???)

Mr. Hyde, would you mind searching that box for me one last time?

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
What are you writing?
Show order sheet
I saw that in the parcel you received and I apologized, sir. Now please put it away.
Show crowbar
Put away that crude iron bludgeon before you break something!
Show men's magazine
Why, I do believe that I have a subscription to that particular publication.
Show cash
There's no need to wave your money at me, sir!

Never thought Martin was the type to like those kind of magazines.

What am I looking for?

Something small? Like what?

A bookmark.

(??? A bookmark? ???)

What was in that notebook, anyway?

So what was written in that notebook? I saw the title on the front. The Secret Word, wasn't it? Is it a book or a manuscript or something like that?

Mr. Hyde, did you see fit to read the contents of my notebook?

Just looked at the cover.

I'm not much of a reader. I just looked at the cover.

...I see. That is for the best.

(What's this guy so worried about?)

What kind of bookmark?

What kind of bookmark?

It's quite small, and it has a picture of an angel on it.

Sounds lovely.

Yes, it is quite lovely.

It is a blue bookmark with a ribbon. Please do remember to look for it, Mr. Hyde.

Music: Easy Feeling
My bookmark is in your hands, my good man!

Excuse me.


Summer leaves.

(Can't forget that bookmark. Grief from the talking blimp's one thing I don't need. I'll just drop a line in my notebook so I don't forget.)

Kyle, it's rude to refer to anyone that way. Unless you're talking about Hilda Berg.

Music: Hangover Blues

There's someone yelling behind me.


It was fantastic, Rosa. Best meal I've had in ages.

That's so nice to hear. Many thanks.

By the way...

The man who was just here is the guest in Room 211, right? Mr. Summer?


He seems so familiar...

I think he's a writer.

He's some kind of writer.

What? A writer?

I think that's a typo. At least there's not too much of them in this game.

Hold it! Martin Summer... Martin Summer...

Oh, I'm such a fool! How could I have not realized? It's so obvious!

What're you talking about?

I saw his name on the register and recognized it, of course, but...


You know this guy?

What do you mean, THE Martin Summer?

It really IS him! Now I'm sure of it!

Martin Summer is staying here! THE Martin Summer! Oh, this is exciting!

I'm such a fan!

(??? She's a big fan, huh? ???)

I still can't believe I didn't recognize him! I just assumed it was a guest with the same name.

(??? Hey, that's remind me... ???)

I tell you, I'm a world-class fool! Such a fool!

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
What are you writing?

You a fan of Summer?

So. You're a Summer fan, eh?

Oh, I'm not crazy or anything, but yes. I enjoy his books.

So what kinda writer is Summer, anyway?

Well, his first book came out about ten years ago and won some major awards. Publishers were very excited. They called him "the maestro of mysteries."

Oh yeah.

The Secret Word?

Secret Word, huh?

Yes, that's right. That was the title of his debut novel.

(...The Secret Word? I know I've heard that name before.)

(Wait. That's what was written on the cover of Summer's notebook.)

It was a very thrilling story.

(??? What was it about? ???)

That's it!


I must get his autograph!

What about the guy with my name?

There was a guest a while back who had the same name as me, right?

The same name as you?

About six months ago?

Six months ago?

No, not that I remember. Nope, nope. Nothing.

I can't recall another guest by the name of Kyle Hyde.


What's the book about?

So what's The Secret Word about?

It's about a man who commits the perfect crime! He does so to get revenge on a friend who betrayed him! Critics called it a gritty descent into the darkness of the human soul. It's really quite shocking. Oh, listen to me! Rosa the book reviewer!

Revenge on a friend, huh? Hell of an idea.

You're kinda in the same situation, Kyle. Maybe you can commit a perfect crime to get his attention?

Music: Hangover Blues
Oh, what am I thinking? I don't have time to stand here gabbing with you!

I've got to go. Busy busy!

Rosa finishes talking and scurries away.

Music: Over Easy (Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)

Let's finally examine this restaurant.

Bottle That's a bottle of wine.
Sign There's a little sign on the table. It says Reserved.
Table The table's been wiped clean.
Back chair It's a wooden chair. I bet it'll give me splinters if I sit on it.
Front chair A wooden chair. Nothing special about it.

Center and right window Yeah, there's nothing very interesting outside.
Left window Can't see much out of this window. I don't think it's been cleaned in years.
Back chair Just your average wooden chair. All the tables have 'em.
Table Tablecloth is nice and clean. Not a stain to be seen.
Dishes There are still some dishes on the table.
Front chair It's a wooden chair. Nothing interesting about it.
Doll There's something on the chair.

Zoomed-in chair It's a wooden chair. Looks uncomfortable.
Zoomed-in doll
Huh? This is...

So this is it? This is the doll Iris was talking about?
(Melissa must've forgotten it. Guess I'll run it up to her later. Might as well jot it down in my notebook so I don't forget.)

There's no special response if you take the doll before talking to Martin or Rosa and show it to them.

Each frame has its own response from Kyle. I'll list it from left to right.
Piano A piano, huh? Wonder if Dunning tickles the ivories.
Bench There's a small bench in front of the piano. Too bad I don't play.
Frame 1 This photo must be older than Helen.
Frame 2 Looks like a photo of people who stayed here before.
Frame 3 Looks like they're having a good meal.
Frame 4 A newspaper article on the hotel. Nothing useful here.
Frame 5 This photo is old and hard to see.
Frame 6 Looks like this was taken at the hotel's grand opening.
Frame 7 It looks like a photo, but it's really a painting. That's actually kind of clever.
Speakers Those speakers are huge.
Amp That's quite the amp.
Sticker There's a sticker on the piano.

Remember this?

After one whole chapter of not finding any, we have found the 5th star! The final one won't be available until the bar opens.

With nothing else to do, we head out.

I just wanted to point out that the paintings from the map can be seen clearly on the first person view. Each of them are unique pictures, too. Too bad you can't just turn around without moving so this is the best angle I can show.

Sometimes first person person view can be useful, since we can see who's there from far away!

(It's Mila... What's she doing?)