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Part 33: Escorting a Lady

Let's talk to Louie first.

Music: Easy Feeling
What's going on with her?

She wanted to come in and give Rosa a hand in the kitchen, yeah?

But Rosa said she'd just be in the way. Crazy ol' Rosa...

Anyway, I was just trin' to get her to go back down to Rosa's room.

Now let's talk to Mila.

Music: Secrets
Hey, you got a minute?


And if you're wondering why we're talking to them from far away, that's because this conversation will happen automatically when we get near either of them.
We can't leave the restaurant without triggering this conversation since Mila is blocking the door.

Music stops (no, I have no idea why there's no music here)

And I know ol' Mama Sass feels the same way. But she's like really busy right now.

Aw, don't look at me like that. You're breakin' my heart, baby!

C'mon, go on back to Rosa's room and hang out for a bit. Please?


Mila leaves the room.

Let's talk to Louie again now.

Music: Easy Feeling
...Did Mila actually say anything?

Naw, man, not a peep.

(Maybe she can't speak after all...)

Ya think she can't talk, or she just don't wanna? I can't tell, man. Whole thing blows my mind.

Who knows?

She's a fox either way, though, am I right? Awoooooooo!

This isn't that bad, certainly better than the one I skipped. Anyway, we can go out of the restaurant now.

What's she looking at?

Music: Monochrome

Music: Secrets
Hey. What're you looking at? Were you staring at the painting?


I don't get art.

What's so special about this one? It's not that I don't like paintings... I just don't get it.

Music: Hangover Blues
So this is where you wandered off to! I knew I'd find you somewhere!

Someone is squawking a storm behind me.

What's wrong, Mila? Don't look so sad, honey.

Listen, Rosa is really happy that you want to help! I truly am! It's just that there's nothing for you to do at the moment. You see?

I'm used to doing everything around here by myself! No one helps old Rosa! So when someone actually wants to help, I have no idea how to use them. You're a good girl, Mila. Now do me a favor and go back to my room and rest.

Rosa leads Mila away.

Music: Monochrome
One day, we'll get a conversation where Mila didn't just nod to whatever we said.

With nothing to do, we try to go up the stairs.

It's Helen.

Music: Slow Steps
Hello there, Mr. Hyde.

Have you already eaten?


And how is the restaurant fare? I do hope it's tasty!

Kyle won't know the restaurant fare since Dunning gave him free food. And dessert. Which he's afraid are going to be stolen.

Yeah, it's pretty good. ...Which shocked me.

Truly? Well, that certainly is good news!

By the way, Mr. Hyde, I have a bit of a favor to ask of you. Can you spare a moment for this poor old woman?


I was wondering if you wouldn't mind escorting me to the restaurant.

I had some trouble with my legs recently, and I don't wish to fall on the way.


I don't mean to impose, but I don't know who else to ask.

She can call Dunning to escort you? I think she's just asking whoever she meet first, which happens to be Kyle.


Listen, I-

Good! It's settled then. I'll just take your arm...

Music: Monochrome

There's now going to be another character (Helen) following us around.

Music: Over Easy

Louie is nowhere to be found. Also, we can examine the podium now.

Music: Straight Chaser

Lamp Just a lamp. Yep...another cruddy lamp.
Podium It's a podium. They must use it as a reception desk for the restaurant.
Sticker There's a sticker on the podium.

Did you spot the podium sticker on the previous picture of Louie and Mila? Only one more sticker to go! That and we still need to find some coins.

After we arrive in front of the restaurant...

Music stops (again, don't ask me why)

Thank you, young man! You're an angel! I think I'll be all right now.

Music: Slow Steps
You were such a help, Mr. Hyde. Thank you so much.

You're a true gentleman!

No, he's not. He hasn't solved any puzzle yet! He will later.

Don't get me confused with somebody else. I just helped out on a whim.

Is that so? Well, either way, I'm grateful for the company.

As you get on in years, you'll learn to appreciate simple acts of kindness.

I know that I do.


Mr. Hyde? I'm afraid I have another favor to ask you.

That sounds... uncomfortable.

...Seeing you?

A bit of awkward phrasing perhaps, but nothing to worry about, young man! I have a feeling you're the sort of fellow with whom I could enjoy a nice drink. If the idea appeals, I'd like the opportunity to buy you a glass of spirits.


What do you say?

A free drink? I'm in!

A drink, huh?

Sure. I never turn down a free belt.

Ah, such honesty. That's very refreshing, Mr. Hyde.

There's a bar next to the restaurant called Seven Stars. That work for you?

Nicely, I'm sure. I'll be on my way then, Mr. Hyde.

Helen goes into the restaurant.

Music: Over Easy

We don't need to, but we can follow Helen into the restaurant and talk to her.

Music: Slow Steps
You done eating?

Not yet. At my age, even simple tasks can take a while.

With nothing to do, we try to head out.

Music stops (what is it with no BGM today?)
Yo, Hyde!

I hear someone behind me. ...Wonder who that could be...

No, I was just escorting someone to the restaurant.

Escortin'? What ya talkin' about?

The old lady from 212. Her name's Helen. She asked me to help her down here.

Check you out! Kyle Hyde, savior of the elderly!

Shut your head, Louie. I just did your job for you.

Right. Thanks for the solid.

Music: Easy Feeling
Hey, check this, Hyde!

Boosted this up off the floor of the restaurant. It was right under your table, man. It's your pen, right? I mean, it was under your table and all.

Nope. Not mine.

Really? Figured it had to be yours, man. That's harsh. Wonder who it belongs to...

Look here. There are words carved into the body of the pen.

Oh, hey! You're right, my man! But it's worn down and all the ink's gone. I can't read it.

I can't either.

Louis! Louis DeNonno! I need your help right now! Get in here! Chop chop!

Great. Mama Sass is on my case again. Better go see what she wants now.

Good thinking.

Louie runs off toward the kitchen.

(...Hmm. Wonder how I can read this engraving...)

Another "environmental puzzle"! Can YOU figure out what we need to use?

In the meantime, here's some more descriptions.

Music: So Noted