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Part 35: Returning a Bookmark

Last time, we...

Music: Straight Chaser

Oh, right. Now we know why Melissa reacted so strongly if we mentioned her mother the first time we met her.

(Wait a minute... On the back of that puzzle piece...)

Not going to console the crying child right in front of you, Kyle? Okay then.

This is one of the trickier minigame. The puzzle is now in the top screen (left in proper orientation/picture) so we can't do anything to it. Pushing buttons or touching the bottom/right screen won't do anything.
So what do we have to do? Well, we want to see the writing on the back of the puzzle, which means we have to flip it. Since the top/left screen represents the puzzle, we have to flip it.

Here's a hint: this is what a DS (the only platform this game is released in) looks like

If you think that you have to close the lid, you're right! This is one of the ways this game integrate unconventional DS control with the story and one of the reasons this game is amazing.

Now, let's see the message behind the puzzle.

By the way, the piece found on the stairs was the one with the chimney, with the dash between good-bye. The shape and position matches up. That's a neat touch. Unlike that one Professor Layton game which the shape of the picture pieces in the puzzle and story is COMPLETELY different.

(There's a message written on the back of the puzzle! "Good-bye, Melissa.")

(If she wrote this, she wasn't planning on coming home.)

(??? Why did Melissa's mom leave? ???)

Note that while Kyle is thinking, Melissa is still crying on the other screen (which I have helpfully neglected to provide).


Mr. Hyde?

What are you doing here?

We were playing!

I told you not to let anyone into our room!

Hey, don't yell at the kid.

Pardon me, but I've had quite enough of-

I let myself in. She didn't do anything wrong.

Music: Easy Feeling
Sorry. Didn't mean to step on any toes. long as you know how I feel, I guess there's no problem... Now please leave.

Yeah, I'm going, but... Let me ask you something.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What're you looking at?
Write note
What're you writing?

His response for the magazine still doesn't change. There's no amusing dialog of Melissa asking Kevin what it is.

Why did your wife leave?

So why did the kid's mom leave?


Wife left you, right?

L-left me?!

What did you do? I mean, why'd she take off and leave you and the kid-

Easy, pal. No need to get in a lather.

Easy! Don't scare Melissa.

Keep your voice down.


I think you're scaring the kid.


...Melissa. Don't look at me like that.

Music: Easy Feeling
Mr. Hyde, I'm going to ask you to leave now.

(Oh, right... I've got to track down that bookmark for Summer.)

Music: Monochrome
When we get to Room 215...

(Guess I should check out the box Summer's notebook came in. See if a bookmark's there.)

Music: Straight Chaser

Right box

It just occured to me that I never showed the spiral before every minigame. I just rectified that.

Now we have to find the bookmark in the box.

We can rotate the box using the arrows.

And we can shake the box by tapping it (unfortunately you can't really see it on the gif).
As for how to exactly do that... well... I don't exactly know. Just imagine me tapping and rotating at random.

Eventually the bookmark will came out. We just have to tap it to zoom in.

Now we just have to take it.

This must be Summer's bookmark.

There's a picture of an angel on it.

(So this is the angel, huh? Guess I should take this back to Summer.)

(??? I wonder who painted it. ???)<-- White Question

Music: So Noted

I'll just show this now since we're going to be giving it away really soon.

Music: Monochrome


Music: Easy Feeling

Got a minute?

Did you perchance happen to find my bookmark?


You did? Splendid!

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
What are you writing?

Who painted the bookmark?

Hey, there's a picture on the bookmark. You know who did it?

Ah, you noticed! Breathtaking, isn't it?

Yes, I'm quite fond of this particular piece.

It's a reproduction of a very famous painting. Are you unfamiliar with it?

The original was painted by a man named Osterzone.

(??? ...Osterzone? ???)

This work is considered to be the pinnacle of his artistic achievements. There are many rumors surrounding the painter known as Osterzone.

In fact, I intend to use his life story as the basis for my next mystery novel! Yes, I think it should be quite good, actually...

So who was Osterzone?

What kind of painter was this Osterzone guy?

Ah, now you come to the meat of it, for Osterzone was a true enigma! The mysteries of his life, much like those in his art, both entice and fascinate! We do know that he was a British painter from the late nineteenth century.

And the angel painting you see on this bookmark is his true coup de grace! It's rumored to have been Osterzone's final work.

As a landscape painter, he had never before attempted the human form. The painting on the bookmark is his only such piece.

Tell me something, will you?

Angel Opening a Door?

Angel Opening a Door?

That's the title of the painting?

That is correct.

Actually, it's his most popular and sought-after painting.

I'm sure you must agree that it is a stunning work.

(Osterzone, huh?)

Music: Easy Feeling
Mr. Hyde? Don't you have something for me?

Music: Rainy Night
Show bookmark

Here's your bookmark. It was in the bottom of the box.

Yes, this is it! Thank you very much, good sir! Thank you again!

Music: Easy Feeling
Mr. Hyde, are we finished?

Music: Monochrome
And we're kicked to the map screen. With nothing to do, we just move a little...

Insert knocking sound here.

Sorry for the static. The file size is too large for that one. In case you can't read it, this is what Kyle says:
I think it's coming from behind that door.

Let's see who's knocking.

Music stops


Hey? Is somebody in there? Who's there?


...I'm so scared!!

Hey! Squirt! What are you doing in there? You're in 219. This isn't your room!

Hey, squirt. You OK?

And the conversation just end there. Knocking again just gives that same conversation.

Poor Melissa...