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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 36: Breaking and Entering

I guess we should ask a hotel staff to help us. We know what Dunning will do if we try to break this door down ourselves.

Speaking of Dunning, he's nowhere to be found.

Music: Monochrome

Luckily, Rosa is right here!

Music: Hangover Blues
Got a minute?

What is it? Mr. Hyde, I have a ton of work to do. I can't chat now! Busy, busy, busy!

Well, we'll find someone else to help.

Music: Over Easy

Maybe Louie can help?

Music: Easy Feeling
Hey, Louie.

Huh? What, man?

Is Room 218 vacant tonight?

Yeah, it's been outta whack for a while.

Damn switchboard's on the blink, so we got no power in there. That's why...

Aw, crap! I forgot to lock the door!

What's wrong?

I went in there to get some stuff and forgot to lock up. Aw, no big deal. I'll take care of it in a bit.

Too late.

No, you idiot. It's too late to lock the door. Melissa locked herself in there.

WHAT?! Aw, sweet crispy crap! That's a bad scene right there! It's dark in there, brother. I mean, like REALLY dark. She won't be able to get the door unlocked, ya know, and then she's gonna freak.

She already has.

Oh, crap...

We gotta do somethin'! We gotta...

Hey, Hyde! Whatcha know about wires and power and crap like that?

I know enough.

As much as the next guy.

Why you asking?

Gotta fix the switchboard and get power to Room 218. We get the lights on, the kid'll calm down and unlock the door.

Then we won't have to break the damn thing down. And maybe Dunning won't kill me for forgettin' to lock up in the first place.

Sounds good to me.

Really, Dunning and Louie are the embodiment of .

You're useless, Louie. You know that?

Yeah, that's what my ma always said. C'mon, let's get to the electrical room. It's across the hall from my room.

Music: Over Easy

And now we're escorting Louie to the electrical room. Rosa won't react to Louie being with us.

Music: Monochrome


We'll get the room introduction regardless of if we went to this room before.

Music: Easy Feeling
What do we have to do?

We gotta hit the breaker on the switchboard.

Right. Let's do that.

Music: Straight Chaser


This is pretty self explanatory. All we have to do is flip the switches.


I'm trying, Melissa! Don't look at me like that!

Well, this is awkward... By now it's obvious that we should flip both switches at the same time, but the computer can only have one pointer, which means it can only touch at one place at a time.

Welp. LP over. It's nice to try this. Expect to see a Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days LP Somewhere in the future!

...Just kidding. It IS a pretty big hurdle for emulator users.

One thing to note is that while we can't touch in two places at once, the DS DOESN'T support dual touch. If there's two spots detected, the DS will only register the space touched as the middle. This fact is useful for example in Bythos Operations in Trauma Center Under The Knife 2.

This is a bit of clever programming to make the illusion of the game detecting dual touch. The game will detect a touch at one of the switches and then instantly moving to the center as the player holding both at once.
To proceed we need to use the 'Pause' and 'Frame Forward' function of the emulator. This is what we need to do:
1. Pause the game.
2. Hold at one of the switch and tap the frame forward advance. This will register as touching one of the switches.
3. Hold at the point between the switches and tap the frame forward advance. This will register as the touch instantly moving to between the switches.
4. Mash the frame advance hotkey while slowly moving the pointer upwards. This will register as flipping both switches at once.
Here's a shitty illustration of the guide.

Here's the slower version:

Nice work, my man.

I'll get back to 218.

Music: Easy Feeling
Move it, man! Poor kid's probably bawlin' like a little girl!

...She IS a little girl, Louie.

Music: Monochrome

Music stops


Open the door!


What's wrong?

The...the door won't open! I can't get out! The knob won't turn or anything!

Maybe the lock's stuck...

Mister, you gotta open the door! Please! I'm scared!

(What should I do... All right, Hyde. You got no choice.)

(Guess I'll give the old wire another try...)

Remember this? From the suitcase? This is exactly the same: Push all the locks to open it.

Music: Straight Chaser
That's the stuff.

(But that's the end of the road for you, wire.)

Goodbye, wire. You've done us two great services.

Music stops


...Hey, mister.

Music: Monochrome