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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 37: Melissa Woodward

We can examine this room, but Melissa comes first. Let's ask her why she went into this room. (We already know how from Louie.)

Music: Pink Rabbit
Hey, kid.

...Hey, mister.

You OK?

I was s-so scared!

It was dark and scary and I couldn't see anything and I was all alone!

Look, I know it was rough back there... But you can quit being scared now. I got the door open.


(Why the hell'd she come in here, anyway? Wonder what happened. Maybe I can get her to tell me.)

Music: Resolution

You're in the room next door. Did you come in here by mistake or what?

(Shakes head)

Seriously, why are you here?

What's wrong?

Things aren't going well?

You having a rough time?


What's goin' on?

My dad's a big liar. All he does is lie. All the time. I hate him. He said I could see my mom, but I can't.

Being locked in that ddark room was scary, right? But you know who locked you in there? You did. So there's no use crying about it. You reap what you sow.

...Reap? That's dumb. What's that mean?

Buddy of mine likes to say that. You don't understand what it means, ask your dad.

No way!

Why not?


Why do you think that?

Why do you think that?

'Cause he doesn't know anything. He said he doesn't know anything anymore. He said he doesn't know where my mom is...

You and your dad came out here to see your mom, right?


I thought we were gonna see her right away, but we didn't.

Say, kid?

Did Dad know this place?

Did your dad know about this hotel before?


You sure?

Yeah, he had to look for it on a map and stuff. He kept going, "Where's Hotel Dusk? Where's Hotel Dusk?" So then I asked him what Hotel Dusk was, 'cause he kept saying it. And he said it was where we could go and find out where my mom went.

Hey. You want to see your mom, don't you?


I want you to see your mom, too.


And I'm sure your dad wants to see her, too.

That's not true!

C'mon, kid. Cut him some slack.

But my dad doesn't even know where my mom IS! And he lies all the time. I HATE him! Dad's... Dad's...

...M-Mom... Sniff... Whaaa...

Wipe your face and listen up!

Music: On The Rocks

Know why your dad lied?

You know why your dad lied about your mom?

As much of a jerk Kevin's being, he doesn't seem to be cruel enough to trick Melissa.

He hated to see you sad.

It's because he couldn't stand to see you sad anymore.


Yeah. You were bawling 'cause you wanted to see your mom for Christmas. Well, your dad din't want to see you crying anymore. That's why he said he'd take you to see your mom.

But it was a lie. My mom's not here!

Hey, calm down for once! Listen, I know this may sound weird, but sometimes folks lie out of...sadness.


Your dad's not the only adult to lie. Trust me.

Do you lie, too?



But when you lie, you usually get caught, and then you gotta pay.

Pay how?

Even if you think a lie is helping, it usually ain't. Someday that person'll learn the truth, and you'll have to look him in the eye. You'll have to see the pain you caused, and that's a hard thing. So I'll make you a deal. No lies from me. OK?


Know why your mom left?

You know why your mom left?

Obviously this isn't Melissa's fault.

It wasn't your fault.

It wasn't because of you.

You sure?

I'm sure about that. She must have had a good reason.


Parents don't up and leave kids. That wasn't her plan. Something forced her to go. And that same something wouldn't let her take you with her. Anyway, that's my two cents.

I bet it was 'cause she was fighting with dad.

Your parents argue a lot?

Your parents argue a lot?

Only all the time...

About what?

I dunno. Everything, I guess. Dad would always say that it wasn't his fault. Then Mom would say they had to find a way to fix stuff.

Then she would cry. That's how it always went.

Let's talk about your mom leaving.

You're worried about where your mom went, right? Well...

I don't think Kevin actually knows, but we want to make Melissa feel better. That's why we should lie even though we just promised not to lie.

I'm sure your dad knows.

I'm sure your dad has a plan. He's on top of it.


Yeah. He must if he's serious about getting you to see her.

I guess...

Music: Insomnia
What's wrong?

I... I know...

I'm not a baby. I know the truth.

What do you know?

That my mom... That my mom's never coming home.

I know you said it wasn't my fault. And that my mom didn't leave because of me.

But you're wrong.

It WAS my fault.

Why do you think that?

Because of what I said. I said some...some really bad things.

Why'd you say that?

She and my dad were always fighting, and my mom always looked all scary and mad. I told her I didn't need a mom like that. And then... That's why she left.

Music: Violet Sky
I remember the day she left. She told me my dad was gonna take me to school that day. I asked her why she wasn't going to drive me, 'cause she always did. But she didn't say anything. She just looked real sad.

And my mom was looking out the window and watching us. She was crying. She was looking at me and crying.

She was gone when you came home?


Look, stop crying. Crying's not going to bring your mom home.

Get back to your room. Your dad'll be worried.

Melissa left the room.

(Sounds like there was trouble in paradise.)

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