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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 40: 06:00 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

As usual, Kyle's phone call with Rachel is a bit different.

Rachel? What now?

Hey, sweetie. Who's Bradley?


After you got off the phone with Ed, I heard him talking to himself. Well, muttering is more like it. He said something about giving up the search for Bradley. C'mon, Kyle. Who's Bradley?

Both of the choices are noticeably ruder than before.

Can't talk now!

I can't get into it now.

...OK, I get it. I won't push you.


And the rest is the same.

Nothing special.

We just chatted. Nothing specific.

Nothing to do here since we didn't press anything. Kevin won't leave if we back out. Just walk a few steps...

Music: Insomnia
(Wait a minute...)
(What did Kevin say?)
It seems you've spoken with my daughter Melissa on previous occasions. Would you mind telling me what sort of conversations you had?
I wonder what Kevin's so worried about?
Now let's...
(Wait a minute...)
(What did Kevin say?)
Kyle Hyde... Interesting...
Something about my name set Kevin's mind on its ear.

Music: Same as previous updates

Well, he's here but Kyle's hungry. Let's eat first.

We can't exit from this conversation, so we ask all the question then talk to Iris who's blocking the restaurant. We can't get in without talking to her.

Nope. Didn't see her.



Yeah. Truly. Cross my heart and all that jazz.

Iris' response to us not pressing is different.

It was truly shocking!

You understand don't you? Surely you do!

Sure. Why not?

Music: Slow Steps
I'm glad I had the chance to talk to you, Mr. Hyde. I'm feeling a bit calmer now.

If you'll excuse me?

Iris finishes talking and saunters off.

We managed a conversation without pissing of Iris!

Music: Sapu

We can't exit the restaurant before getting the doll and asking Martin all the questions.

Yeah, I read it.

Yeah, I read it.

You read it!?

We're pressing this one.

...Hold it.

There's still that temptation to put that AA smiley.

Screw you, Shakespeare!

I take it you didn't want me to read it?

I most certainly did not!

Still no reason to bust a gut, you know? After all, you took a buzz through my package, right?

...Yes, but...

So why are you tryin' to give me guff? I just finished a good meal. I was full and happy, which is pretty rare for me.

But now I'm just pissed off. So do yourself a favor and get outta my sight!

How dare you, sir! How dare you speak to me like that! You're nothing more than a common thug! A brigand!

Music: Easy Feeling
I expected better from you, Mr. Hyde. Congratulations, sir! You have proven me a fool!

Summer leaves the restaurant in a huff.

Music: Hangover Blues
What's going on in here?

There's someone yelling behind me.


Did something happen? What? What happened! Tell me!

Nothing to tell. Guy came in here and started shooting off at the mouth. I gave him what for and sent him packing.

You did WHAT?! You had an argument with Mr. Summer? had words?

Not many.

Oh my goodness! I have to tell Mr. Dunning. This is terrible! Oh dear...

Whatever you gotta do.

Rosa turns and hurries out of the restaurant.

Music: Over Easy
And now we just need to get out of the restaurant.

Music: Drunken Waltz
Hey, Hyde! Whatcha gone'n done now? Mr. Summer's spittin' nails!

So? He's a weak sister. Who cares what he thinks?

Unlike you, Summer's a special guest of this hotel! He likes it here, ya see? Likes it a lot! He was gonna tell his friends about it-his rich writer friends. But you went and ticked him off, and now the whole deal's in the crapper! Way to go, pal. My hotel's reputation just got flushed.

Um, are you sure he ACTUALLY LIKES this hotel?

Pack yer things and get outta here, ya bum!


Music: Dream's End
(That wasn't supposed to happen. I was just tired of him whining at me.)


Louie: 5
Rosa: 3
Dunning: 3
Martin: 2
Melissa: 1
Iris: 1

Yes, the banner's very shitty but I literally made it in 2 minutes.

Music: Sapu

Hey, don't get upset.

I guess I shouldn't have read it, but it was good stuff.

...Excuse me?

It's one of your books, right?

Yes, it is.

Did you really like it?

Yeah, I suppose.

Mr. Hyde, I apologize for my earlier behavior. I had no cause to raise my voice.

Turns out flattery works not only on Iris.

Don't ask me.

I never heard of him.

Hold on a minute.

What's wrong?

We can't leave the restaurant without finishing this conversation too.

Before we leave we can't forget about...

...the star!

Mila won't appear outside until we talk to Louie after this scene.