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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 41: 06:20 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

We talk to Mila like normal. Also, that's clearly not a painting with an apple in it. Then Helen asks us to escort her.

No! I'm busy!

I'm busy.

Wh...what?! You aren't going to help me?

That's right.

I said I'm busy.

You seem healthy to me. I'm sure you can make it on your own. Maybe Dunning has a walker you can borrow.

Well, I never! I can see what sort of man you are, Mr. Hyde! Good day!

Helen gives me the evil eye and starts to shuffle away.

Yo, Hyde!

Someone's yelling.

For once, Louie, I'm glad to see you.

Eh? No foolin'?

See that old lady over there? She needs someone to help her to the restaurant.

Yeah? So? What, I'm a cane now?

That's part of your job, isn't it? Guest relations and all that?

Yeah yeah, fine. I'll chase Grandma Patch down in a sec.

But hey, check this, man!

And then Louie tells us about the pen and we notice the engraving in it. The conversation is the same. After that...

Well, I better go take care of that old bat. Later, man.

(...Hmm. How can I read this?)

And we'll end up on the second floor. We can talk to Helen in the restaurant again and she'll give the same response. I'm surprised this doesn't lead to a game over.

For this timeline we won't escort her. But there is a third option we can take that not many people know.

Oh, fine.

Oh, for the love of... Fine. Let's go.

Oh, thank you! I'm so sorry to inconvenience you like this.

And we're escorting her like normal. Let's get the bookmark and see if Helen can help us look.

Fine, we can't get up the stairs. Let's go to the front lobby. Maybe we can get some coins there.

How about the staff door?

Fine let's go to the restaurant... just as soon as we visit the kitchen.

Looks like we can't explore this hotel with Helen after all. How sad... Let's just get this over with.

This is the restaurant.

I'd like to say thank you, but...

I'm simply too tired!


Helen finishes yammering and goes into the restaurant.

Yup. Because we dick around Helen doesn't invite us to drink together.

Everything else proceeds as if we escorted her. Just keep in mind that the one we're going with is the timeline where we don't escort her.

For some reason Kyle won't examine the box to find the bookmark before dealing with the pen. Knocking Room 219 yields nothing too.

(Guess I'll give it back to the kid.)

That happen when we try to go to our room after dealing with the pen but before giving back the doll.

Nothing's stopping us from actually going to our room and getting the bookmark, though Kyle thoughts are a bit different than before. Not worth showing off.


Got a second?

...Oh, sorry...

Fair enough.

Wow. That's a stupid event flag to make us give the doll back first.

I didn't show this in the original timeline but this happens there too. You're not going to see many of the 'no questions' screen while playing.

... Um... This is way too hard! And stupid! How is anyone supposed to solve this?


Sn-sniff... Sniff...

Hold on. I'm almost done.

Maybe Melissa can help.

Why do I even bother...

Anyway, the reason I quit is to show that you can see the puzzle on the table now! Not just the box!



Anyway, we solve the puzzle.

The quit button in this one doesn't work. It just repeats Melissa crying and Kyle's last line.

This is the one we would've gotten if we asked Kevin in front of the restaurant.

You'll notice that the question about Kyle's name is removed. Why?

Before you ask, no. There's no special reaction for the bookmark. Also there's a new response to an old question.

Why are you asking about her mom? (We asked that gray question to get this question. In the original timeline we asked this in front of the restaurant.)

What's the story with the kid's mother?

Is it that she's not coming home?


Melissa, what have you been telling Mr. Hyde about your mother?!

Dammit! Damn it all!

Mr. Hyde... Every family has its own circumstances which dictate its existence.

Your knowledge of my family comes from the mouth of a child. Please remember that when drawing conclusions and passing judgement.

This scene is optional. We only have to ask the original yellow question. It's a nice touch that Kevin reacts differently since Melissa's actually here.

We can't actually get out of this conversation without asking that original yellow question, so let's just do that.

We finished a time period without a game over!