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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 44: Utilizing Louie's Skill

Just wanted to show that there's no sunset anymore.

(Might help to find out about that Osterzone fellow, too.)

Music: Big Dreams

After we walk a few steps, there's beeping sound.

It's my pager...

But before we do that...

Take the time to enjoy the moon. Not sure how the moon immediately appears after sunset, but there you go.

Also, the moon in 28 December 1979 was not a full moon but who cares?


Music: Serenity

Actually, Rachel says "Red Crown Enterprises, this is Rachel" but I'm too lazy to make a new GIF.

It's me. You need something?

Got a message from Ed. Said he's going to be late getting back in.

Left you alone again, did he?

I know! It's pretty unbelievable to me, too. Silly man prefers the company of his old LAPD cronies to a fun girl like me.

Anyway, he wanted me to ask if you needed anything. So do you?

I need him to give you a raise.

Wow, Kyle is actually nice to Rachel in this original (New Game +) timeline.

Oh, aren't you the sweetest thing? But seriously, Kyle, do you need anything? All you have to do is ask.

As long as you're offering, there is this one thing...

Let me have it, handsome.

I need information on a guy named Osterzone.

Oster... Osterzone? Are you making this up, Kyle?

If only. No, he's real. Painted a picture called Angel Opening a Door.

He's a painter? Why on earth do you need information on a painter?

Look, it's a long story, and-

I know. You hate long stories. They're a pain in your behind. Osterzone, right?

Yeah. Thanks, Rach.

Rach? Hm... OK, Kyle, I'll give you a ring when I've got something. Bye!


Insert knocking sound here.

Who's that?

Psssst... ... PSSSSSSSSTTT!! Yo, Hyde! It's me! Hullo?

Music: Easy Feeling
I distracted Dunning and borrowed the spare office key. Just like old times... Anyway, here ya go, my man. The key to Room 217.

Thanks. Now I can get this show on the road.

Just don't get nabbed by Dunning or Rosa, OK? Ya can't let 'em know I boosted that key!

Don't worry. If I get caught, I'll do my time like a man.

Hey, tell me something... You learn anything about that fountain pen?

Naw, man. Asked Mr. Smith 'bout it, but I struck out. Said nobody named Alan's been here in the last couple of weeks or so.


Who d'ya think it belongs to, man?

I don't know, but I'm going to hold on to it for a bit.

I want to check something out.

No skin off my hump.

Good, man, good. Then it's back to the grind for me.

Louie finishes yapping and heads off.

Music: Monochrome

And so we head to room 217.

Use room 217 key on knob

I used the key and opened Room 217.


So this is the room where the other Kyle Hyde stayed a few months back. According to Louie, it hasn't been used since.

Music: Straight Chaser

Curtain There's a shower curtain around the bathtub.
Bathtub Bathtub's clean as can be.
Toilet Toilet's clean. Good thing, too. I don't want anything to do with a dirty one.
Tissue Toilet paper. Man's best friend.
Towels Fresh, clean towels. I'm definitely taking some of those with me.
Sink And another sink you could eat off of.
Bottles A bottle of shampoo.
Mirror Mirror's sparkly. Rosa even cleans the rooms that no one uses. What a trooper.
Lamp There's a light above the mirror.

Chair That's another wooden chair. Hope this place never catches on fire...
Table It's a round wooden table.
Tea set A tea set? Huh. Didn't know L.A. folks liked tea so much.
Menu A restaurant menu's on top of the table.
Fridge What's under the TV? Oh, it's a fridge. Nice.
TV The television's not turned on. Too bad, I'd like to see the news.
Dresser It's a dresser.

Left envelope There's some hotel letterhead here. Several sheets have already been used.
Right envelope It's a hotel envelope.
Lighter There's a lighter in the drawer.
This... I've seen this before...
...Now I remember. This is the lighter Bradley always used.

This is proof. Now I know about the guy who stayed here six months ago. It was Bradley.

Or maybe someone else uses that kind of lighter. Have you ever thought of that?

Window I can see the highway from the window.
Painting There's a painting on the floor. ...That's weird. Why is it there?

Zoomed-in painting It's a painting of some apples. I still don't get why it's on the floor.
Paper slightly visible to the right of the painting
What's this?

There's a man and a girl in the photo. They look like father and daughter.
Wonder who they are.
Tables There are small tables on either side of the bed.
Brochure A hotel brochure. Different room, same brochure.
Phone Same phone I've seen in every other room.
Bed I'd love to see just one bed that looked like it's been slept in.
Wall lamp An ugly lamp is attached to the wall.
Darker wall Looks like there used to be a painting there.
Table lamp There's a lamp on top of the table. Nothing too interesting there.

And that's all to examine in this room. With nothing to do, we leave the room...

Music stops

Hyde! What in the Sam Hill do ya think yer doin'?!

Got lost. Isn't this the bar?

Hi Jeff! Haven't seen you in a while.

Angel... Ran to Dunning and sang like a canary, did you?


You know what happens to stoolies, Angel? Watch your back.

Stoolie (noun):
1. Short for stool pigeon.

Stool pigeon (noun):
1. A police informer.
2. A person acting as a decoy.

Huh. More education from this game. And Kyle sounds eerily like a criminal boss.

Music: Drunken Waltz
What ya getting all riled up for, Hyde? Yer the one in the wrong, ya damn sneak! How'd ya get in this room?! Where'd ya get the key?!

I won't have sneaky scum like you in my place! No damn way!

Grab yer stuff! I want ya outta here now!


Music: Dream's End
(Great... That punk Jeff ratted me out.)


Louie: 5
Rosa: 3
Dunning: 3
Martin: 2
Melissa: 2
Iris: 1
Jeff: 1

Chapter 4's off to a good start!

You can actually see from this picture earlier that there's someone on the right barely visible.

When you go to Room 217 from Room 215, you will see Jeff if you pay attention to the top/left screen. I just helpfully neglected to post it earlier.

That is why this is not the most unfair Game Over, but a lot of people get this one since they just go from point A to B without paying attention to the top screen. ...Yeah, I'm one of them.