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Part 49: Analyzing an autograph

Music: Rainy Night

You seem pretty thrilled.

Getting Summer's signature really make you that happy?

Of course it does! That gives me fifty! And fifty is nothing to sneeze at, let me tell you!

Fifty what?

Fifty sha-

Autographs, silly! I'm an autograph hound. I collect famous signatures. And Mr. Summer's is number fifty.

Got a thing for famous people's handwriting, huh?

I wouldn't put it that way, but yes, I suppose so. Yes.

I believe the actual term is philographist.

I got my first one while waitressing at a little diner in Santa Monica.

Funny enough, it was another novelist. To think it's been sixteen years... Well, I've been picking them up here and there, and now I've got fifty.

You can see why I'm so happy now, can't you?

So where's my book?

Show potato chips
Chips? Are those barbeque flavor? That's my favorite. (Takes the chips)
Show chocolate bar
Chocolate? Are you giving that to Rosa? Are you really? (Takes the chocolate)

Show Summer's novel (again since we showed it before)

Here you go.

Thanks. Where is it? Is this really HIS signature?

You didn't write this yourself, did you?

Forgery isn't my bag.

I like that Rosa is the only person who can trick Kyle repeatedly.

I know for a fact that this is really Mr. Summer's autograph. Mmm-hmm!

You see, Mr. Summer has a particular way of signing his name. I read a magazine interview where they discussed his distinctive penmanship.

(??? Distinctive penmanship? ???)

How's his signature special?

So what's special about Summer's autograph?

It's how he writes the "er" in Summer.

Look closely and you can see how distinct it is.

He said in an interview that he's been writing that way since he was a child.

The letters "e-r," huh?

This sort of handwriting indicates someone who tells audacious lies. But it indicates the person is a bit of a coward, as well.

You cook, clean, and do handwriting analysis? You're a marvel, Rosa.

Poke fun all you want, Mr. Hyde, but there's truth to be found in penmanship!

(A lying coward, huh? Sounds like a fair description of writers to me.)

Music: Hangover Blues
Tell me something, will you?


When was this book first published?

Well, it won a Mystery of the Year award in 1969, so... Ten years ago.

You have any more books by this guy?

No, the only one I have is The Secret Word.

This may sound rude, but I think it's the only one worth owning, really.

That so?

Yes it is, Mr. Hyde!

Summer published several books after The Secret Word, but... None of them really took off, as they say.

I'm not sure if he's what they call a one-hit wonder, but who knows?

I'm sure it's no easy task writing a best seller, after all! He must live fairly well off royalties, and that's something, right?

Sure it is.

Got one more thing to ask you. Is Martin Summer a pen name?

No, sir! Uh-uh!

That's his real name. I'm as sure of that as I am of anything.

That's pretty sure. (So all that business about a pen name was a cartload of bull.)

What's going on, Mr. Hyde?

That applies to almost everything we've done.

Thanks. See you later.


And thank YOU, Mr. Hyde.

I leave the kitchen. Rosa is still clutching the book to her chest.

(Summer's story has more holes than a slice of Swiss. Time to chat him up again.)

Music: Over Easy
Music: Monochrome

Music: Straight Chaser

Got a minute?

Please don't tell me you need another autograph.

No. I've got some questions for you.

Is that so? Very well, Mr. Hyde! Query away!

I know that this update is very short, but I'm going to end it here since we all know what's coming up.