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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 51: Chapter 4 Quiz

Music: Play It Again

I gave Rachel a buzz and asked her to dig up info on the guy. While I was waiting, I figured I'd check out the room the other Kyle Hyde stayed in. With my old pal Louie's help, I got the key to Room 217 and let myself in. That's where I found the lighter. The one that I think belonged to Bradley. But that wasn't the only clue I found in Room 217. Along with the lighter, I also found...

$20,000 in cash
No, that ain't it. I found the stack of cash in the toilet tank in Room 215.
A newspaper
No, that ain't it. There was no newspaper in Room 217. The newspaper was in the lobby. Summer was reading it.

An old photo

Music: Midnight
That's right. I found an old photograph in Room 217. There's a man and a little girl in it. Probably his daughter...

Music: Play It Again

That's when I found the stack of cash hidden in the toilet tank. I needed to know who left it there and why, so I put on my detective face and left. That's when Rosa cornered me and saddled me with one of Summer's books. She insisted that I...

Look for stolen goods
No, that ain't it. Rosa wasn't in the lobby demanding that Dunning pat down all the guests. That was some other idiot.
Let her clean
No, that ain't it. She asked me not to come through while she was cleaning, but... That wasn't when she gave me the book.

Get an autograph

Music: Midnight
That's right. She asked me to get Summer to sign her book. Kyle Hyde, professional autograph hound. Cripes...

Music: Play It Again

That's when Summer noticed he'd lost something. The thing Summer dropped was...

His novel
No, that ain't it. Rosa's the one who had Summer's book.
A crowbar
No, that ain't it. The crowbar's what Dunning was looking for. He was in a huff when he noticed it was missing from his toolbox.

A fountain pen

Music: Midnight
That's right. Summer lost a pen. Same pen Louie found and gave to me.

Music: Play It Again

But now I was onto him, and getting more suspicious by the second. See, Rosa said something that got me interested in Summer again. She talked about...

Her collection
No, that ain't it. This has nothing to do with Rosa's autograph collection.
The back stairs
No, that ain't it. That's what Rosa said while she was cleaning the hallway. It didn't make me suspicious of Summer.

I don't know, the back stairs sounds suspicious to me. How would he know that he can use it? It said "Staff Only" on the door!

Summer's real name

Music: Midnight
That's right. Summer said he wrote under a pen name. But Rosa told me Martin Summer is his given name. My money's on Rosa.

Music: Play It Again

Guy cracked like Humpty Dumpty and spilled his guts about his debut novel. The big secret was...

He has odd handwriting
No, that ain't it. True, Summer's autograph din't match the writing in the notebook. And it did lead me to question his story, but that wasn't the secret.
This hotel holds memories
No, that ain't it. He told me that Hotel Dusk was a place where something important happened... But he wasn't talking about himself. He was talking about his friend, Alan.

He stole a friend's work

Music: Midnight
That's right. Summer stole the story from some guy named Alan. The same Alan whose name was inscribed on the pen Louie found.

Music: Play It Again

But now I got some other things to take care of before I can follow up on these leads. The guests here eat, sleep, and hoard secrets like squirrels hoard nuts. I was willing to let 'em take their private affairs home and let it be. But that was before somebody decided to stash a wad of cash in my john.

Music: Silent Moon
Now it looks like I gotta be part of this circus sideshow. Well, so be it. I feel the old instincts kicking in, and somewhere a part of me grins. I'm still looking for anything that'll lead me to Bradley, but... Nothing's stopping me from taking out the trash along the way.

And that is Kyle's excuse for snooping in other people's lives who (seemingly) has nothing to do with Bradley.