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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 56: Sharing with Rachel

(What am I supposed to do with all that loot?)

Music: Monochrome

Another case of 'walk a few steps to trigger the plot.'

Phone Phone's ringing.

Music: Serenity

Hey, Rachel.
I heard back on your mystery painter with the funny name. You ready?
You're welcome. OK, let's see... He was born in England in 1875.

Rachel is amazing.

I guess the guy was a total unknown while he was alive. Then, about forty years after he died, someone found about ten or so of his works. Suddenly, everybody goes crazy over the guy and he becomes the new big thing. Artsy types like his "subtle brushwork" and a bunch of other stuff I don't get. But it must be a big deal, because collectors really want his paintings. I'd need to sell my car and everything in my apartment just to look at the stuff. Oh, and his most valuable painting is something called Angel Opening a Door.
I know about that.

...I did not know that.

See? I should be your partner! Anyway, yeah, someone took it from the Travis Art Gallery three years ago.
It's his most popular painting, and it's also really big. Must have been hard to steal. Isn't art fascinating?
Oh yeah. I'm heading for a gallery as soon as I hang up the phone.
So...Kyle? Sweetie?
Why the sudden interest in dead painters?
Actually, I just wanted to know about angel paintings.
Angels don't paint, handsome. They play harps.
Yeah, whatever. Listen, I found some dirt on Bradley in the last few hours.
Bradley? That's the man you're looking for, right? The one you won't tell me about?
That's him. Bradley vanished three years ago. He was my partner. And my friend.
Oh... Oh, Kyle, I didn't-
Don't interrupt, or I'll never finish. Three years ago I was a cop in New York. Bradley and I were in charge of a task force investigating a crime syndicate called Nile. Something went wrong and Bradley threw it all away. He betrayed us. He hit Nile for a king's ransom and an angel painting, then did his best Houdini act.
I want to know why. That's why I'm trying to find him.
No wonder you're so cheery all the time. Is that why you gave up your badge? To try and find this guy?
Could be.
Oh... Thanks, Kyle. Thanks for telling me. I know talking isn't really your thing.
Ed out again?
Mmm-hmm. I'm beginning to think he dislikes me. I'll tell him to call you when he gets in.

(Finally got up the nerve to tell Rachel about Bradley.)
Eight bells. Time to go see Rosa.

Music: Monochrome
If you forgot, the reason we're meeting Rosa is to ask Mila about the bracelet Bradley wore. Note that I grabbed the crowbar, screwdriver, pliers, memo, small red box, room 217 key and stack of cash offscreen.
We go down the stairs...

Music stops

What's wrong now?

All right, what's wrong now? Something happen? You look like roadkill.
It's nothing.
Really? Great.
See ya around.
Wait a minute, will you?

Music: Slow Steps
Dunning say anything to you?

About you? Yeah, plenty.

Yeah, I heard somebody made off with your stuff.
So you heard, huh?

(??? What was stolen? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

We'll take a detour for a bit. Jeff won't go anywhere and Rosa won't appear until we finish talking here.

We'll get the special prize for this timeline by brute forcing again. The number for this one is 51.

Music: Straight Chaser
Something fell out of the vending machine.

Lipstick? I got no truck with this stuff. Better find someone to give it to.

The reward for the star stickers sidequest is different between NG and NG+. The NG prize is the Pinkie Rabbit doll while the NG+ one is a lipstick. Anyway, back to questioning Jeff.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
What are you writing?
Show men's magazine
Some nice bods in there, but if I wanted to see a skin mag, I'd go buy my own.
Show potato chips
Potato chips, huh?
That's great and all, but I don't really care.
Show chocolate bar
Do you think I'm a little kid or something? I don't want this. I don't need any chocolate.
Show crowbar
Is that a crowbar? Are you trying to threaten me?
Show lipstick
Um...that's not mine. IT'S NOT!
Show stack of cash
Nope. We all know what will happen.

And why are you so insistent that the lipstick isn't yours?

What was taken from you?

So what got taken?

Hey, hold on.

Come on. Tell me.

Why not?
Get serious!
You could be the thief, for all I know!

What, you're afraid that we're going to hide it?

But I will get my things back. That idiot manager is searching right now. Room to room... Which means he'll visit you, too. Does that frighten you at all?
This fun for you, kid? You like playin' cops and robbers?
Look at you, standing there with that idiot grin on your face. ...What a sap.

What'n the name'a Sam Hill's goin' on here?!

Someone's yelling behind me. ...And I think I know who it is.

Music: Hangover Blues
Somethin' happen?
We're just talking.
Great. Last thing I need in my life's more useless chitchat.

Jeff clamps his mouth shut and storms off.

Well, crap.
You plan on going through everyone's things?
I look like Sherlock Holmes to you? If there's an investigation, I gotta call the police. ...Much as I hate to.
I bet.

OK, I'll bite.

What's the problem?

What's wrong?
Aw, ain't nothin'. But...
Again with the "but." What is it?
It's that Angel kid.
He', ya know? Rubs me the wrong way.

(??? What about him is off-kilter? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What're ya lookin' at?
Write note
What're ya writin'?
Show lipstick
Dagnabbit, Mr. Hyde! I wanted to win that.

I can't imagine why Dunning would want to win that since he's the one who runs the competition in the first place.