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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 57: Looking Out for Mila

Music: Rainy Night

What makes him off-kilter?

Why does he seem off-kilter?
Sometimes when I call him? He don't react!'
Doesn't react? Like how? He ignores you?
I ain't exactly sure, but... I'll talk to him, and it's like he don't hear me. Gotta say his name'a few times 'fore he pays attention. And he's all bent outta shape 'bout his stuff bein' stolen, right? But he don't seem upset in the right way. More like it's an act. And all this business 'bout searchin' everyone's stuff? Had enough'a that!
You think he's lying?
I dunno. But I don't wanna call no cops! I hate cops!

Music: Hangover Blues
What are you going to do?
Gonna think things over for an hour is what I'm gonna do!
One hour exactly? You got a show to watch or something?
I'm a punctual man! Anyway, I'm gonna give it an hour, then hear his story again. Then I'll decide whether or not t'call the police.

Dunning finishes talking and slouches off.

Music: Monochrome

Rosa will now appear in front of her room.

Music: Hangover Blues
Oh, Mr. Hyde! Hello! What good timing you have!
I was hoping you'd come along, and here you are!
Something happen?
It's Mila. She's not feeling very well, poor thing!
She's running a fever!
How bad?
She seems tired, but I think that's the worst of it. At least for now. I'm going to run to the front desk and get some medicine.
Do me a favor. Go to my room and watch her until I get back. OK? Good! I'll be back in a jiffy!


Yeah, OK. Why not.
Thank you, Mr. Hyde!
I'll be back before you know it! Just you wait!

Rosa finishes talking and scuttles away.

Music: Monochrome

We can visit Rosa in the front desk.

Music: Hangover Blues
Mr. Hyde, will you please go and stay with Mila? Hurry up, will you? Come on, now!
All right.



Music: Secrets


And now we have to wake her up. Kyle just won't let her rest.

Rosa's gone to get you some medicine. Take it easy, OK? Meeting all these new people tired you out, didn't it?

Since Mila can't speak, just imagine (Yes) as nodding and (No) as shaking her head.

Thought so.
So, hey. I got something I need to ask you.
Can you tell me something about your bracelet? Was it a present?
Yeah? Who gave it to you?

Can't tell me, huh?
(Great... Now what?)
(Wait a second...)
Mila, can you write?
Here. Write down the name of the person who gave you the bracelet.
Write it here.

I open my notebook and give it to Mila. She writes something in the notebook.


Music: Rainy Night

Show hotel brochure

Show old photo

What's wrong?

Show lipstick

You want this lipstick?
Not your color, huh?
Show others

Every time Mila writes on the notebook we have to break to the question screen and tap the notebook icon to read it. It's kinda annoying but still better than the phone.

Music: Secrets
You got the bracelet from your father?
What's his name?
Here, write it down.

I open my notebook and give it to Mila. She writes something in the notebook.


Music: Rainy Night

Music: Secrets
Your father's name is Robert Evans? Huh. All right...
So what's your father do? Where does he live?
Here. Write it down for me.

What's wrong?
You don't want to tell me?

Music: Hangover Blues
Oh, it's you.
Thank you for coming, Mr. Hyde! I'll take over now. You can go. OK? Good.
We're in the middle of a conversation.
Well, it'll have to wait! Mila's tired. Finish up later, all right? Now skedaddle!

And we're kicked out.

Music: Monochrome

Huh. Look who's there. Let's get closer.

Music stops

What ya doin' here? ...Lemme tell ya somethin', Mr. Hyde. I see no reason for ya to be wanderin' the halls like some kinda spook.
Ya keep sneakin' around, and I'm gonna get suspicious! Why don't ya go on back to yer room and sit still for a bit.

Dunning turns and goes into the room.

Music: Monochrome
Will do!

After we get to our room, there's a knock.

Music: Pink Rabbit
What is it, squirt?
Um... Mr. Hyde? Can you help me?
With what?

Spoiler: Melissa is actually an

You have wings?
No, my doll. I ripped one of the wings on my doll.

Oh. That makes more sense.

C'mon, kid. Get your old man to fix it.
He can't sew. He's a man.

Yeah, whatever. But Mr. Summer said to ask you. He said you could fix it, so can you fix it? Please?
Summer told you I could fix it?
Uh-huh. He said you're a salesman and have gadgets and stuff like that.
He said a buncha other stuff, too, but I didn't understand them. And then he kept talking and I got bored. He smells weird. But he said that you had something that could fix my doll.
Summer, you two-bit con artist...
What's a con artist?
Can't believe anyone would think I could sew...

Music: Monochrome

Can you guys figure out how to sew Melissa's doll? What can we use to do it?