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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 58: Sewing a Doll

Music: Monochrome

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

We should give Melissa Jeff's money.

I wish we can do this. Talking to Melissa just repeats that last bit from before. We can't show her anything.

FoolyCharged posted:

Call the office and have a new one sent in

This one's made by her mom, so I don't think there's a new one.

The search is limited to this room since Melissa's blocking the door.

It seems that everyone forgot about the stuff we received from Ed.

Music: Straight Chaser

Left box There's a cardboard box on the bed. The products Ed sent over are in the box.

Yeah. Remember what that stapler-like thing is?

Machine There's a mini sewing machine in the box.

We can now talk to Melissa to fix her doll. Kyle's not going to charge anything for using his sewing machine. What a bad salesman.

Music: Pink Rabbit
Look, squirt...
Please, mister!

We just have to sew by drawing zig zag lines. Everyone who finished trauma center for DS or lifesigns would be expert at this.

The lines doesn't even have to be clean, as you can see from the gif.

There, all done.


Pretty good, huh? Now get lost.


Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!
Hey, mister?
Are you and that one guy friends?
What one guy? Louie?
I dunno. He's the guy in Room 213.
Him? No, he's a chump. Why did you think we're friends?
'Cause I saw him coming out of your room. I thought you were talking or something.

Dramatic SFX! Music stops
You saw him what? (So it was Angel...)
What's wrong, mister?
Nothing, kid.
Take your doll and go back to your room. Your old man's probably wondering where you are.

Melissa takes her doll and leaves.

Wow, this chapter goes by very quickly.

Music: Monochrome
We go out of our room.

(So Jeff was in my room, was he? Think it's time he and I have a little chat. ...And see where it goes from there.)

Knock Knocking gets me nothing.

Music: Straight Chaser
Nobody home, huh? Wonder who's room he's breaking into now.

Music: Insomnia
(Wait a second...)
(When I saw him in front of the restaurant...)
(He'd just come out of the left hallway door. I bet he was up to no good on the other side...)

Music: Monochrome
And now we're left to search the left hallway for traces of whatever he's been doing. There's 5 rooms in the left hallway: pantry, Louie's, laundry, electrical, and boiler. There's no clue as to which one has something strange.

Knock Knock, knock, knock... Is there a party someone didn't tell me about?

That's the default response for knocking Louie's room, which we haven't seen. Louie's room is out since it's locked, but that still leaves 4 other rooms. Spoiler: it's in the laundry.

Music: Straight Chaser


A linen cart...
Wonder if it's worth searching...

Obviously if it's not worth searching there won't be a minigame for it. We just have to toss all the sheets away...

And there's nothing. Or is there? That upper cloth of the cart looks kinda strange. I wonder why...


Music: Easy Feeling
What have we here?

Guess someone didn't like the room service.

Please not Dunning please not Dunning please not Dunning...

It's not Dunning!!!!!! I think that describes my thoughts while playing this part for the first time pretty well.

Brother, you GOT to stop sneaking around! What ya doin', anyway?

I found something good.

Close your head, Louie. I just found something interesting.
Hyde? That's laundry. You find Dunning's used tighty-whiteys or something?
It's a gun.
Yeah. In the linen cart.

You're playin' with me, ain't ya? Yo, did you break into the bar or something? 'Cause you're talking like a crazy man. Wait, for real? You really find a piece? C'mon, man, lemme see it!
Here it is.
Holy crap! What kinda crazy person hides somethin' like that here? Rosa ain't been in here today, and ya know I ain't doin' laundry 'less I have to. Maybe it was that one guy.

(??? Who used the laundry today? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
Yo, what're ya lookin' at?
Write note
Yo, what're ya writin'?
Show old photo
Man, that thing must be older than Helen! Har har har!
Show potato chips
I haven't eaten that stuff since I got out here! (Takes the chips)
Show chocolate bar
Nice, my man! You must be havin' a snack attack! (Takes the chocolate)
Show room 217 key
Yo, Hyde! Don't go flashin' that around! If Dunning sees, we're both dead men, dig?!
Show stack of cash

Cold hard cash. About twenty Gs worth.
Where'd ya get that? Hey, Hyde... Don't tell me... You didn't lift that dough from Room 213, yeah?
Show lipstick
Lipstick? Somebody forget that in your room? My man, Hyde! AWOOOOOOOO!!!
Show pistol
That the heater ya found in the laundry cart?