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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 59: Breaking and Entering

Music: Rainy Night

Who did laundry today?

Any guests use the laundry today?
Yeah, man. Dude in 213. That Jeff Angel guy.
He was wanderin' up and down the hall, so I gave him a holler. Asked if we had a laundry room, and I told him where it was.
(Angel, huh? Figures.)
Where's the little prince think he is, man? This ain't the Ritz, ya know? Something 'bout him gives me the willies. Plus, he does nothing but cry and moan!

This isn't referring to Ritz-Carlton since that company doesn't exist in 1979.

"I don't like what's on the menu." "My bed's too hard." Guy won't shut up! I wanna tell him to take his pansy-ass outta here and run home to momma! Oh, and now? AND NOW?! He's wailin' about how all his crap got stolen. I tell ya, man, he's drivin' Dunning nuts. Old man's spittin' nails!
What got stolen from Jeff? Cash?
What else, right? But listen to this... Guy lost twenty Gs!
Can ya believe that? Who has that kinda moolah in a hotel? Guy with that much cash? Musta done something dirty, right?
So he claims someone lifted twenty large from him, huh?

Since we show the stack of cash to Louie before, this scene plays.

Yeah, man, it's... Hey... That stack of cash ya was flashin' around earlier... Hyde... You don't got Angel's dough, right? C'mon, man...
Could be.

If we didn't show Louie the stack of cash, this scene plays instead.

That's his story.
Take a look at this, Louie.
Cold hard cash. About twenty Gs worth.
Where'd ya get that? Aw, Hyde... Don't tell me!
Yeah. I'm pretty sure this is Angel's dough.

Both scenes converge here.

I found it wrapped in a plastic bag in my room's toilet.
OK, now I KNOW you're playin' with ol' Louis! Who'd go and do somethin' like that?
You tell me. I went downstairs after I found it and Jeff was already yapping away.
So ya think...
Yeah. I think. Timing was too close to be coincidence. And here's the kicker: I got an eyewitness. Melissa saw Jeff come out of my room.
No way! What a dirtbag!

Music: Easy Feeling
Whatcha gonna do, Hyde? Dunning's thinking 'bout callin' in the cops on this, and LAPD is no joke!
You gotta watch your step, brother!
...You're right. Last thing I need is to get caught up in Hollywood drama. Especially now that I found a lead on Bradley.
Hold it! You got a lead? Did you find somethin' in Room 217?

Apparently both Umineko and this game were released when Ace Attorney is popular. Kyle regrettably doesn't have a pointing sprite. Just multiple 'Hold it!' (Objection!TM would've just been to obvious).

A lighter.
A lighter?
That's right. Looks just like the one Bradley carried.
So the cat what stayed here six months ago under your name was...
That's my hunch.
Yeah, but if that's true... Why'd the dude use your name, man? And why's he stayin' here in the first place?
No clue, Louie. That's what I've got to figure out. But first I have to clear up these distractions.
I dig ya, brother.
That punk Jeff's plannin' something! We gotta make him talk! Gotta find out why he's tryin' to set you up!
My thoughts exactly.
We gotta trick him, yeah? Make him slip up and do something stupid!
He ain't from the streets! He's some spoiled rich punk! We can roll him, easy!
All right, Louie, let's do it.

OK, got it! Check this out, my man!
I get Jeff to come outta his room, right? And then while he's gone...
I go in and give the place a quick shakedown.
Bingo! I bet my last dime there's something in his room that'll nail him.
I think you're right.
So you want I should go ahead and set the trap? Ya got any dirty cop tricks I can use? Beat sticks or sweet talk or that kinda crap?

Create a distraction.

Think you can create a distraction?
Yeah, yeah. I can do that.
Punk's in Room 213, and the room next to him is vacant. So Room 214's where I'll do my thing. I'll go there and...uh...get his attention by makin' a buncha loud noises or something.
That's some plan.
Don't sweat me, man! Look, I'll get him outta his room!
Then I'll just keep him busy for a while, ya dig?
I guess that'll work.
OK, let's go in five. All ya gotta do is go and wait in Room 217, yeah?

Louie finishes talking and rushes out of the room.

Music: Monochrome

Umm... Where should we wait? I miss that part. Let's ask Louie.


What're ya doin', man? You're not supposed to come in here! You're supposed to be waitin' in Room 217!
Right. On my way.

Sheesh. Don't need to be THAT mad about it.


We just go inside a few steps...

Door sound.

OK, Hyde. Time to go to work.

Wait a minute, we don't have anything to pick the lock! How are we going to get in?


...I got nothing.

Music: Straight Chaser

Desk Nice desk. Wish my room had one of those.
Lamp There's a lamp on the desk.
Chair There's a checkered chair in front of the desk.
TV Huh? This isn't the same TV I've seen in the other rooms.

Toilet Yeah, it's a toilet. I don't need to look any further.
Tissue It's toilet paper.
Curtain It's a shower curtain.
Bathtub Yep, Rosa's definitely been in here. It's spotless.
Towel For once, I'd like to see some towels that look like they've been used.
Sink Sink's as clean as can be. Rosa deserves a raise.
Bottle It's a bottle of shampoo.
Mirror Mirror's clean. Real clean. Almost scary clean.
Lamp There's a lamp above the mirror.

Phone That's the same phone I've seen in every room.
Stand There's a small stand next to the bed.
Bed Bed's a mess.

During examination of Room 217 posted:

Bed I'd love to see just one bed that looked like it's been slept in.
Congratulations, Kyle! You got your wish!
Painting And another still-life painting on the wall. I've seen a few of those.
Lamp There's a reading lamp in the corner of the room.

Can It's an empty beer can. Just one? Huh...
Table There's a low table in front of the sofa. Great for resting your feet.
Jacket That must be Jeff's coat. Wonder if it would fit me.

Hmm? There's something in the jacket pocket.

The name on the card is Jeff Damon.
Jeff Damon...
Damon? I've heard that name before.
Music: Insomnia
(Oh, right...)
(It was in the lobby paper.)
It seems there was a burglary in Beverly Hills last night. Quite brazen, really...
The victim was an attorney named Larry Damon.
Mr. Damon happens to be a friend of mine, you see? I do hope he is doing well.
What the hell?
(Is the attorney in that article Jeff's father?)
Music: Straight Chaser
Lamp There's a lamp on the stand.
Stand There's a small stand in the corner of the room.
Sofa That's a nice leather sofa. Angel got the swank room for sure...
Bag There's a bag on the sofa.

Look what's in his bag...

So Jeff's got the master key to my room, huh?

That's all we can examine in this room. Let's ask Louie about that key we just found.

Music: Slow Steps