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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 62: Chapter 5 Quiz

Music: Play It Again

Then Rachel called and told me about the painting Angel Opening a Door. Seems the thing was stolen from a New York art museum three years ago. We talked, then I went to meet Rosa and ended up running into Jeff. Jeff asked me...

What's wrong with him?
No, that ain't it. That's what Dunning said.
Look after Mila, will you?
No, that ain't it. That's what Rosa said.

Did Dunning say anything?

Music: Midnight
That's right. That's what the punk said.
He was grinning from ear to ear, like he was glad he got robbed.

Music: Play It Again

I went to check up on her and used my notebook to chat with her. I learned that her father's name is...

Kevin Woodward
No, that ain't it. That's the name of Melissa's father.
Martin Summer
No, that ain't it. That's the name of the sap in Room 211.

Robert Evans

Music: Midnight
That's right. Mila's father's name is Robert Evans. The bracelet she wears was a gift from him.

Music: Play It Again

That's when Melissa told me she'd seen Jeff coming out of my room. I knew Jeff was trouble, so I went back and gave the laundry room a quick search. What I found there was unexpected. It was...

A crowbar
No, that ain't right. That's what I put back in the toolbox.
A Room 215 master key
No, that ain't it. That's what I found in Jeff's bag in Room 213.

A gun

Music: Midnight
That's right. I found it under a mountain of sheets in the laundry cart. Nice piece, too.

Music: Play It Again

We both figured Jeff was involved somehow and decided to roll him up. While Louie kept Jeff busy, I took a little stroll through his room. I patted down Jeff's jacket and found...

A mini sewing machine
No, that ain't it. The mini sewing machine's one of the products I'm supposed to be selling.
A newspaper
No, that ain't it. That was left at the front desk.

Jeff's Student ID

Music: Midnight
That's right. I found Jeff's student ID in the breast pocket of his coat. I saw the name on the card and realized that Jeff was using a fake name.

Music: Play It Again

Then I stuck his feet to the coals and asked why he was trying to stir up trouble. Jeff told me all about his idiotic plan, and how he was ticked off at the old man. His father's name is Larry Damon, and he makes a living as a...

No, that ain't it. That's what Melissa's father does.
No, that ain't it. That's Summer's job. Or his fake job, anyway.


Music: Midnight
That's right. Jeff's father is a lawyer. Knocked me for a loop when I heard he was a hired mouthpiece for Nile.

Music: Play It Again

It did convince me of one thing though: people do stupid things. But when you ask them, they always got a reason.

Music: Silent Moon
Tell me, Bradley... Why'd you do it? For what price did you sell our trust? Your soul? Maybe that's all I want to know. Maybe that's why I'm chasing ghosts and lies. The sun sets, and Hotel Dusk retreats into darkness.
Like the shadows that creep across the floor, I'm moving toward an answer.