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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 63: 08:00 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

As always, the phone call with Rachel is a bit different.

You doing OK?
What is it, Rachel?
Your usual cheery self, I see. Listen, I dug up some info on this Osterzone fellow.
Let me have it.
You're welcome. OK, let's see... He was born in England in 1875. And he died in 1910 at the age of thirty-five. Whole career is one big mystery. The guy was a complete unknown while he was alive. Then, about forty years after he died, ten or so of his works were discovered. Suddenly, people love his stuff and he becomes the art world's new darling. From what I've read, artsy types appreciate his "subtle and distinctive brushwork." There are a lot of collectors out there who want his paintings in a big way. You wouldn't BELIEVE how much folks are paying for his stuff! It's crazy! Oh, and his most valuable painting is something called Angel Opening a Door.
Angel Opening a Door, huh?
Mmm-hmm. But the thing's been stolen, so there you go.
Someone stole it?
That's right. It says here it was taken from the Travis Art Museum... Let's see... Yep, three years ago.
Apparently it's the largest of all Osterzone's paintings. And the most popular. Isn't this all just fascinating?
So...Kyle? Sweetie?
Why the sudden interest in dead painters?
Actually, I just wanted to know about angel paintings.
Angel paintings? You mean paintings of angels, right?
Yeah, whatever. Listen, I found some dirt on Bradley in the last few hours.
Bradley? That's the man you're looking for, right? The one you won't tell me about?
Bradley was my partner when I was on the force. Three years ago, he went rogue and stabbed me in the back. Used his badge to steal a boatload of cash and a big angel painting. Then he vanished... I want to know what happened. Why he did it. That's why I'm tracking him down.
Let me guess. Ed's out again, isn't he?
Um...yeah. Yeah, he's out. I'll have him give you a ring when he gets in.
Do it.
And, Kyle? Thanks for telling me. About Bradley.

Eight bells. Time to go see Rosa.

Unlike the first time we see Jeff, not pressing this one won't skip the conversation.

Like what?

Like what?
Aw, never mind. You didn't hear anything anyway.
Yeah, I heard. Somebody boosted your stuff, right? That what this is about?

Show NougaChew!
Do you think I'm a little kid or something? What am I supposed to do with this? Is that a NougaChew!? Great. Why don't you just keep it.
Show candy
I don't like candy. I don't want your candy.
Show Pinkie Rabbit doll
That's Pinkie Rabbit, isn't it? ...Not that I would know or anything.

Let's pretend that Kyle is an idiot who took the time to take the stack of cash from his suitcase and show it to Jeff.

Show stack of cash
This what got stolen from you?
Ha ha ha! So it was you, after all!
After all?

What'n the name'a Sam Hill's goin' on here?!

Someone's yelling behind me. And I think I know who it is.

Music: Drunken Waltz
What the hell ya doin'?
It was you all along!
Don't play dumb with me!
I knew there was somethin' fishy 'bout ya! Now ya've gone and proved me right, ya piece'a trash!
Get out! Get outta my place 'fore I sock ya one!

Music: Dream's End
(This isn't how I expected him to react. That's not why I showed him that...)


Louie: 5
Dunning: 5
Rosa: 4
Martin: 3
Jeff: 3
Melissa: 2
Iris: 1

Music: Sapu

We're going to press this one.

You lost $20,000, right?

Twenty large, right?

That's how much scratch you lost, right? Twenty thousand dollars? Am I wrong?
Oh, I get it.
It was you! Wasn't it, Mr. Hyde?

The hell's goin' on here?

Someone's yelling behind me. And I think I know who it is.

Music: Hangover Blues
Somethin' happen?
We're just talking.
Great. Last thing I need in my life's more useless chitchat.
I solved the case. The thief is right here.
Huh? Mr. Hyde? You better have proof before ya say somethin' like that, kid!
He knows exactly how much was taken from me.
Oh yeah?

If Kyle has the stack of money on him, this happens.

All right, Mr. Hyde. I'm gonna need ya to show me yer things.
You want to buy me dinner first?
Don't get smart, pal! Just get it done so we can both feel better.
That satisfy ya, Angel?
...I suppose so.
Not gonna happen.
Sorry, Mr. Hyde, but I gotta do it. Now lemme see if ya got twenty thousand in cash on ya...

Music: Drunken Waltz
Mr. Hyde! What the hell ya doin' with this?
That? know. Hanging on to it.
So you're the thief! Ya been stealin' stuff all along! I see the kinda man you are, ya lowdown rat!
Get outta my place! Get out 'fore I toss ya out m'self!

Music: Dream's End
(Oh, crap!)


Louie: 5
Dunning: 5
Rosa: 4
Jeff: 4
Martin: 3
Melissa: 2
Iris: 1

Jeff's score sure is rising quickly.

Explosions posted:

Yeah, the game over scoreboard should probably just say Kyle: 18.

This is definitely accurate (back when there were still just 18 Game Overs).

If Kyle is not an idiot and still stash the stack of cash in his suitcase, this happens instead.

Mr. Hyde.
Can I get ya t'show me yer things?
My what?
Yer belongin's!
Why do you want to see my...belongin's?
'Cause otherwise I'll toss ya outta my place, that's why!
That satisfy ya, Angel?
...I suppose so.
All right, here goes nothin'...
Well? Did he have anything?
Hell no, he didn't!
I swear to heaven this crap's gonna kill me. Enough's enough already!
You call that a search? You couldn't find dirt in a graveyard, old man!
I demand that you call the police!

Jeff then leaves and the conversation goes as usual. But what happens if we have other "wrong" items? Well, nothing, really. It plays that last scene without a game over. Guess Jeff was right when calling it a sloppy search.

Music: Sapu

Remember when I said that we'll rarely see the questions screen, turns out I wasn't really counting on there being so many on the alternate timeline. With nothing to do, we quit the conversation.

Music: Insomnia
(Now that I think of it...)
(Dunning did say something, didn't he?)
I look like Sherlock Holmes to you? If there's an investigation, I gotta call the police. ...Much as I hate to.
What was that last part about?

Music: Sapu

Rosa won't appear until we finish talking with Jeff and Dunning.

Sorry, can't help you.

Forget it.
Want a babysitter? Hire a kid. Maybe Melissa can help.

Melissa's too busy asking Martin to repair her wings.

Hmph! Is that so?
Have it your way, then! I'll ask no more favors from YOU!

Rosa finishes talking and storms off.

Amazingly, that doesn't give us a Game Over. For now.