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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 65: 08:40 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

We can search the laundry cart without knocking Jeff's door. However, Kyle won't search the cart before sewing Melissa's doll.

Mind your business!


It's nothing if I SAY it's nothing.
Drop it.
Chill, man!
No reason to chew my damn head off! I'm helpin' ya look for that dirtbag Bradley, right? I thought we was on the same team, man! Ya know? Partners? But it's a one-way street with you, ain't it? Ya need somethin', ya yell for Louie. "Get me this, Louie! Get me that!"
But otherwise, it's just "Shut up, Louie!" and "Get the hell outta here, Louie!"
That's OK, that's cool. You're still a cop, man. Ya ain't like us normal folk.
I'm just a damn stooge to you! Shoulda known...

That's right!

Yeah, you should have known. But you never were all that bright.

Get serious, DeNonno. You think I was going to team up with a punk like you?

Damn, I'm stupid. Can't believe I thought I could trust a rat like you.

Louie turns and leaves the room.

As we leave the room...

Not sure why Kyle's sprite is missing.


Music: Drunken Waltz

Louie told me all about ya, Hyde!
Told me yer fuzz!
Don't play soft with me!
I ain't about to let no damn cop stay in my place causin' trouble! Ya got business here? Come back when ya got a warrant!
Now haul yer ass outta here!

Music: Dream's End
(Bad move, Hyde. Didn't think Louie had the guts to do it.)


Louie: 6
Dunning: 5
Rosa: 4
Jeff: 4
Martin: 3
Melissa: 2
Iris: 1

I hope that teaches you a lesson about bullying, Kyle.

Music: Sapu

That's not true.

That's not how it is, Louie.
S'okay. Ya ain't gotta baby me. I ain't gonna start cryin'.
I'm not trying to baby anyone. Louie. Look at me.

You're not just some snitch, OK?
Yeah, whatever, man. Let's just forget it.
Tell me what happened, yeah?
I found something.
Yeah? Good for you, man.
It's a piece.
C'mon, man! Stop yankin' my chain already!
Dead serious, Louie. It was in the laundry cart.

This ain't a sheet.

And the rest proceed like before.

Show NougaChew!
I used to eat that all the time when I was back in the city. (Takes the NougaChew!)
Show candy
Get outta here, Hyde! You really eat that junk? (Takes the candy)
Show Pinkie Rabbit doll

Just call him away.

Keep it simple. Give him a call and get him out of the room.
A call? That's it? C'mon, man, I wanna be like Kojak and bust down his door or something.

Who the hell's Kojak?

Wikipedia posted:

Kojak was an American crime drama television series starring Telly Savalas as the title character, New York City Police Department Detective Lieutenant Theo Kojak. Taking the time slot of the popular Cannon series, it aired on CBS from 1973-78.

In 1999 TV Guide ranked Theo Kojak number 18 on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list.

Huh. Nice reference.

Man, you're such a drag... All right, I'll just go and tell him I found his dough.
Where? the...utility closet. Yeah, I'll have him follow me down there. Then I'll mess with the lock and keep him busy for a few.
Got it.
OK, let's go in five. All ya gotta do is go and wait in Room 217, yeah?

Louie finishes talking and rushes out of the room.

Louie will now wait in the Utility Closet instead of Room 214. We can visit him but he just gives the same response as before, so let's wait in Room 217.

Door sound.

OK, Hyde. Time to go to work.

Meh. Kyle doesn't like working! He wants to play with Louie instead!


Music stops

Whoa! You're not supposed to be here, man.

Right. Sorry.

Kyle exits the room.

Music: Drunken Waltz

What're ya doin', Mr. Hyde?
Um... Admiring the carpet?

That's him! That's the thief!
He's the one who stole my money!

Search his things! You'll see!
So yer the one behind all this, eh, Mr. Hyde? Cough up the money and haul yer ass outta here!

(How did this happen? Damn...)


Louie: 6
Dunning: 5
Jeff: 5
Rosa: 4
Martin: 3
Melissa: 2
Iris: 1

That should've been Kyle's fault, but fuck it, we're blaming it on Jeff.

This Game Over can be obtained by visiting the room Louie's in (Utility Closet or Room 214) between Jeff leaving his room and Kyle entering it.

Music: Sapu

You got my floor wet.

You got the floor all wet. Didn't you?

If it's wet, it's because the plumbing's shot like everything else in this dump!

Loop and skip.

I got intuition.

I got intuition.

I think you're confusing that with imagination.

Loop and skip.

Jeff actually has another response for showing the items the second time.

Show pistol (again)
Put that away!
I told you I don't know anything about that.
Show duplicate room 215 key (again)
Show Jeff's student ID (again)
You must not be very bright. I told you I don't know anything about that.

We don't have to ask any questions to proceed for now. We just have to show the pistol, duplicate key, and student ID.

We also grabbed the cash since, like I said, Kyle won't enter Jeff's room without it.

Show stack of cash (again)
That was stolen!
You stole it!
Show newspaper (again)

There's no special response for showing the other evidence the second time (after newspaper).
To actually be able to ask the question, we have to show the corresponding items (cash, gun, ID) after showing the newspaper.

I know about the cash.

You had to hide the cash.

You didn't have a better place to hide it, right?

I don't know anything about that.

I know about the gun.

You felt the heat!

You didn't have any place to stash the thing.

Your real name is...

Jeff Angel.

Jeff Angel.


Music: Countdown
Mr. Hyde?
You're nothing, you know that? I expected more from you.
You can't help me.
Get out of my room. NOW!

Music: Sunset Men
I made my way back to Room 215.

What did I do to screw that up? Damn...
I'm getting nowhere at the speed of light... I'll never find Bradley at this rate...
You're a loser, Hyde. A two-bit, no-good, useless loser.

I spent the rest of the night alone in my room. I didn't have the courage to go out again.

Louie: 6
Jeff: 6
Dunning: 5
Rosa: 4
Martin: 3
Melissa: 2
Iris: 1

Jeff's very quickly rising to the top! We can fail this confrontation by picking any of the three choices incorrectly. I think we're only fine if we chose wrong in the questions without follow-ups.

The good news is: This is the last time we see Jeff before the ending!